Why Do You Want To Go Back And Live In The Philippines Again?

The title says it all….

Friends and acquaintances I talk to asks me those questions repeatedly whenever I tell them that I’m working on going back and live in the Philippines again.

They are wondering why after having established our life in Canada, would I decide to leave all behind?

Maybe the message I’m sending is not clear. Eventhough I am planning and is serious on living back there, it wouldn’t probably be anytime yet. It is my main objective but – it would be impractical, too early and a bit suicidal to just decide to leave Canada behind.

First and foremost – we are a long way from being pensioners, so that means – no work, no money. And even if I’m already receiving government pension, I don’t want to depend on that to maintain life in the Philippines.

Why? Because I don’t think a pension alone is a dependable source of stable income. Currency exchange rate fluctuates and if it does, your living expenses will be affected. When caught up in a crazy inflation, bills in a third world country like the Philippines don’t go down. They always go up. So, besides anticipating spending money coming from our pension, we are at the same time trying to start a business in the Philippines as early as 3 years ago.

And that takes time and perseverance.

Second, although me and my wife are planning to move back, our kids do not share the same plan as we do. Their friends are here, they are rooted here and I don’t see them going the way of our decision anytime in the future. I keep asking my soon-to-graduate son to move to the Philippines after college so he can look after the business we’re putting up there – he keeps declining.

The same with my elementary-age daughter. I want her to live and study in the Philippines for at least a year, but would always get no for an answer. Several times. And because we’re not lucky to afford a nanny to keep an eye on this young girl 24/7 like most middle class families in the Philippines, we’re stuck with her for some more years.

The third reason is somewhat related to the first.

Let’s face it. Money wise, what we earn in Canada will never be matched by what we will earn in the Philippines if we go into the travel agency business. It might, if we can come up with the capital to become a wholesaler of airline tickets, which we unfortunately do not have.

The truth is, in addition to the plan of putting up a different business in the Philippines, I am also trying to find a way so that we can run our travel agency business in Toronto remotely. I have started to invest in the technology involved for it to happen but – the human factor is still missing and is the most difficult part of the plan. So, for now it is still incomplete with some of parts of it implemented already.

The main thing is I’m dead serious about moving back to the Philippines and I’m doing my best to make it happen. But I am also a practical person and would not decide to move permanently until I’m fully sure I would be successful and not regret later. For now, I’d be happy to be in my homeland even for a month during the winter or three months, if I get lucky. I’m really looking forward to retiring in the Philippines as early as possible.

I hope the message is clearer now.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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10 thoughts on “Why Do You Want To Go Back And Live In The Philippines Again?

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  2. I would say NOT to rely on any pension as the current economic climate is a bit of tip of an iceberg nobody knows where its going to go. Also although living in the Philippines myself I have seen prices on things drastically increase in the last year it is still probably more stable than many other locations “if you have money!”. I do expect a huge market shift in the Philippines in the next few years purely down to the economic downturn in the West creating ripples that are yet to be felt in the Philippines but still going to happen at some point including the collapse of the Sub-division and Condo markets.

    Im Matt by the way from TropicalPenpals.com read your reply on a post so dropped by to say hello :)

  3. Thanks for the visit, Matt.

    You’re doing the right thing while living in the Philippines – you’re also making a living and are helping other Filipinos as well while doing it.

    I think the ideas you’re sharing in some of your post about practical businesses to put up there is something that people thinking of moving to the Philippines should give some thought, like the selling of seeds, a container house – to name some I recall. NOt just for the foreign guy or gals but also returning residents like me who’re working on going back there.

    Too bad, you don’t have a Feedburner subscription so I can subscribe to your blog for updates. Maybe you should put one in?

  4. hello mr… i didnt see your name in the article. im contemplating on the moving back to philippines too. Im living in NZ but my heart is in the philippines. i dont want to take a lot of risk by going back there early.So i need more time to save for money to put up a business as well. But Im not too sure how much should i save up to feel secure that i dont need to come back here.


    • Hello Pat, thanks for dropping by. Your plan is an excellent one. But it is not how much you save up but how much you can consistently support your living expenses there by the month. If you ask me, as of this time you should be able to earn at least $2,000 if planning to live in Manila or Cebu or about $1,000 if in a second rate city like Balanga, Bataan. According to one contributing writer, Davao city is a cheap and nice place as well. Goodluck.


  5. I’ve worked 10 years in Virginia,USA. life is not that interesting here it is too boring different etc. to the point there is no calling for me here! I don’t feel at home the majority of people are snotty towards different culture and I avoid places that are majority are white/black instead I go were mixed race come to. I don’t have kids I lived with my parents tried make living to get out unfortunately jobs here not enough for me to survive on my own I tried looking for someone to be with but it does not “click” so I save myself, every person has a unique identity & need somehow I haven’t find the person/job/etc. yet . I am lucky that the house I grew up accepts me to come back! anytime! the only problem is my saving and decisions to handle while am here in the states am a dual citizen if suddenly I met someone who wants to live or a job that is open for me here in the states again I could come back (not in Virginia though) i’m 30 (life is how you make it ) I don’t fit in to this society their closed minded. anyway I commented that living in the Philippines is not an easy choice if you’re not financially capable of people like me feel that the country is home than any other place on earth!

  6. I know this is an old blog, but want to chime in as well since i share the same with you guys.

    Ive migrated and have been in canada for a year now. However, i guess like what one of the other commenter has said, my heart is in the Philippines. I miss the warmth of the people, and how relationship and family is important in our culture.

    I did made an effort to integrate here, as a matter of fact most of the activities ive done in the past year were with Non Filipinos.

    Its actually funny that i’ve grown to love Philippines more now than im out of it. Inspite of the heat, dirt and poverty.. it is still my home.

    For those planning to go back home and want to have an above average source of income. I would suggest BPO’s. Not just call centers,but Finance, Healthcare, IT BPOs. It would help if you have had some education in the country you’re coming from, to have an edge in getting the better positions.

    I worked for a bank BPO in the Philippines and was already making about $1500 to $2000. I’m taking a 3 month course from one of the well know University here for Project Management. Salaries for these roles are as low as $500, and as high as $5,500 in the Philippines- specially for big multinational firms. I myself am targeting jobs that are in the $3,000 to $4,000 (although you’ve got to have the experience ofcourse). If you do not have the experience, i think the lowest you can get now for starters is in the range of $500.

    See you guys in the Pinas!

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