Towards A Common Objective (Part 2)

I have neglected to follow up the posting for this subject for a while. But to bring it up to date, we have decided to join our collective skills and resources, some members of Pinoy

At this stage (today is Mar. 18, 2007), the members of the special group are still in the process of organizing, researching and collating all of what each of us are capable of contributing to the group to ensure that the project/s we will undertake would be a success.

I’m hoping, and I’m willing to give it all, that whatever cooperation we have started – we would be able to finish. I have high hopes for this joint group action and have started to show to the other members my sincere cooperation. Whatever I mean by that, I’m not at liberty to post here.

Some projects have been started and others are lined up according to priority and depending on the available resources.

This is my last post for this subject because we’ll be moving forward from now on.

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