Toronto Battered By A Snowstorm…..

High winds, ice and freezing rain have knocked off power in different parts of the city of Toronto today (March 2, 2007), including our area at about 3.30 am EST. As I wrote this, at 8.30 am, the power is still out and I have called Toronto Hydro Electric at least 4 times to inquire about the situation, on when they think they can restore power in our area. Unfortunately, only a recorded message informing a caller that they are aware of the situation and that they are trying to correct everything, is all that I get. Their phonelines must have been overloaded with calls right now.

Toronto icestorm March 2007I can only sympathize with the technicians, workers and staff of Toronto Hydro at this moment, considering they are working hard trying to restore power while mother nature continues to bring mayhem all over the city, them bearing the brunt of the elements outside.

This situation is one that anyone would not want to experience, especially in the height of the winter season when temperatures can drop to -10C, like what happened in some parts of Eastern Ontario and mostly affected the province of Quebec a few years back, Montreal included.

Most modern houses built in the last decade up to the present are too dependent on electricity to run every appliance inside it to function, including the gas furnace. Gone are the fireplaces where you can burn wood as a source of heat in most modern home construction being undertaken.

(See photos of ice formed on door handle and side window of my truck. Click to Zoom)

Toronto icestorm March 2007When dwelling places cannot maintain an inside temperature of at least a minimum of 15C, it is not only inconvenient to the residents of the house, it could also cause the waterlines to freeze up which could make the water pipes to crack eventually causing damaging leaks when the temperature rises up again. Messy, messy, messy.

But this time, we who were affected by this latest fury of mother nature, were still lucky that spring is near and it’s starting to warm up a little.

At any rate, power is back up around 10.30 am, but not everything is back to normal. Around my area at least, mess is visible all over. Big chunk of tree branches are strewn on the ground, Toronto police watching over it, making sure that pedestrian and passersby are safe when they do try to pass thru. The temperature suddenly dropped went up to 1C causing a messy slush of melting snow on the ground. And so many other unsightly view I saw for the first time after living in Canada for 10 years.

And so, life goes on. Thank goodness there are no casualties in this latest weather disturbance. We have a lot to be thankful for on that.

Makes me miss the Philippines a lot when things like this happens. Haaaayy……

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