Summer Has Arrived In Toronto – It’s Short So Let’s Make The Best Of It!

We are a family of travel bugs. We love to travel and explore new and even already familiar places in our city, our province, other provinces in Canada and destinations South of the border.

Toronto parks and beaches by Toronto parks and beaches by

Even before the school year ended, me and my little girl have already visited nearby parks around the city of Toronto. We’ve already been to Cherry Beach (map), Charles Sauriol Park (map), Wilket Creek Park (Toronto Botanical Garden) (map) and Tommy Thompson Conservation Park (map). See all photos at Flickr.

parks and beaches in Toronto by parks and beaches in Toronto by

Whenever the weather starts to warm-up even a bit, I guess most Torontonians will stay outside to enjoy – if they’re not busy working.

beaches and parks in Toronto by beaches and parks in Toronto by

I also took the opportunity to practice photography, which is an art I was trying to get good at but so far have been unsuccessful. I always envy shots taken by people that show in photos the beauty behind the subject of the shoot – one of the ingredients that make a travel destination blog interesting to its readers besides giving information on the places visited.

In the next articles, I will be posting about our trips this summer – scheduled or otherwise, will post photos as well as infos that I’d be able to gather. So, stay tuned and enjoy the summer of 2011!


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