Scheduled Bus Trip From Toronto To Cape Cod And Boston For Summer 2012

Update (May 28, 2012): This trip to Cape Cod and Boston is cancelled and is replaced with trip to New York. There are not too many interested in Boston and we have to finalize the hotel and bus booking. Many are more interested in the New York trip and is a more popular travel destination for our friends and customer alike. Sorry to those who’s looking forward to this trip – and that includes us.

Summertime is almost here! For us in Toronto, it’s the season for travel and bus trips with our family and friends around the province or across the border to our Southern neighbor. It is also our chance to visit cottage country for fishing, canoeing or just spend the warm season with friends and family.

For this summer, though, we have been busy preparing for a bus trip from Toronto to Cape Cod and Boston – in coordination with another travel agency colleague, Travelmart.

My wife and I are so excited to be part of this trip – specially her because she wanted to visit in Boston the place where Ninoy Aquino and his family lived during the time that they were exiled from the Philippines during the martial law years.

I don’t know if we will be able to include that in the itinerary but we’ll try to convince our colleague to squeeze it in.

The initial itinerary that was provided starts with our visit to Cape Cod, where we are definite to stay at the town of Hyannis, the hub of Cape Cod. As told to me, we will be staying at International Inns & Suites Hotel located at Main Street – the downtown center of Hyannis. I’ve never been there, but I was told that every important spots, landmarks and entertainment is just walking distance from the hotel. That sounds good.

whale watching at Hyannis, MassachusettsWhat I’m overly eager to do once we get to Hyannis is to go whale-watching! I really love to be able to experience to see this animals up close and there’s an opportunity to experience it there. I’m even thinking of going to Nova Scotia this summer for a few days to do the same activity but it seems this trip to Hyannis to see whales came at the right time. It’s also a much cheaper alternative.

The other landmark I’d like to see at Hyannis is the Kennedy Museum – where a multimedia exhibit of former President John F. Kennedy’s days in Cape Cod is on display. According to its website, there are over 80 photos of JFK from 1934 to 1963 which reflects his love of Cape Cod. It is known that JFK spends a lot of his time in Hyannis, relaxing and reconnecting with his Navy buddies in games of football.

There are still a lot to see and do at Hyannis, and I was told that we’re free to do our own itinerary, but I’m not so sure if we have enough time to get to know the whole town before going on our next destination. As long as I’m able to accomplish what I’m interested in, I’m a happy camper.

Boston State HouseNext stop is Boston. It is not exactly clear in the itinerary where in Boston we are staying but we will be having a tour of the important parts of the city as what is done in Washington DC. Partially, the places and landmarks that were mentioned were: The State House, Boston Common, Freedom Trail, Beacon Hill, Faneuil Hall, City Hall, Marketplace, Kings Chapel and the Old State House. I’m hoping that a short stop to where Ninoy Aquino lived be included in the itinerary but if not, we’ll just take a cab if it’s close to our hotel.

I’m sure that in the coming days, we will be receiving the exact itinerary of our Boston stop. Meanwhile, according to our itinerary, our final destination is a visit to the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Stockbridge.

We invite those of you from Toronto to join us on our bus trip to Cape Cod and Boston this summer. The cost per person is CAD$298/adult and CAD$198/child CAD$250/child based on quad per room. The costs include first class motorcoach, two nights hotel stay, hotel breakfast, guided tour, tips and taxes. Date of trip: August 3 to 6, 2012. Please call us at (416)803-6316 or (647)477-1317 to reserve your seat and for more information.

An important note: Most of the travelers who join our annual bus trip are Filipinos. If you’re joining please make sure that you are ready to get annoyed by our noisiness and constant Tagalog conversation. You also need a Canadian passport or visa to the US if not yet a Canadian passport holder.

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2 thoughts on “Scheduled Bus Trip From Toronto To Cape Cod And Boston For Summer 2012

  1. Great to see a post here for a change. And wish I was there to go on the bus tour. My kuya lived on Cape Cod for many years, I’d love to go back to see it again … and Boston? Always a great place to visit.

    I read through the post, daydreaming about how nice it would be if there were “all in” tours like this in the Philippines to interesting Philippine locations. I know there are, but they are so hard to find/poorly marketed that it doesn’t seem worth it.

    Hope a great time is had by all …

  2. Hey Dave,

    Good to hear from you again, buddy! Thanks for dropping by.

    Apologies if I haven’t been posting here frequently, I was pre-occupied on a new addition to this site, which is I want to turn into only Philippine living topics exclusively. I have recommended PhilFAQs there, actually, to one guy from Alberta who’s searching for info about living in the Philippines.

    Another that keeps us busy is our business. Filipino balikbayans as well as “orig” Canadians are flying to the Philippines in droves. Just 3 years ago, Cathay has only 5 flights/week and Korean have 3 flights/week, Northwest (now Delta) have 1 flight/day for passengers bound for the Manila.

    Today, Cathay has 2 flights/day, Korean has 1 flight/day and Delta have 2 flights/day for Philippine bound passenger and still they’re having full capacity almost all month long since December last year.

    For December flights this year, seats are almost full in the economy class and it is only April. Last year, we can still cheap economy seats until July for December flights. But not this year. It is crazy.

    I was not able to fly to Manila this February because of it. I miss the Philippines but I got to do what I got to do first, right?

    Anyway, I’m glad I’m having a short vacation even if it’s only South of the border. After Boston, we are also scheduled to visit Universal Orlando before the end of summer.

    Do you know The owner is an American and I notice that he is one of best performing local travel agency there in Manila. Why don’t you pitch your bus trip idea to him? Maybe you can make a deal. I don’t see any offers like your idea in his website.

    Another giveaway for those who’s looking for money making ideas in the Philippines courtesy of Mr. PhilFAQs. LOL.


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