DIY Bed Tablet Mount – Samsung Tab E

I always love DIY and working with my hands. Due to financial shortages during my teenage to college years, I learned to improvise or create stuff out of whatever is only available to me or what I can only afford. The outcome out of those projects does not have to look nice in appearance – as long as it serve its purpose, is all that matters.

I thought I lost the tinkerer in me when I moved to Canada because here, it is much more practical & cheaper to buy things ready to use and maximize its lifespan. And then, when it breaks, throw it away and buy a new one. Fixing stuff usually costs more.

I found out, though, that I still love doing DIY stuff and a project I did a while back proved it. I just finished working on a crude-looking bed-mounted tablet holder for my Samsung Tab E. I first thought of just creating my own when I searched and found out that the cost to buy from Ebay was about US$40 and other cheaper versions are made only for the Ipad.

So, I began looking for parts at different dollar stores where I happen to pass-by while driving around working. Take a look at the following video and photos. Total cost after: CAD$12

DIY Samsung Tab E mount for bed

Pole extended

DIY Samsung Tab E bed mount

Pole retracted

It was totally ugly-looking but like what my usual motto was – as long as it serve the purpose, looks are not important.

Not for my wife, though. She doesn’t like how it looked ugly on her bed, though she enjoyed watching on this my contraption. So, I told her to just be patient because I found a Samsung Tab E tablet bed-mount on Aliexpress and she just have to wait until it arrives.

But if it were just me, I would be satisfied with my finished project. Anyhow, I thought my tinkering ways may become handy for when I start my very long-stays in Mexico, so I’ll just have to wait for when the time comes.

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