Result – Trackback, DoFollow And SEO Test

Here is the result of experiment or test I did from my previous post about trackback, dofollow, SEO and responsible blogging.

After only a few hours of posting, Case Stevens and Michele Marcucci picked up the trackback I sent, as you will see at the screenshots below.

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It proved from those screenshots, that trackback is the right way to comment if you want to leave a keyword or keyphrase instead of your name on a blog post that you like.

You will also notice that, in the screenshot of Michele’s site, that DoFollow is active on trackback while leaving a comment at the post is not. Therefore, search engine spiders will count those as valid backlink for your website.

As long as you don’t spam and if your comment adds value or inputs to the post, I don’t think any responsible website or blogsite owner would deny the trackback you’re leaving. And also, most bloggers have spam checkers like Akismet or SpamKarma and they moderate their blogs (as I do!) to rid their sites of spam.

As bonus, my stats spiked that same day and when I checked where those visitors are coming from, I found out that it is from Stumbleupon. I immediately logged in my Stumbleupon account and to my surprise – a comment from Case has caused that spike. Talk about authority, eh? Thanks, Case. I owe you big time.

Another bonus I found out was that I took the number 1 spot on those keyphrase that I used for the trackback, as you can see in the screenshots below. Google picked it up quite quickly and rewarded me the first spot for that keyphrase. And my site is not even about internet marketing.

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So, all in all, I can say that I’m satisfied with the result. I got the result that I expected. The only regret I have is that, I wasn’t able to uncheck the login option for commenters. I only realized that mistake after I got up from bed and checked my stats and found out that my stats went nuts. Aaaah, newbie.

Hopefully, whoever read that post have tried and benefitted from the test I did. This is just the beginning of several tests that I have in my list but still have to research further.

Just found out: Teli had also approved my trackback….

Thanks to everyone.

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