Questioning One’s Faith

While walking along Danforth Avenue on Sunday (26Aug), I saw this headline in one of Toronto’s mainstream newspaper about Mother Theresa’s questioning her faith ( Mother Theresa, for people who don’t know, belongs to a rare breed of people. She sacrificed a great deal of her life in the service of the poor of Calcutta in the name of Jesus Christ. Because of her lifetime humanitarian work and the fact that Christ, according to her, talked to her to continue His work through her, she has been nominated to be beatified as a saint.

At first glance, one will wonder how she, who never hesitated to follow Christs’ calling, could lack faith inspite of all she did for Him. What is it that made her continue serving if she do not have faith? Is it possible to be passionate of something that you do not have faith in?

Not for me.

Intrigued, as well as also questioning his faith for years, I searched more online and found this article by Time magazine:,8599,1655415-1,00.html

I will not try to pretend that I understood her persistence in fulfilling her calling, although I pretty much understood what made her continue inspite of the negative effect of her work to her spirituality, and I will leave it to your own interpretation.

Also I intend to read the book, Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light which is the source of this new discovery about the life of Mother Theresa. I want to better understand how “love” overshadowed “faith” in the performance of her duties and have proven to be a more effective way of achieving her purpose.

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