Questionable Live-In Caregiver Program Contract…..

NOTE: For information on how this blog came about, go to the Press Release of the Philippine Labor Attache as published in The Philippine Reporter (which can be downloaded in their archive section at and the reprint of the article questioning the new contract titled New LCP Contract Scares Canadian Employers Away…..

[hmtad name=”250x250post” align=”floatleft”]Recently, the labor attache of the Philippines to Canada, Frank Luna, came out with a directive that before a Filipino/Filipina live in caregiver will be allowed to leave the Philippines for Canada to work as a caregiver, an additional contract must be signed by her/his employer (The Philippine Reporter, Issue April 16-30, 2008 – pages 13 and 30).

This addition is also the subject of an article in same paper, titled “New LCP Contract Scares Canadian Employers Away” (The Philippine Reporter, issue April 16-30, 2008 – page 24) and the continuation, titled “LCP Flawed, Needs Major Changes” (The Philippine Reporter, issue May 1-15, 2008 – page 15).

The press release by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office which can be found on page 13 of the paper states:

Addendum to Employment Contract. The employer undertakes to be responsible for:

1) Cost of 2-way transportation to and from Canada;

2) Health coverage for the employee before the provincial health insurance applies;

3) Termination of employment shall only be for cause;

4) In case of work-related death, cost of repatriation of remains to the Philippines;

Employer Employee
Date ___________________________________

That “short” addition to the contract must be forwarded to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Toronto and have to be paid a signature verification fee of US$10 and another CAD$28.75 for consular authentication fee.

Now the question is – how will this “new” additions protect the live-in caregiver?

In case the employer reneged on the signed agreement, how will the Philippine Overseas Labor Office plan to implement any “serious” penalty for violation of those addendum, like say “a day in jail”?

To answer those questions, let us take a look at this additions…..

The first one – the cost of 2-way transportation to and from Canada that must be shouldered by the employer;

In the Labor Market Opinion of Service Canada for the live-in caregiver program, this requirement IS NOT existing (LMO-LCP2 or see screenshot here) and (LMO-LCP1 or see screenshot here) – but the office of the labor attache instead quoted the Expedited Labor Market Opinion for temporary workers for Alberta and British Columbia ( E-LMO) repeatedly in their press releases (The Philippine Reporter, Letter To The Editor, issue May 1-15, 2008 – page 14) and also at another paper (Atin Ito, Vol. 33 No. 4, April 2008 – page 1).

Now, I’m not very good in regulations or any kind of law for that matter but it seems, this are two different set of rules – one for the live-in caregiver program and one for the temporary worker program (E-LMO).

Let’s take a shortcut and include the remaining directives from Philippine Overseas Labor Office new contract which are: health coverage for the employee, termination clause and the work-related death clause.

NOT EVEN ONE of those are in the Labor Market Opinion intended for the live-in caregiver program!

So, how does violation of any one of the additions protect the rights of the caregiver? I don’t think there’s any.

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Let’s give an example. Let’s say for the sake of argument that a “bad” employer signed the “new” contract so the caregiver can come to Canada. The employer have no intention of keeping the live-in caregiver and instead will terminate the caregiver as soon as she arrive in the employers house. And the employer did so without having second thoughts and fired the caregiver immediately.

Would the Philippine Overseas Labor Office do something to fight for the rights of this caregiver by “waving” the contract to the proper authorities?

They couldn’t. Why?

Because there is no Canadian law that was broken even if the employer signed that contract. Even the LMO of the live-in caregiver program was not violated.

The labor attache himself said this in one of his press release, “the contract, while approved for LMO purposes, is still a PRIVATE CONTRACT BETWEEN THE EMPLOYER and the WORKER. That being the case, such contract is still subject to the laws and policies of the Philippines, which can prescribe additional conditions to protect the interests of its nationals going abroad.” (The Philippine Reporter, issue April 16-30,2008 – page 13).

Those alone are proof that this new contract will not provide any protection at all that even law enforcers in Canada cannot cite any ordinance that have been violated. Prove me wrong. Give me any proof that a Canadian law was broken just because the employer changed his or her mind in hiring the caregiver or that the employer does not want to pay for the airfare of the caregiver or does not want to pay for the caregivers repatriation in case of death.

(By the way, the airfare and repatriation of body thing is a big issue, moneywise. No “regular” Canadian employer would agree to that – but that’s another blog post.)

Any one of those directives are argumentative.

We’re not questioning the sincerety of the labor attache for coming out with a directive like this. Maybe his intentions are good. But what he should have done is come up with a draft of his proposition and arrange several meetings with all those who’s going to be somehow affected by it. Employment agencies, caregiver groups or immigration consultants and lawyers. Ask for their input because only those involved in the caregiver employment business knows who the crooks were and “witch hunting” or unfair accusations will not help your cause of weeding out the “bad eggs” – if that’s the intention.

More study should have been done before directives like those are sent out to “take effect immediately” – where the most affected people are those who you’re trying to protect. How so?

All the live-in caregivers who are just waiting to leave for Canada when this contract came out would have to wait if their employers would be willing to sign their names knowing that those add-ons can possibly put them in debt, specially the repatriation of the body clause.

Some of this caregivers have been waiting more than a year for their “first step to a better future” but this new contract will “screw it up” if the employer does not sign it. What do we do about them now?

The Philippine Consulate and the Labor Attache better come to terms with the reality that this new additional contract will not do good to protect a caregiver’s welfare. Scrap it. Canada already has enough laws to protect every individual in this country. What should be additionally done is to disseminate every important information to newly arrived Filipinos, whether immigrants or workers, about their rights and numbers to contact in case of emergency. Information, education and extended help is what they need.

Noli Maniquis


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102 thoughts on “Questionable Live-In Caregiver Program Contract…..

  1. Hello kabayan, thanks for visiting my blog.

    So what are the OFWs in Canada are doing against this memo from Philippine embassy in canada?

    Aside from your blog, i haven’t heard of any body else challenging this iniquitous directive (if not downright stupid) made by the embassy.

    As you said, such directive never really was for the protection or benefits of the lowly OFW in Canada. It was just a burden to both OFW and employer, which the OFW is at the losing end.

    I hope for OFWs in Canada and those bound for Canada affected by this thoughtless directive would make a stand and show to the embassy what its jobs is supposed to be — i don’t know.

    Thanks again.

    I do miss adobo around here in Nigeria.

  2. I agree completely — we’ve stopped representing Filipinos direct from the Philippines — and have not encouraged families to sign such contracts.

    All this does – is make it harder for the Filipinos to get hired for Canada.

  3. @don kishote – we’ll have to see what others will say about this in the papers. Filipinos here leave their sentiments in the Filipino newspapers still and blogs are not mainstream yet.

    @el apostol – that’s going to be the result of this new directive, honest consultants and recruiters would not want to be involved in “begging” honest employers to sign this because it’s so difficult to justify.

    the labor attache should have thought of this before coming out with such drastic rules.

  4. hello kabayan,

    i think you should email your article to Ms. Sylvia Mayuga of PDI’s Global Nation.

    Her email is:

    I am sure your issues will get wider coverage from other OFWs and from the Philippines.

    You know, all OFWs around the world (with exception Canada OFWs) reacted vigorously to that kind of memo (MC 4), forcing POEA to withdraw it.

    It is not too late yet to bring this issue into the open.

    It is very unfair to Canada bound-OFWs.

    “nemo me impune lacessit”

  5. the addendum is not right..costly to canadian employers, too many hassles advises:
    1. let all ofw buy insurance plans only $30/mnt, 2. what is pdos for? educate them and give pamplets of rules and regulations plus phone no. of offices they can call in case of emergencies 3. caregiver is a program wherein they are given a chance to be an immigrant in Canada so therefore abolish it.
    question: what is the assurance of the employers that the caregivers will finish their contracts of 2 years for they can quit anytime without any reason at all nor just dont work for them after 2 hours arriving at the airport….the contracts are not binding and no violations will occur of it happens….think..think…think..

  6. para sa akin unfair yong addendum na yon kasi mabuti kung ang employer ng isang caregiver ay kamag-anak nya, kahit ano pang addendum na yan ay talagang pipirmahan ng employer makarating lang ang kamag-anak nya but what if the employer is not a relative? No employer here in canada will sign it!Pwede nga pagdating na pagdating ng caregiver sa canada hindi sya magtrabaho sa employer na kumuha sa kanya at humanap sya ng iba, so para ano pa yong addendum na yon? Caregivers here in canada are very much protected…and employers here in canada are very kind.And they really respect the caregiver’s right’s..

  7. @arlene

    sabi ni frank luna kaya daw nyang pangatawanan na makasuhan ang sinumang susuway sa kontrata nya. dapat daw kumausap ako ng abogado para malaman ko kung ano daw batas ng canada pagdating sa kontrata.

    ite-take up ko ang challenge ni frank luna. kakausap ako ng abogado para malaman ko kung talagang legal ang kontrata nya dito sa canada.

    edit (12jul2008): ‘wag na lang. bayaan mo na lang ang mga pilipino ang maghusga sa kanya. sayang lang oras ko sa taong yan.

  8. I came to Canada under the LCP twice. Both times I was fortunate enough to have found Canadian employers who, after much communication, and building relationship of trust, decided to trust me enough to hire me directly.
    The hardest part for Filipinos who are hoping to come to Canada under the Live-in Caregiver Program is finding a Canadian employer willing to hire, sponsor and wait for them.
    With this new LCP Contract, demanding Canadian employers to take more monetary obligations just to hire a Filipino live-in caregiver from the Philippines,who is a stranger to them, will be a huge discouragement and “turn-off” for the possible employers. Mr Frank Luna might have good intentions for the Filipino workers but this move is unrealistic, unproductive and down right foolish!

  9. from taiwan, nag apply ako sa canada. fortunately w/in 2mos. na isyuhan ako 3yrs working visa. gumastos ako ng more than 4k $US.I’m here in the Phils for 2 mos now, bcoz my employer refused to sign that paper. ibabalik kaya ni mr luna ang nagastos ko sakaling i cancel ng employer ang contract ko? maganda layunin nya, pero di maganda ang resulta.

  10. tambak na ang pending sa opisina ni frank luna sa toronto – ang dahilan – madaming employer ang ayaw pumirma sa kontrata nya.

    aaminin ba nya na nakakasama ang ginawa nyang memorandum? syempre hindi. meron bang opisyal na pilipino na umamin na mali sila?

  11. Am a kenyan citizen aged 25 years old .Am an orphan and l really want to with in your organisation.l would like to give back to the society.l will be humbled if you give me advise and any legal update on how l can join you.
    Moses Kimara Mulanda,
    Po Box 30242-0100,

  12. Filipino ba si Mr. Frank Luna?bakit di yata sya concern sa mga filipino caregivers bound for canada?our visa has been approved, we have our plane ticket but we cannot get an exit clearance from the poea.the addendum is a big problem to us..our employer doesnt want to sign it because of the added expenses..can mr. luna give us a new employer who is willing to sign the addendum?or is he willing to replace all our expenses in the application of our visa if in case our employer didnt sign the addendum?he’ll start calculating our expenses from the caregiver training school, our daily allowances, visa application, speak test, medical, airfare..the addendum must be imposed before the employer applies for the, if in case the employer wont agree to the addendum, the filipino caregiver can find another employer..but i doubt it, if ur employer is not related to u, they wont sign it..lucky for those cargeivers whose employers are their relatives..of course dugong filipino pa rin, they will sign it..para lang makapunta ng canada..the solution to this, suspend nalang yung addendum..canadian law is enough..caregivers are already protected by canadian law..

  13. @filipina – alam mo, i don’t want to be involve with this anymore (sana), pero your comment as well as the comment of others in the other sites that i posted this issue kept haunting coming back to me.

    for the info of those who are affected by this, i sent emails to the different immigration and worker protection departments of different provinces – manitoba, saskatchewan, alberta, ontario, etc. – only one responded and the response is, it is the prerogative of the philippine government.

    i take that it means – they don’t care or they couldn’t do anything about it.

    the ball is definitely back in frank luna’s court. if he keeps on being stubborn about the issue, it is those not being sponsored by their relatives who will suffer. not him.

    does he even care? i don’t think so. if he does, he should’ve acted immediately and lifted his directive as soon as he noticed that files concerning this contract started to pile up in his office.

    only thing you could do is put pressure on this guy by emailing your concern with different ofw groups.

    as for me, i already did what i think is right. but i’m alone in this, so my voice is rather weak.

    maka-karma din yang si frank luna.

  14. i almost cry reading all the comments here bcoz I’m in this situation. My cousin just got her visa and we’ve just known this trick from the POLO canada. I’m really worried that the employer won’t sign this SCRAP CONTRACT! I doubt if they are really concern for the welfare of Filipinos coming to canada! I just conclude that they are after the fees they are collecting for what they call VERIFICATION and AUTHENTICATION! Anyway, I wonder if how could they VERIFY and finally tell that the employer is not BOGUS? I spoke to one office girl working at POLO Toronto asking her if how long would it take for the verification and authentication of contract? She said just 3-DAY only!How could they do that? They’ll just receive the payment and say ok VERIFIED and AUTHENTICATED! Kaya ang Pilipinas wala nang patutunguhan dinadala pa nila d2 sa Canada ang kaguluhan ng utak nila! Mr. Attache Case wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Criz, I you are absolutely right!!!

  16. Oo nga nakakagigil. Ang kapatid ko nga galing na dito last year at required ng Canada na dapat may lisensiya pag auto mechanic ka, nakakuha na sana ng lisensiya sa Awa ng Diyos, na-interview ng rin dito sa Canada ng amo na kumukuha sa kanya. Natapos ang processing ng lahat ngayong Nov.08 at nakakuha ng work visa, ano ka’t ng pumunta sa POEA,saka lang niya nalaman ang tungkol sa addendum na yan . Eh ngayon ayaw pirmahan ng amo. Yung lahat ng pagod niya pumunta pa dito sa Canada para magtake ng exam, pamasahe, bayad sa exam at lahat-lahat wala ng patutunguhan ngayon. Sana bago nila inimplement itong bagong batas na eto, pinag-isipan nila ng husto. Kung bakit ba naman dito pa sa workers bound for Canada inimpose itong law, eh ang ganda-ganda na ng batas ng Canada. Tapos napakaganda pa naman ng reputasyon nating mga Pinoy dito sa Canada. Ngayon, mag-nanny man or skilled worker mawawalan na ng gana ang mga employer dito. Sayang ng napakalaking tulong na maihahatid ng mga OCW sa ekonomiya ng Pinas.

  17. I search for work as the nurse in Canada I search работадателя for a family under the program «Live-in-Caregiver», желат торонто онтарио.есть experience, рекоменд, базововое necessary knowledge of language English in израеле рабатаю on-care the elderly. Has brought up the daughter, I love children I wait for offers I Search for work as the nurse in Canada Izrael+97277559167.sot.pelefon+972546930484

  18. hay naku kagrabe nga jan ng pilipino sa pinas hirap na nga pinahihirapan pa sa halip na makatulong hindi sila ang mga hayup na humihila pababa para man lang umunlad ang bansa in that case palubog na at hindi na makakaahon ang mg asimpleng mamamayan…..

  19. I feel really bad upon reading your blog. I`m a caregiver too & I`ve been here in Alberta for more than a year. There`s no point of doing that. I remember when I took the PDOS, I`m not sure but I think, it`s the Phil gov`t who should pay for the cost for the repatriation of the remains of every OFW. I think we also paid for that in the POEA. If the employer will pay for that then what will be the role of the Phil gov`t then. So I already advised some of my friends coming from France not to go home in the Phil anymore & just go straight to Canada because they might only encounter problems with the POEA.
    Another problem, my 2 cousins in the Philippines already got their working visas for Alberta but since direct hired workers are not allowed anymore to leave the country unless they’ll have an agency, then they tried to find one but unfortunately most of the agencies they asked, asked them like from P40k to P60k! That’s too much because they have working visas already they just need the agency in order to comply with the POEA rules. These agencies are taking advantage of them since they know that they are desperate to leave the country. The Philippine government needs to wake up! OFW is the source of life of our country. So pls for the people responsible of doing the laws for OFW`s rights & welfare, pls think something which is really for our benefit & not just doing a law without even considering the possible consequences of it in the end.

  20. thank u at nahanap ko tong site, about this issue, my plan kasi ako na sumunod sa sister ko sa toronto. nag cacaregiver training ako now para lang meron ako certificate at makuha ng work tapos maabutan pa pala kami mga new applicant ng ganyang klaseng contract. kasama pa din ba siya until now?? pls i would like to hear about the result coz as far as i know marami ang tutol sa pinatupad ni luna. thank u more power! Godbless all pinoys!

  21. @jin – spot on! wala na yatang pagbabago ang mga namumuno sa pilipinas.

    @wena – ofw’s are the only source of income of the philippines at present that’s probably why they’re trying to milk the applicants before they can leave the philippines because once out – they have all options of not coming back.

    mababawasan ang kita nila.

    @dianne – sa pagkaka alam ko di pa din nili lift itong directive na ‘to. tanong mo na lang sa kapatid mo kung ano ang update ng philippine consulate.

  22. graduate na ako ng caregiver … but i don’t have any experience …ano ba mga possible question sa canadian embassy … kinukuha ako ng tita ko us a live in caregiver

  23. napaka-unfair talaga ng addendum na yan!! sobrang laki ng mga sinakripisyo ko para lang makapagaral ng caregiver at makapunta ng Canada. dahil sa addendum na yan, sana hindi magdalawang isip yung employer ko. naiinis na nga siya sa MCE dahil ayaw i-entertain na i-expedite yung request nya para makuha agad ako. sinabi niya na nga rin daw sa friend ko doon na nag-refer sa kin na ako na raw ang last na kukunin niya dito sa Pinas dahil sa sobrang tagal at haba ng process. kelangang kelangan nya ng CG para sa anak niyang disabled. nakakainis! kc ito na nga ang opportunity for me na ma-improve ko ang sarili ko and try my future abroad pero eto.. pahirap yang POEA addendum at mga POLO requirements na yan!! maibabalik ba nila yung mga ginastos ko at mga sinakripisyo ko para lang makakuha ng trabaho sa Canada? hay nako, sana lang me gawin ang gobyerno sa issue na yan!

  24. I decided to sponsor under the LCP because daycare is just as expensive. My caregiver was so happy upon receiving her visa after all the processing during the past year. Then she went to the POEA and was told of the POLO requirement. She was crying when asking me to sign. The POLO requirements are only common courtesy: payment of airfare, provision of health insurance, return of a body for funeral purpose and there’s only one cause for termination of employment – failure to do the duties of a caregiver. There is no way for POLO to enforce this addendum as no Canadian law is broken. This is just a money grab by POLO.

  25. I don’t think that the new contract is very questionable. It is a standard contract that we see all the time in the US. The employer is trying to cover all his bases by protecting himself legally. The phillipines need to catch up with the times I think.


    medyo late na ako magreact dito sa blog na eto ngayon ko lang nakita,masarap isipain na meron pa ring mga taong concern sa mga caregiver na kagaya ko.Itong bagong derictives by the Philippine Govt,this is not protection in favor of the caregiver.
    Once a caregiver is within canadian soil,she/he is govern by the Provincial
    Labor standard,look at the labor standard ng Canada yan ang proworker.
    Ang live in caregiver kung di kaya ang amo nya can resign and look for another job
    tignan ninyo ang website na eto contrary sa alam ng ma caregiver na karamihan.Buti nga dito sa Canada protected ang mga caregiver kesa sa Pinas.
    Sa mga merong mga relative na caregiver do not panic,as far as I know maganda pa rin ang caregiver program you just need to know how to speak up for yourself,know the labor standards ng Canada which na ka base ang contract mo.kasi yan lang ang pwedeng magprotect sa mga caregiver,caregivers contract are all base sa labor standards.
    Iba naman ang kaso ng mga nonskilled,Non skilled workers sa Albert.
    Sa mga derictives na pinalabas hindi ito pro caregiver ito ay ati as far as I am concern,dahil matatakot nga ang employer nito firsts and foremost para saan nag mga fees na binabayaran ng mga OFW bago umalis sa pinas insurance,POEA FEE etc.milyon milyon yan a bakit di tignan yan MR ATTACHE ang from there hindi yong mga employer ang inanatake mo,saan napupunta ang mga pera na yan sa POEA.

  27. @theresa – sana ma-lift na ‘tong directibo na ‘to ni frank luna, dahil totoo naman na walang silbing kontrata ‘to dito sa canada. sa aminin nya at hindi, walang batas na nilubag dito sa canada ang sinuman na hindi sumunod sa kontrata nya. lalo ngayon na umiinit ang issue para sa kapakanan ng mga caregiver at worker dito sa ontario – merong malaking posibilidad na lalong titibay ang batas ng canada laban sa mga sira ulong employer at consultant. kung susundan nyo ang mga laman ng balita ngayon sa dyaryo, television at radyo dito sa toronto – ultimong myembro ng parliamento (parang senador o kongresman sa pilipinas) ay nalalagay sa alanganin dahil meron mga nanny na nagreklamo sa kanya (i-google nyo si ruby dhalla) – kaya para sa akin wala nang dahilan si frank luna para singilin ang mga employer dito ng dagdag gastos – na sa totoo lang eh, mga caregivers din ang siguradong magbabayad pero kunyari mga amo nila ang nagbayad. maraming pautot talaga ang mga taga-gobyerno ng pilipinas.

  28. helo have a pleasant day sa inyo ako po ay nag apply din sa canada as a caregiver merun akong kaibigan sa canada nagtatrabaho din as a caregiver then ang sabi nya may agency daw cya na kilala sa canada na applyan ko nagbayad ako ng more than 100k para sa processing tapos pinadalhan ako ng lmo at nainterview din ako sa canada embassy dito sa pilipinas ang problema is himndi ako nakapasa tapos ngayun ang problema ko is humihinge ako ulit ng lmo para makapag apply ano po ba ang mabuti kong gawin?

  29. i feel disappointed because I am about to leave for canada on october and suddenly it just came to me na may requirement ang POLO Canada which is supposed to be done at the very beginning of the process. i wish they have gone through all that we had para ma realize nila na it’s not worth it! at dagdag pahirap lang ito sa mga pilipino who wish to work as caregivers in canada.

  30. i submitted my application for live in caregiver at the can embassy last sept 2008 up to now i havn’t receive an acknowledgement letter or any reply fr them

  31. There should be someone or a group who are willing to make a campaign and have actually experienced the hardships you have to face not only with the adjustments that goes with the multi cultural environment but dealing with th reality that you are actually working as a housemaid. For all the professionals that we still have back home and planning to work as a caregiver in Canada think about it a thousand times. I am telling you guys it is not that easy as we thought it would be. There’s no place like home and I am really looking forward going back next year!!

  32. As a genuine employer with a baby and household needs, I agree we would never hire another caregiver from Philippines. This is especially true because as employers meeting their employees for the first time, we do not know who we are bringing into the security of our homes and children. And our experience has shown caregivers from Philippines shed tears at the drop of a hat, to solicit sympathies and make accusations of abuse when there are none whatsoever. There are so many stories we could tell – which is why as employers it is true we would not consider giving such employment to Philippino caregivers anymore. They have no integrity for honest hard work, just freebies.

  33. Inherent in these discussion is a right to free speech and expression per the Canadian way. Then why is it a comment I gave has been deleted ? Why is this author writing an article and open to comments when he/she cannot stomach a different opinion ?

  34. @rkj2 – for your information, i did not delete your comment. and for your information again, i’m the only one who have the right to approve or dissapprove all content of this site. i moderate all the comments and entries here upon my discretion. if you want to speak freely online and have your own thoughts posted immediately – have your own website. get it?

    now, about your complaint. even if you hire another nationality as a caregiver, you’re not 100% sure that he/she is trustworthy, but i would bet my ass 98% of filipina caregivers are worth trusting, the others being the bad apple which you would also experience even if you hire a different nationality. don’t give me shit about “stories” – what you need to show are FACTS.

    you have the right to choose whoever you want, nobody is forcing you to hire a filipina/filipino but if you take a look at the statistics of incoming caregivers, most of those who come here in canada as caregivers are from the philippines. don’t you think there’s a reason why?

    i’ve also responded to your comment here: and it’s not deleted, just moderated.

  35. help nga po Im applying For live in caregiver mgsubmit n po aq sa embassy ano po ba inilalagagay sa embassy addres. Yun po bang buong addess nila n RCBC PLaza 6819 ayala avenue Makati city or CAnadian embassy manila. at ano po b lalagay ko sa visa application? Live in care giver or Temporary residence.patulong nmn po

  36. hi! ako din matagal naring naka tapos ng caregiver at naka pag work na rin ng hospital for almost five years
    hanggang sa nag resign sa work para maka pag apply dyan sa canada.Please help me naman kung saan pwede mag apply at papano po sana may mag bigay ng advice sa kin.

  37. someone can you adviced me pls.
    i recieved letter from canadian embassy for speak test, i was single when i filed my live-in caregiver permit.. unfortunately i just got married 4months ago then canadian embassy sent me letter for speak test last july the letter includes another additional caregiver form.. now im confused what do i need to write in that form, if it still single just like my original form or married?.. i didnt inform canadian embassy about my change of status yet.. what do i need to do?.. will it cause refusal of my working visa application.. pls. pls. help me.. thnak you..

    i planned to take my speaktest on the first week of september..

  38. hi pls help..i already pass the interview november last year,had my medical exam done..last january canadian embassy send me a letter requesting for a floor plan from my employer, i inform my employer,and after few weeks he said he already submitted the requirement, then last May, embassy send again another letter for another document needed, i did the same thing.. then again my employer said he submitted the documents.. so i thought there is no problem anymore, and i’ll just wait for my visa..but yesterday i was very shock! the embassy send me a letter stating that my employer did not comply with the requirements needed, and the embassy refused to give my visa…!!! is there any chance to settle this???pls help!!!!

  39. I want to ask where is protection for the Canadian employers who are genuinely wanting to find a caregiver from the Philippines? I have just had a bad experience where my helper left my house with no notice a few weeks after starting with us. To her, she has my work permit to stay in Canada legally for a few years either working for another employer or work illegally and make lots of money and leave the country. As for me? I’m left scrambling to find a replacement while we have a full time job. Now that the employers have to pay for the airfare – no way I’m hiring anyone overseas again! Waiting for half a year for something like this – no way! I’ve heard many nasty stories and I didn’t believe them until now I experience one myself. I treated her with full respect and friendliness and got crap in return. Why would employers bother to play a game and bring a caregiver over for no job? What do they get out of this? We do have to pay heavy agency fees to get someone over. Now the caregiver doesn’t need to pay any agency fee, nor airfare – I can imagine there will be many many coming with the wrong intentions. I talked to the immigration about my case and they shrugged and said there’s nothing they can do about it. This proves the whole system fails 100%!

  40. I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with your caregiver, if that is true. I am of Filipino roots and would only want the best for each of my countrymen/women to succeed in this country. However, if you really experienced “being had” by one of them, I would like to express my position that – that is not an acceptable trait – whether by a Filipino or any nationality. If you have already reported the matter to immigration about your plight with the caregiver you sponsored like you mentioned, there is a chance that the caregiver will not be able to become an immigrant and THAT is the only protection I think you have.

  41. but you know what? She’s one of those situations I don’t think care about becoming an immigrant. For some people, it’s more feasible for them to make a lot of money and continue their lives in the Philippines where they still have support of their extended family. All these measures in place are assuming they are here for the immigration status. There’s nothing that will expel them out of the country.

  42. You won’t make a lot of money in Canada if you just stay here temporarily and for a very short period. Unless a caregiver got lucky to be employed by a rich person who decided to include her/him in his/her will – which has really happened to some people I know. Even then, the caregiver have to spend a good amount of time caring for that person and most of the time, they are already immigrants or citizens of Canada when that happens. Majority of caregivers who come here intend to become citizens of Canada someday. There’s nothing in the new law that says the caregiver will be expelled for doubtful reasons, but it is not also stated that they will become an immigrant if there is a complaint about the services they rendered. I think this is case to case basis.

  43. hi every1,
    nag speacktest npo ako hindi pinalad hindi po ako nkapasa pano ka mkakapasa nun malilito sa dami nyo sa isang room 15 tas nka microphone ka naririnig mo mga questions at sagot ng iba talagang malilito ka at d u n alm mga isasagot u nkk depress tlaga.sana wla nlng ung speaktest na un… ngaun pd po bng mag agency nlng?mag sspeaktest parin po b?paturo nmn po kung ano dapat gawin ng kuya ko n nsa canada para mkuha ako agad?tahnx po

  44. hello!! can u pls give me a piece of advise regarding the speak test? i am goin to undergo with it this oct 21, and i am kinda nervous about it.. can u send me some possible question? here is my number 09081891640.. ur advise would be much appreciated. tnx

  45. good day, i passed all my papers in canadian embassy last may and got my receipt by june, until now i haven’t received any instructions abt. speak test, medical etc… do i have to worry? and can u give me some possible questions that might be asks during the said test. @ vani- can u recall some of the questions they made u answer during ur speak test? pls.give me some pointers.. thanks alot. yun po bang addendum abt. dun s POLO Canada req. is still in force until now? meaning, do i need to ask my employer to sign that contract and where to get that?

  46. @lei – sorry, i don’t know how quickly the canadian consulate work to move paperworks pertaining your situation or any immigration matters. tungkol naman sa addendum ng polo, ginawa nang legal recently ni kenney yung mga andun sa addendum ni frank luna – isa ding walang konsiderasyong palabas ng gobyerno ni harper. di ko lang alam kung apektado ka na sa bagong batas na nilabas ng canada. pakitanong na lang sa poea dyan sa pilipinas.

  47. good day to everyone!just want to ask kung gaano katagl ang proc pra sa live in caregiver prog if sa taiwan po aq magfi2le.??any diffence sa proc sa pinas? so i know if i still have to go to taiwan..
    thank you!!

  48. @rina, sa palagay ko mas mabilis ma-process ang papers basta outside of the Philippines, pero ako lang yun ha, di ko talaga alam kung gaano katagal. tanong mo kaya sa Canada immigration.

  49. I am an employer to the LCP and so far, she’s finishing her two years contract. Now, she has to submit at least 3900 hours of full time work by providing taxes filed or an ROE from me if she quits her job. At the moment, while waiting for her to finish, I am in the process of rehiring another one, which is in the Philippines. All the things with that POLO discussions are already a mandatory here in British Columbia, it needs to be stipulated in the contract before even getting a positive Labour Market Opinion from the HRSDC. Now I am not really happy with the CIC Manila requiring for the floor plan of the employee’s house, I felt like it was an invasion to your privacy and I thought that the contract verifying that a room with lock will be provided to the LC/Nanny is binding. If by chance that my rehire will not be processed within 8-12 mos, I am giving up of hiring nanny from the Philippines but rather would just get one from other countries where the processing is more easier.

  50. @len, I can’t blame you if you decide to withdraw your sponsorship. The rules pertaining caregiver sponsorship have changed a lot since the time I wrote this blogpost and it got real difficult for employers to hire a caregiver from the PHilippines at present.

  51. I very much agree that this new POLO would not benefit all of us eventually…. time consuming, confusing- said it needs two way… what a waste of money? Do they know how to earn a single penny here in canada??? and they ask confidential information the trace of money when purchasing ticket especially if its not bought here… Do they really need to know the details of it? Thought they just need the ticket? All employers are working its not helpful to go back and forth for the documents… they were not even open on weekends and its the only time permits. and they even want 50,000 coverage to cover hospital- too big? before they were given visas they had a tremendous physical examination- i don’t think its relevant especially in my case my employee is just 20 yo.
    i don’t know if they have baselines in creating this memorandum! if this will be the case next time I won’t anymore hire caregivers from Philippines.

  52. @Leah – As of April 2010, Canada have updated the requirements for sponsoring live-in caregivers, not only from the Philippines but from everywhere (page 1 here or screenshot, page 2 or screenshot, page 3 or screenshot). Except for the repatriation in case the live-in caregiver dies, other requirements already mirror the POLO directive. I just don’t know if POLO is still charging employers money for their so-called addendum. If they are, then I don’t see why they’d continue with it now that it has become a Federal directive.

  53. hi all! excited na ko mag process ng application ko for Canada after mareceive ko ang lmo until ma visit at mabasa ko mga posts dito especially about sa addendum na yun. !parangbigla ako nawalan ng pag asa, sino nga namang employer ang gagastos ng malaki para lng makakuha ng nanny.kung talagang concern ang poea sa mga mag- at mga ofw, sana ang pinagkaabalahan nila ay yung wala n placement fee sa mga agency!! kainis talaga!!!

  54. hi kitty girl, sa ngayon hindi lang yung addendum ng POLO ang problema ng mga caregivers at employers, pati na din yung dinagdag ng Federal Government. So, talagang effective na yung mga requirements para sa employer bago sila makakuha ng caregivers.

  55. hi everyone! just wanna ask if somebody knows how to cancel my live in caregiver application..I am supposed to take the speaktest this coming april 29, 2011.

  56. hi!just wana ask.. i have just finished my speaktest and passed.just waiting for my medical exam. i just learned that my employer canceled my application. what can i do?my sister is in canada now, pde bang sya n lng ang employer ko? tas uulit pa ba ako ng processing like speaktest?

  57. Hi, I just finished my medical last August 16, and passed. How long does it take for the canada embassy to process it, and when can I hear from them for PPR? I am quite anxious and nervous with the waiting…thank you.

  58. @Fred – I don’t know the exact answer and nobody can really give you any, but according to some people here in Toronto, anywhere between 6 months to a year. The discretion is on the officials of the Canadian Consulate in the Philippines.

  59. Pls help some one who have an Idea….

    I’ve been in canada for 2 yrs unfortunately I lost my status so I voluntaryly exit canada…I have a new employer and apply for LMO process in canada. My question is do i have to undergo speaktest again if I’m going to process my work permit in the philippines? thank you.

  60. @Katrina – my guess is you will have to go over from the beginning again since you already lost your status. Don’t worry too much because you been to Canada and I think you can pass this test.

  61. Too bad for me so back to square 1, maybe I will call the canadian embassy in the philippines when i get back there,i’m still here in canada and will try to appeal what I am afraid of is they already sent me a letter that I must leave canada…anyway thanks for the reply.

  62. @Katrina – if you’re still in Canada, have you tried getting the advice of a lawyer? Maybe they can help you find a way, if the order is still some time away.

  63. I have a question about one of the stipulations in the POLO addendum. What would happen if I terminate my employee without cause? e.g., Suppose I get laid off and can no longer afford a live-in caregiver so I lay her off? What if the caregiver complains that I’m in breach of contract? Likewise I don’t want to terminate with cause unless there’s truly “just cause” otherwise this may lead to a case of wrongful dismissal, right? Any advice?

  64. @Vince – I don’t know the rules regarding employing a caregiver, so I cannot be sure what answer to give you. But if you lost your job, isn’t that enough “cause” to let go of your caregiver? I’m not really sure about that, but I just based it on my own thinking – better to inquire from a knowledgeable person. Hope you find a solution. Goodluck.

  65. Hi, Im still at the process of getting my OEC. My employer is asking if it’s necessary to purchase a two-way ticket? or one-way is ok??? Thanks!

  66. Ask your employer to call the Philippine consulate to inquire. I don’t think it’s necessary to buy return tickets because you will have to stay in Canada longer than the ticket validity. Philippine Embassy in Ottawa number is 613-233-1121, Philippine Consulate in Toronto phone is 416-922-7181 and Philippine Consulate in Vancouver 604-685-1619. Goodluck.

  67. Hi! I just want to ask are they really strict when it comes to the speak test? I had mine last Dec 19 and im still waiting for the letter from the embassy. I dont want to call the number that they gave me because im just afraid to know my score. Thankyou. :-) but i know God is always there to guide me on my application. :-)

  68. @Bella – why would you be afraid of the result? It’s either pass or fail only, either way you’ll learn about it later – why not sooner?

  69. yea i know. But still i’ll just wait. So Speak test is really a requirement? Is there any instance where in failed in speaktest but was able to have their medical?

  70. @Bella – if it is a requirement, then you must pass it before proceeding to the next level. If you have doubts, call the number the consulate gave you.

  71. just want to ask…after all the interviews in the LCP in Manila …is there a 4 days seminar that cost 8k? not even a visa or a notice that she passed the interview?

  72. Hi! I received my Medical Referral today. I took the speak test last December 19, 2012. Goodluck po sa mga nagiintay ng ST, MR and visa.. Malapit na din po sa inyo..
    Godbless us everyone!

  73. Thankyou so much! Opo matagal ko na din po iniintay ko.. Kailangan na ako ng Tita ko eh. hehe parang magbantay sa mga kids :-) San po kayo dyan sa Canada? Sa Burnaby, BC po yung sa akin eh..

  74. @Bella, sorry ‘di agad kita nasagot. Buti naman parating ka na. Dito talaga kami sa Toronto, pero madalas nasa Edmonton kami dahil madami kaming kamag anak dun. Maganda dyan sa BC, hindi masyadong malamig kaya mag-e-enjoy ka dyan.

  75. i can’t really take this issue out of my mind since i read it and shared with my boss what he said is”it’s kind of a bluff” if filipinas are so desperate to come abroad they’ll surely take the risk as long as they can come here and they are very optimistic to find a job,alam natin ang tiyaga ng Pilipino,kaya this new questionable requirements di nakakatulong sa atin kundi tinatakot natin ang mga employers to hire caregiver from Phil.isipin na lang natin ang processing 12 to 18 months or more they’re not so damn or stupid to wait for so long and here comes this addendum to employment contract and verification of employment contract that they have to comply so that the POEA will issue the OEC of the poor applicant,,,,,,,,you know they rather hire caregiver from Hongkong or other countries,poor filipina who went to school of caregiver training for 7 to 8 months who wants to come to canada…..i don’t know if this would help or what

  76. @Bellisimo – POLO says that the addendum will help weed out “ghost” employers from the real ones. Maybe….. but it also discouraged real employers from hiring from the Philippines. Whether we like it or not, at present time this addendum seemed like the basis of the latest Federal rules for caregivers and no one is exempted from it.

  77. nag aply po ako ng crgver sa cnda last yr pa n0ng nand0n ako sa uk,dumating lm0 ko june pnasa ko sa cnadian embsy sa uk,narefuse ang aplcti0n ko n0ng mkta nla na expire na visa ko,bgo na expire ang lm0 naipasa k d2 sa cnadian embsy sa pinas,sbi ng embsy ntnggap n nla aplcti0n ko at kng sakali pdlhan nla ako ng sulat 4 ntervw,mga ilang m0s.k kya mlaman kng my ntervw pa o wla?my pg asa p kya aplcti0n ko?

  78. @Dimple – depende yang application mo sa employer mo. Kung interesado pa din silang ituloy ang LMO mo at kung makakalusot ang requirement sa Immigration meron pag-asa ang application mo. Pwede ka naman maghanap ng ibang employer kung sakali. Goodluck.

  79. i was actually planning to apply for the live in caregiver program in canada, and i was advised to take an agency para daw may maghandle ng papers at employers application. i had this agency po based in montreal quebec, i havent starting kasi d ko pa po navverify kung totoo ngang nakakapag paalis sila. how will i know na nakakapag paalis sila tlga? nachecheck po ba yun sa canadian govt? kasi po diba di naman xa POEA licensed kasi di naman xa dito sa pinas? i hope masagot nio po ang tanong ko, gusto ko na po tlgang magapply :)

  80. @Zarah, yung mga consultant dito pwede mo ma-check sa ICCRC ( sila ang nagre-regulate ng mga consultant dito sa Canada. Pero kung employment agency yan, di ko alam kung paano mo matse-check ang credibility nila. Meron akong mga alam na employment agency dito na alam kong nakakapagparating ng nanny jobs sa Canada kaya lang hindi ko naman talaga alam ang track record at hindi kami affiliated sa kanila. Kung gusto mo, ibibigay ko email mo sa kanila pero ikaw ang makikipag-usap. Salamat sa email mo and goodluck.

  81. hi just to ask lng po kung matagal pa ba un speaktest ko kc karrecieve ko lng AOR ko, iba na pala proseso nila ngaun tawag sila directly and arrange for the speaktest d na pala sulat.

  82. @lg, hintayin mo na lang ang tawag nila sayo. pero kung pwede kang mag-follow up, ganun ang gawin mo. goodluck.

  83. hi po.. tanung ko lang, pag pu ba hindi dumating yung ST result ng 2 weeks after mong mag ST ibig pu bang sabihin bagsak na?nagtake po ako ng ST march 27 pa, yung kasabay ko magST may medical referral na.

  84. hi, tanong ko lang po, pag pu ba tumagal ng isang buan yung ST result ibig pu bang sabihin bagsak na? isang buan na po kase ngayon mula nung nag ST ako.til now wala pa yung result.yung kasabay kong mag ST, after 2 weeks may result na sya.:-(

  85. @Jhe2, pwede ka mag-follow up sa nagbigay sayo ng speak test kung ano ang resulta ng exam mo para malaman mo. Pwede naman siguro mag-retake kung sakali hindi ka successful sa kinuha mo ngayon, kung nag-aalala ka?

  86. maraming salamat po sa pagsagot, kagaya po ni bela hihintayin ko nalang po yung result ng ST ko. salamat po ulit.,:-)

  87. hello po, tanung ko lang po, may visa na ako papuntang canada as a LC, ng PDOS at Ng owwa na rin ako, the problem is ayaw mg sign ng employer ko don sa addendum na galing sa polo,pero willing syang kunin ako. anu po ang dapat gawin para makaalis po? tapos po don po ako ng process ng papers ko sa london pinadala lang po dito ang visa ko,kasi before ma expired ang visa ko sa UK umuwi ako dto sa pinas dto ko na lang 1 pa d namn ne release yung visa ko dito sa phil. embassy. pwede po bang mg tourist sa ibang bansa tapos doon na lng mg exit? give me some advice po..thanks

  88. Hi Emily,

    Yang POLO requirement na yan, hanggang ngayon nagiging problema pa din ng mga gustong makarating dito sa Canada as caregiver. Ungas talaga mga taong nagpalabas nyan, eh.

    Anyway, yang iniisip mong paraan para malusutan ang POLO requirement ng gobyerno ng Pilipinas, POSIBLE pero masyadong mataas ang RISK.

    Halimbawa, pupunta ka sa Singapore tapos dun ka bibili ng tiket mo papuntang Canada. Ang magiging mga problema mo eh ito:

    1) Magastos na ideya yan kasi, para makalabas ka ng Pilipinas, bibili ka ng return ticket papuntang Singapore o kung saan man. Pagdating mo sa Singapore, dun ka bibili ng oneway ticket papuntang Canada. At dahil hindi ka na babalik sa Pilipinas, masasayang ang return ticket mo from Singapore.

    2) Assuming nakarating ka ng Canada, tatanungin ka ng Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer tungkol sa purpose mo sa pagpunta sa Canada. At dahil live-in caregiver ka, siguradong tatanungin ka kung sino ang amo mo at saka ang contact number nila. Sigurado ako, tatawagan nila ang amo mo at kapag sinabi ng amo mo na hindi ka nya hina-hire, malamang mapabalik ka kung saan ka man nanggaling.

    Very risky at hindi sigurado, pero gaya ng sinabi ko POSIBLE. Ang pinakamaganda mong gawin, bakit di mo nalang kausapin ang amo mo, sabihin mo na wala namang bisa sa loob ng Canada iyang POLO ng Philippine Government? Meron ba magagawa ang Philippine Consulate kung magkaron ka ng problema sa loob ng Canada, eh, hindi naman batas ng Pilipinas ang pinapa-iral dito? Pagpasok mo sa Canada, wala nang power ang Pilipinas dito – hindi ka na nila kayang salingin.

    Marami ngang instances sa loob ng Philippine Consulate na yung mga caregiver naga-apply ng Philippine Passport, eh, nagsisisigaw sa loob ng Philippine Consulate – pero wala naman magawa ang mga nagtatrabaho sa loob. Hindi kagaya dyan sa Pilipinas, akala mo kung mga sino sila pag naglalakad ka ng papeles mo para abroad.

    Pagdating dito sa Canada, tupe ang mga yan. Wala silang power. Hanggang photo-ops lang sila. Kaya iyang papel ng POLO, wala talagang silbi dito sa Canada. Pandagdag lang sa kita nila yan.

    Sana nasagot ko tanong mo at saka goodluck. Sana magawan mo ng paraan ang problema mo. At sana, pag nakarating ka dito sa Canada, balitaan mo naman ako kung paano ang ginawa mo para masulat ko dito para din makatulong sa ibang mga kababayan natin.


  89. I agree completely — we’ve stopped representing Filipinos direct from the Philippines — and have not encouraged families to sign such contracts. there is a need for this job in Canada and the employer can proceed to hire a foreign worker to do it.

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