Philippines Balikbayan Stamp For Former Filipinos Vacationing In The Philippines

(Click here to read about my post about a child born in Canada but will stay longer in the Philippines issue. Please leave comment below if ever you have encountered similar situation.)

Couple of times, former Filipino citizens who are now naturalized Canadian citizens ask us about staying in the Philippines for more than 21 days – they wanted to know if they will need a visa if they decide to stay longer.

From what we know about the Philippines Balikbayan Program, we usually tell them that as former Philippine citizens, they are allowed to stay in the Philippines for a year without the need to apply for a visa.

Some of them will counter that the information they get is that the ruling only applies to dual citizens.

Although majority of our customer are from the Filipino community or those buying cheap tickets to the Philippines – we don’t exactly know how to accurately respond to that query except to tell them to phone the Philippine Consulate in Toronto for the info. But, as travel agents specializing in the Philippines, I think its best to learn about the Philippines Balikbayan Program for our and our customers’ benefit.

According to the website of the Philippine Consulate in Toronto, former Filipino citizens and their accompanying family members may avail of the Balikbayan stamp wherein they are allowed to stay in the Philippines for a year without need of a visa. All they have to show the Philippine immigration officer upon their entry is either (a) an old Philippine passport, (b) Philippines birth certificate.

It’s not clear, though, if you need both or just one of each. It is not also specified if the birth certificate need to be authenticated by the National Statistics Office in the Philippines.

Click here to go the Philippines Balikbayan Program webpage of the Philippine Consulate in Toronto.

If the balikbayan is travelling with his/her spouse who is not a natural-born Filipino and wanted to avail also of the Balikbayan privilege, they have to show their marriage certificate to the immigration officer.

Anyway, I noticed that foreign passport holder who were natural-born Filipinos do not even need to show those requirements or ask for the Balikbayan stamp when entering the Philippines. I am one and I noticed that the immigration officer automatically stamps my passport with a BB or Balikbayan stamp.

Balikbayan Philippines Program

I’m not so sure though if this is an SOP – so to be sure, just bring along the documents that were specified at the Consulates’ webpage.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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63 thoughts on “Philippines Balikbayan Stamp For Former Filipinos Vacationing In The Philippines

  1. Sounds all correct to me. I’m married to a Filipino/US Dual citizen, and we’ve travel in and out of the Philippines for four years now. The BB privilege program works and works fine.

    We travel with just our US passports, our marriage certificate and my wife’s Philippine citizen reacquisition certificate.

    This is a really great Philippine program for both former Filipinos and foreigner spouses. One of the few good “free” things you’re going to find these days. Enjoy it.

  2. Dave,

    Thanks for the confirming my post about the program. Although it clearly state on the Consulate website all document requirements, former Filipino citizens still double-check it with us to inquire. Probably because the wording on the page is not clear enough. That’s why when I go back to the Philippines, I always bring my old passport and authenticated birth certificate just to be sure and that’s what we advise our clients to bring also.

    Thank you for visiting again.

  3. hi! iloveadobo, do you know how long can a baby stay in the philippines? I am a filipino citizen and want to go there with my Son which is born here in canada for 3 months but i am so worried that we might have some hassles :D is there anything that i need???

  4. @Ahyie, thanks for the comment po. By law, your baby is considered a Filipino citizen because he/she was born when you were still a Filipino citizen – so that means, he/she can stay in the Philippines for as long as she/he want. No limit. Kaya, don’t worry about that. What you should be your concern is if you’re bringing him/her with you to anywhere in the world, you should bring with you a letter signed by the father (if he shares custody of the child) with a copy of the father’s passport and a contact number where he can be reached. It would also be of help if you bring copies of the birth documents of the child. Hope that helped.

  5. I want to bring my son(2 years old) back in the philippines. He is born here in Canada, but most of the people I ask said that he is only allowed to stay there for 21 days to 3 months. I am still a philippine citizen, I am wanna know what should I do or get in order to let my son stay in the Philippines for 1-2 years as we really need because of the difficulty working without anyone to help out look after him. Hope to hear from everyone soon.

  6. Hi Liz,

    As far as my interpretation of the Philippine Immigration Law on Philippine citizenship, it says if a person is born to a Filipino citizen parent/s, that person is considered a Filipino citizen also. So, if your son was born while you are still a Filipino citizen, your son is also a Filipino citizen – dual citizen because he is considered Canadian and Filipino.

    All you have to do is to get him a passport, a written consent of the father if you both have custody of the child, copies of birth certificate and a ticket to the Philippines. If you’re buying him a one way ticket, make sure you print out a copy of the Bureau of Immigration website link – or download and print-out here, because the airline company will question you about buying a one way ticket to a Canadian citizen. Only Filipino citizens are allowed to buy a one ticket out of Canada. Filipino citizens can stay in the Philippines as long as they want.

    You may also call the Consulate of the Philippines to ask for a certified copy of that Philippine Immigration ruling, as back-up in case questions arise: (604) 685-1619 in Vancouver or (416) 922-7181 in Toronto or (613) 233-1121 in Ottawa. You may also inquire from them if what I’m saying is correct. I might be wrong, you know?

    Please do not just believe what other people say, go direct to the source (Philippine Government) if you are in doubt.

    Thanks for your comment. Goodluck.


  7. hi there, i just have a question?

    if you become a canadian citizen does that mean you are no longer a filipino citizen?
    i still have a valid philippine passport and wanting to use it for traveling to Vietnam which allows filipinos to stay for 21 days visa free

    any infos about this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you!

  8. @Bella, if you are a naturalized Canadian already, that means you are no longer a citizen of the Philippines – unless you apply for dual citizenship with the Philippines. If you are ONLY a Canadian citizen, you are not allowed to use the Philippine passport as your travel document because you will be committing fraudulent representation of nationality. That’s just my interpretation, though. You should ask Canadian immigration or the Philippine Consulate about this because they are more qualified to give you a correct response. Goodluck.


  9. Hello po!
    I’m wondering if I have the rights to a balikbayan-stamp.
    Former filipino citizen po ung mama ko, Swedish citizen sya ngayon. I have dual citizenship and are traveling alone this time.

    My father is swedish and my mother is pinay (now swedish citizen).

  10. Hi Lisa, if you are dual Filipino-Swedish citizen, you can stay as long as you like in the Philippine and don’t need the balikbayan stamp, even if you’re traveling alone. If you were born in the Philippines, you are also considered a Filipino, so I don’t see any problem with your stay in the country. Have fun in the Philippines.

  11. Hello po,

    I am a Filipino citizen and a permanent resident of Canada and I am planning to travel to the Philippines for a 1 week vacation( to attend my parents’ 50th anniversary).i’m planning to travel on January 16 2013 but my passport will expire on March 11 2013.will this be a problem?madami po nagsasabi na di pwede kasi dapat daw with 6 months validity daw ang passport ko.
    thanks po.

  12. @lyn – yes, the airline staff may not allow you to board if that is the case. If you’re leaving Jan. 16 and coming back Jan. 24, your passport must be valid until July 24.

  13. We are Fil/Cdn citizens and traveling to PI by March/13 with granddaughter, she was born here in Canada,5 years old and she is under the full custody of her Mom who is my daughter. My concern, what are the requirements of Philippine immigration? Pls let me know Thanks.

  14. I have a friend who is travelling tomorrow bound to PI and she will be back to her country of origin on Feb. 28,2013 but her Philippine passport will expire on April 30,2013. She has 2 valid passport, one foreign passport and one Philippine passport. (im not sure if she apply for dual citizenship)she told me she will use her Philippine passport to go in and out of Philippine, with her foreign passport standby. My question is, can she go out from Philippine knowing that her passport will expire on April 30,2013?

  15. @Lala, even before she leaves her country of origin, an airline staff MIGHT NOT let her board because of the expiration of her Philippine passport. So, why complicate things? Just use the passport that is still valid for 6 months or more until her return and she’ll be fine.

  16. hi kabayan,
    I am a Filipino-Canadian with Dual-Citizenship – recently divorced in Canada and have remarried a Filipina (in the Philippines) . question is .. she is due to give birth to our first baby in the Philippines …will the baby adapt my Natural ‘Canadian’ Citizenship or Fiipino Citizenship?
    Thank you for your time ..

  17. Kabayan, congrats on your new baby! She or he, when born is both a Canadian and Filipino citizen, so, nothing to be concerned about on that issue. Hope that answer your question.

  18. Hi, I came to the philippines on dec of 2011 using a us passport with my children. i went back to the us feb of 2012 to apply for dual citizen for myself and the children they advised me that the children are already considered dual by birth because there father is stii fil/ citizen. I was then given a certificate as dualcitizen. I then traveled back to PI. Now the problem is that my kids passport were stamped BB and mine says stay until 3/4/13. We want to leave and go back to the us but am afraid that they might think we overstayed since our passport were stamped as BB. I have all the necessary paper works to prove we are dual citizen. What shall I do?

  19. Valerie, don’t worry too much. Just show the immigration officer on your exit your documents to show proof that you are a dual citizen.

    Next time you go back to the Philippines, show your documents immediately to the officer at the immigration stamping booth so you get a resident stamp.

    What I did with mine was I had it photocopied to a smaller size and then have it laminated at the same time it in a photocopy shop in the Philippines. It only cost me 50 pesos and it’s much easier to show at immigration upon entry in the Philippines.

    Or, get yourself a Philippine passport that you can use when traveling around the Philippines and Southeast Asia. There are some advantage in using a Philippine passport when used around the region, you know?

  20. So in other words they won’t ask me to pay tax nor penalty charges since I’m dual even though our passport says BB?

  21. Valerie, that I cannot guarantee. If I were the immigration officer, I would understand that you must have forgotten to show me your documents when you arrived, unfortunately – I’m not.

    What I’m saying is, the decision to penalize you or not is up to the discretion of the immigration officer who will stamp you upon your exit. If you want to be sure, go to the nearest Philippine immigration office and ask for a note or waiver (sort of) to prove that you truly are a dual citizen and must not be penalized for overstaying over the maximum allowed. But that’s only my suggestion. There has to be other ways and you can contact an immigration office to learn of other options.


  22. magandang gabi po.tanong ko lang po sana kasi filipino citizen po talaga ako at di pa ako nakalabas ng kahit na anong bansa ngayong november pa lang po sana .tapos po yong napangasawa ko swedish po .balak po nming pumunta ng bangkok pagkabalik po ba nmin makaka avail po ba sya ng balikbayan stamp?ayon po kc sa nabasa ko ay for former filipino citizen.maraming salamat po.godbless and more power.!

  23. Hi Marife, basta yung marriage ninyo dokumentado at meron kang mapapakitang papeles sa immigration, bibigyan sya ng Balikbayan stamp dahil yan ang isa sa privilege ng married sa Filipino citizen. Happy trip sa inyong dalawa sa Bangkok.

  24. Hello, tanong ko lng po sana canadian citizen po ako at gusto ko sanang mgbakasyon s pilipinas ng 1-2 years pwde po ba akong mg stay ng ganun katagal s pinas kahit na canadian citizen ang passport ko? Mahal po ba ang ibabayad s tax s pgbalik ko s canada dahil ngstay ako s pilipinas ng matagal? Thank you po.

  25. Netz, kung hindi ka dual citizen ng Pilipinas, one year maximum ka lang pwede mag-stay sa Pilipinas dahil sa Balikbayan visa. KUng hindi sa Canada nanggagaling ang kita mo, wala ka namang babayaran na tax sa Canada.

  26. hi po, im a single mom with a Permanent residence status in vancouver. im planning to go back to the philippines and I have a Canadian citizen 5month old baby boy wala sa birth certificate ang name ng father so i think di ko kailangan ang signiture sa kanya. Iiwan ko sa unty ko ang baby ko dahil mahirap wala akong makakatulong na mag alaga sa baby ko dito sa vancouver so nakapag decide ako na iwan muna siya duon sa pinas. Pwede ko ba siyang iwan sa pinas sa unty ko? Ano po ang dapat kong gawin? or diko dapat gawin? I know 1year lang pwde ang baby mag stay sa pinas pero anong mangyayari kung more than a year siya duon? Ano ang dapat kong gawin kung bibili ako ng roundtrip ticket para sa akin tapos 1 way ticket lang kay baby?

  27. Kumusta Patricia?

    Eto mga sagot ko sa tanong mo. Syempre, opinyon ko lang mga ‘to, kaya pwedeng meron mali sa mga sagot ko, pero para sa peace of mind mo, mag-inquire ka din sa mas nakaka-alam, ok?

    1) Pwede mo ba iwan sa Pilipinas sa auntie mo yung baby mo? Pwede naman yun basta ang mahalaga 105% ang tiwala mo dun sa kamag-anak mo na matitignan mabuti yung bata at saka walang maghahabol dun sa baby.

    2) Ano ang dapat mong gawin at hindi gawin? Kung tungkol sa rights ng bata na mag-stay sa Pilipinas ang tanong mo – ang dapat mong gawin ipunin mo lahat ng dokumento na posibleng kelangan ng baby mo na hahanapin sayo para sa verification purposes. Ang di mo dapat gawin eh, huwag na huwag na di ka mag-iiwan ng mga photocopy nung mga dokumento nya dun sa Pilipinas at sayo. Birth certificate at saka Passport o dual citizenship certificate – mahalaga mga yan na dokumento. Kung ako sayo, tatawag ako dyan sa Philippine Consulate sa Vancouver para itanong kung ano-anong dokumento ang kelangan ng baby mo habang nasa Pilipinas sya.

    3) Ano ang mangyayari after 1 year ng baby mo sa Pilipinas? Una, sa batas ng Pilipinas, kung Filipino citizen ka pa din nung ipanganak mo ang baby mo, considered na Filipino citizen din sya. Pero para mapatunayan na Philippine citizen sya, kelangan nya ng dokumento galing sa Consulate ng Pilipinas na nagpapatunay. Tawag ka sa Philippine Consulate para malaman mo kung paano ang process. Ang telepono sa Vancouver (604) 685-1619. Kapag meron na syang dokumento na yan, kahit for life sya tumira sa Pilipinas wala ka nang dapat ipag-alala.

    4) Ano gagawin mo kung bibili ka ng tiket mo at saka ng baby mo? Kung gagawin mo yung mga step 1 to 4, kelangan mo na lang mag-ipon ng pera para sa pamasahe. LOL. Biro lang. Pero, totoo – kung kumpleto dokumento ng baby mo, wala ka nang gagawin kundi bumili ng tiket nyong dalawa – return para sayo, one way naman para sa baby mo. Wag kang uuwi ng December, masyadong mahal ang pamasahe, ok?

    Sana nakatulong ‘tong mga sinabi ko sa question mo. Basta kung meron kang doubt, tawag ka sa Consulate ng Pilipinas dyan sa inyo. Thanks for the visit.


  28. Hi! may itanong lang po ako …gusto kong iuwi anak ko sa pinas next year kahit 1 – 3 years sya doon ,,, dahil babalik po ako sa trabaho at walang magbabantay sa kanya at ang father nya nasa pinas pa ….permanent residence ako d2 sa Canada ng ipinanganak ko sya…kailangan kopa ba syang I dual citizen at saka letter of consent ng father nya nandoon naman ang father nya sa pinas at mawala ba ang child benefits nya d2 habang nasa pinas sya… thanks po …

  29. Nethzliray, parang meron na kong sinulat na ganyang issue, pakibasa please:

    Tungkol naman sa child benefits nya, hindi ko alam ang patakaran dyan kaya mas mabuti punta ka sa child and family benefits page ng Revenue Canada ( at saka sa child benefits site ng Province mo sa Canada.

  30. Im filipino American citizen didnt come home for 20years planned to go vacation in the philippines for 6weeks do i need to get a Visa to stay there for 6weeks please help im leaving soon

  31. @Nethzliray – you’re most welcome.

    @Susan – as a former Filipino citizen, you are privileged for a BB or Balikbayan stamp. With that, you may stay for 1 year in the Philippines. Have fun in the Philippines!

  32. Hello po tanong ko lang po umuwi po kami ng asawa ko at ng dalawa naming anak sa pinas for 28 days before kami umalis ng canada sa check- in ng airlines sinabi sa amin na we only allowed to stay sa pinas for only 30 days ang tanong namin why ang sagot sa amin we need a visa to stay longer sa pinas and then i told them na born kami na pilipino na naging canadian citizen. Totoo po ba na hindi kami pwedeng magstay ng more than 30 days. May tanong pa po ako gusto po ng asawa ko na tumira ng pinas kasama ang dalawa naming anak pareho na po kaming canadian citizen pati na rin po dalawang bata dito po sila pinanganak gaano po katagal silang pwede magstay sa pinas. Yung panganay po ipinanganak hindi pa po ako citizen pero asawa ko citizen na tapos po yung bunso po pinanganak citizen na po ako.

  33. @Mike, hindi alam nang karamihan ng airline staff ang ruling ng Pilipinas pagdating sa Philippines Balikbayan Program kaya kami dito sa Filipino travel agency namin, pinapaliwanag namin yan sa mga pasahero namin. Sinasabi namin na magdala ng kopya ng birth certificate nila o ng old Philippine passport – dahil yung ang required para sa Balikbayan Program. Kapag tinatanong kayo sa airport, basta bigay nyo lang sa kanila yung link ng Philippine Consulate tungkol sa BB program, hindi na kayo tatanungin pa ng mga airline staff.

    Kung titira naman kayo sa Pilipinas, dapat mag-dual citizen kayo. Dahil kung hindi, hanggang 1 year lang kayo pwede mag stay sa Pilipinas na hindi kelangan ng visa. Samantalang kung dual citizen kayo, kahit for life pwede kayo magtagal sa Philippines. Salamat sa pagbisita.

  34. Hello po ask q lng…
    Im a filipina citiZen ksal po aq sa japanese citizen (peo dati xang pinoy tas adopted ng japanese citizen) meron po kming 2anak ung isa pinanganak q po sa pinas tas ung isa dto po sa japan pinanganak..
    Plan po ulit nmin umuwi dis august peo mg stay po muna sna sa pinas ung mga kids q..nid pa po ba ng mga kids q ng visa sa pilipinas?
    Salamat po :)

  35. @Marife, kung mag-stay mga anak mo ng 1 year, allowed yun kahit hindi sila Filipino passport. Hindi nila kelangan ng visa pero good for 1 year lang.

    @Mina, kung Canadian passport ka at di mo kelangan ng parental consent na, 1 year pwede ka mag-stay sa Pilipinas.

  36. Hi I am coming from the netherlands(europe).
    I am married with Philipina.But I want travel now alone to the Philippines.
    My wife is in the Philippines.How do I get the Balikbayan Stamp.

  37. Hi Olaf,

    As far as I know, you have to be traveling with your wife when coming to the Philippines to get the BB (balikbayan) stamp. Read about it here at PhilFAQs for a more detailed info. Thanks for the visit.


  38. Hello po,tanong ko lng po kapag citizen ka na ng canada pwede ka ba magstay sa pilipinas kahit kelan mo gusto?panu po ba pag apply ng dual citizen?

  39. Hi Ash, kung dati kang Filipino citizen pwede ka mag-stay up to 1 year sa Pilipinas kung hindi ka dual citizen. Ang application sa dual citizenship pwede ka mag-apply sa Philippine Consulate na malapit sa tinitirahan mo. Sorry, ngayon ko lang nasagot tanong mo, di ko na-check itong site ng matagal, eh.

  40. Hi,
    My grandmother, Phillipine born Canadian citizen, is planning on going back home to retire. She still has an old expired Phillipines Passport. Will she have any issues going there on a one way ticket?
    Thanks in advance

  41. Sam, if your grandmother is a dual Filipino-Canadian citizen, she will not have any problem retiring for life in the Philippines. HOwever, if she is not a dual citizen, then the maximum she can stay in the Philippines is only 1 year, then she will have to exit the country and come back for another 1 year maximum stay. She can go on a one way ticket only if she is a dual citizen but the airline staff might not let her board if she is not.

  42. May balak kaming magbakasyon sa pinas for 1 year green card holder po ako May step daughter ako pinay mommy nya kaya LNG namatay at daddy nya nag asawa uli ng pinay which is ako yon tanong kulang pwede ba sya masali sa BB visa ko at sa anak ko sabi ng asawa ko ibigay daw niya lahat ang right sa akin which is by hand writing with official stamp. Pwede ba yon?tsaka pwede ba bumili ng oneway ticket LNG puntang pinas saka na kami bibili ng ticket pag gusto na naming bumalik sa USA pabalik?

  43. Hello po,

    Thank you for making this site, This is my case po. Am a resident of Canada (Toronto) and my 5 year old daughter is Canadian. In her birth certificate, the Father’s information was not provided but she was recognized by her father before and after birth and she is using her family name now. Unfortunately, he needs to leave and nowhere to find. I wanted my daughter to bring back home under the care of my parents. I went to the Philippine Consulate here to apply for her dual citizenship and comply all the requirements that was in their form, I was given a piece of paper on when to come back to pick up her Reported Birth Certificate. To my dismay, I was ask to complete another form regarding Acknowledgement of The Father to use his Surname. I no longer have any contact with the father since he left 4 years ago. Would that mean that my daughter will be deprived having dual citizenship?

    I am still a Philippine passport holder, would there be a problem if my daughter will study in the Philippines with her Canadian status?

  44. Hi Lei, thanks for your comment.

    Your issue was complicated by the absence of acknowledgement by your daughters’ father, I believe. There really are certain requirements imposed by the Philippine government regarding the Dual Citizenship program and I think the best people to talk to are the staff or officers of the Philippine Consulate. Try asking them if they can suggest a solution (if it’s not really possible to reach your daughter’s father) so that your daughter can avail of the Dual Citizenship program, so she can study in the Philippines without interruption.

    To answer your question about your daughters study in the Philippines, it would be better to complete her documents as a resident there (dual citizenship), otherwise she might incur some visa penalties (payments) if she stays there without the needed documents.

  45. Hello po

    Tanung ko lang po filipina po ako and kaka naturalised british ko pa lang po ngyon gusto ko pong umuwe ng pilipinas and spend xmas with my family. Makaka avail po ba ko ng balikbayan stamp kahit philippine passport pa din po ko or kelangan tlga ng foreign passport to get that stamp? Does it mean d ko na pwede magamit philippine passport ko po?


  46. Arriane, kung British passport ka na, makaka-avail ka ng balikbayan stamp. Kung di ka dual citizen ng Philippines/UK, di mo na pwedeng gamitin ang Philippine passport mo.

  47. tanong ko lang po sir, uuwi po asawa ko dito pinas kaso ung baby girl namin napanganak sa canada, birth cert. nya canadian citizen, gano po ba katagal pwedi mag stay ang baby dito sa phil. and ano po ba kailangan naming requirements thanks po. last feb 2012 pa blog nabasa ko bout dito may pag babago po ba?

  48. Hi po, I’m vielle
    I have read all the comments po and we are all asking for the same question. I think ms. Patricia and I have the same situation but in my case I’m still married and not yet divorced so his father is indicated on her birth certificate. I’m separated for two months now. My question is do I need my ex-husband’s consent for me travel to my baby back home? Actually I have here a form from Philippine consulate of Parents or Guardians consent to travel, and he has a sign on it. Do I need more of my ex- husband’s documents like photocopy of his passport and PR card to support his consent?.. Thank you.

  49. Good Afternoon Sir
    Ask ko lang po..
    I am a filipina and Permanent resident dito sa canada ive been here since february 28 2015
    Dito na din po ako nanganak ngayong july 21 2015 and her father is in philippines kasi po pilipino pero hindi po kami kasal.. Nagpplano po ako bumalik ng pinas nextyear.. i would like to ask po sana if anu ung requirements ng baby ko papuntang pinas..
    Passport lang po ba nya at ticket?
    And ilang months po ba sya pwd magstay ng philippines. And ako po? Passport and yicket lang din po ba ang kelangan ko pauwi? Salamat po sa sagot..

  50. Hi I have a question ! I’m 18 yrs old and I’ve just arrived here in PH last June 2015 and
    Well, at the moment I am under Balikbayan Visa. So my question is that will I be able to study here in Philippines under Balikbayan Visa or do I need Student Visa instead ?
    On the other hand, I’m a natural-born Filipino and naturalized as Irish citizen.

    It would be great if you could answer my question and give advice on what path should I take instead. Thank you.

  51. I was born in the Philippines and became a US citizen. Do I have to do the balikbayan thing or can I just stay in the Philippines indefinitely? I am planning to apply for a dual citizen too. I also have a fiancee who is a Canadian citizen. She wants to travel back with me and live there with me (or anywhere with me). How could she establish permanent residency legally? She is also living here in the US as a green card holder. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated!

  52. Tanung ko lng po U.S citizen po ako at ang fiancee ko ay pinoy is there’s a possibility that my fiancee can acknowledge our baby.kahit po dito ako manganak sa America and wala sya para pumirma sa birth certificate ng bata .

  53. Hello po..aqo po c khaye…ask qo lng po..pinay po kz aqo
    And naging korean citizen taz nagpagawa po aqo ng dual citizen pati mga anak gsto po sna namn magstay sa pilipinas muna sa ngayon..ang tanong qo po e kapag dual citizen po ba e…wlang limit ang pag stay sa pilipinas..khit kelan namn gs2hn ng mga anak qo??yun lng po..salamat

  54. Hi sir tanong ko lang po kung pwede ba mag stay yung fiance ko dito sa pinas for 1 year american citezen po sya born in maryland,pero ang nanay po niya isa filipino at ang tatay po niya is nag sstay na dto sa pinas gusto niya po kase dalawin ang nanay tatay niya ma aavail nya po ung balikbayan stamp?ano po ang pwede niyang gawin?

  55. Hello po,
    Filipino Citizen po ako nandito kami ngayon sa Germnay nakatira, Philippines passport gamit ko,ang asawa at ang 2 anak ko Czech passport sila, kung mag vacation po ba kami sa Pinas ilang months sila pweding mag stay na walang visa? kc ang alam namin 29 days lang sila pwedi mag stay? magkasama kami lahat mag vacation sa pinas.

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