Philippine Airlines To Have Direct Flights From Toronto To Manila

Just a few hours ago, we were in a meeting with Philippine Airlines country manager for Canada, Allan Coo, about the upcoming direct flights on Philippine Airlines to Manila from Toronto.

Philippine Airlines or PAL is the official flag-carrier of the Philippines.

Although there are already many flights from Toronto to Manila and Cebu on other airline carriers, this particular flight has been on the wish list of many regular visitors to the Philippines who use Toronto as their gateway.

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is home to approximately 400,000 200,000 residents with Philippine-connections and/or Filipino roots. They maybe in the GTA either as overseas foreign workers, live in caregivers, immigrants, as children born in Canada or spouses of former/recent Philippine citizen.

That does not include those who are interested in traveling to the Philippines as visitors, dating a Filipina based in the Philippines and others.

direct flight to philippines from toronto

Flag carrier of the Philippines

Whenever I look at the number of prospective customers that could potentially boost the capacity of Philippine Airlines in Canada, I always wondered why PAL has not done any effort to have a direct flight to/from Toronto.

Through the years that we have been in the travel agency business and marketing mainly to those going to or coming from the Philippines (and Southeast Asia), we saw Korean Air and Cathay Pacific adding more flights to Manila and/or Cebu.

But not Philippines Airlines, which seemed to be stucked with their Vancouver flights.

Today, I feel so glad that finally PAL have realized Toronto’s potential as a market for those visiting the Philippines. It’s been a long time coming.

According to Allan, the target date of the inauguration for the maiden flight is November 30, 2012. As I write this, Allan cannot provide us yet how the fare will be constructed, so we will have to wait a few weeks more to know how they will price the flights.

I will post more updates about this latest information as PAL fill us in in their next announcements.

Welcome to Toronto, Philippine Airlines!

(Sept. 18, 2012)

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10 thoughts on “Philippine Airlines To Have Direct Flights From Toronto To Manila

  1. @Roden – yes, we are too. The only question remaining is – how much will it cost? I hope they try to match at least Cathay Pacific prices. Thanks for visiting.

  2. @Frank – price depends on the date in December. January is pretty much correct. Thanks for sharing the info.

  3. The question is, is the 21 hours straight flight safe?
    this seems to be one of the longest flight with no stop over or refuel.

  4. it’s suppose to be a long flight, even if you take any other airline because it originate from the East coast crossing the Pacific ocean to Southeast Asia. look at the world map and you’ll find out. PAL is using the latest Boeing aircraft as Cathay, Korean Air, Eva Air or Air Canada is using for their long haul to Asia, so if others are using the same plane, why would the safety be any different?

  5. hi wanna ask how much the PAL TICKET this coming dec 26 2013 to january 25 2014, thanks

    hi just wanna ask how much is the ticket from toronto to philippines this coming december 26 2013 to january 25 2015

  6. @Maria Luisa, please call Anette at (416)803-6316 or (416)429-7683 for quicker service and faster search on availability. Thank you.

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