Happy Birthday, Alexis!

Today, February 12, is the 8th birthday of our little princess. She is so excited about the fact that she’ll be treating her classmates for some Tim Horton dougnuts at recess.

Happy Birthday, Honey. We love you.

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Hello, Bayang Magiliw!

It took a long time before I could even begin to post here. But now, slowly – I will start to put some contents to this site.

I remember starting to picture what I wanted the subject of this blog site to be. Even the header to use, I just received recently by email from my artistic brother-in-law, Arnold Soriano. A very good artist. Thanks, bro!

I promised him that I would feature some of his projects in one of my blogs and I seriously mean it. I even promised him that I would help him have his own website of his projects. That promise I intend to keep, too.

There are just too many talented artists in my old country, Arnold being one of them. It’s too bad that most of them good ones are not being given the opportunity to nurture their talent like those who were residents of the West.

But, thanks to the World Wide Web, some lucky bunch of resourceful Pinoys are being given the opportunity to show and also sell their work. To them, my congratulations.

But, don’t worry bro – it’s not too late for you. Beginning now, we’ll show the world what you got, man.

And, oh, before I forget – the idea of the the header/logo I asked Arnold to copy came from one of the forum members at www.pinoywarriors.com. His forum name is Kenneth. Thanks, Ken. I hope you don’t mind me “stealing” your idea.

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