Yukon Has A New Express Entry Stream For Immigration

Details of the Express Entry stream of the Yukon Nominee Program (or YNP) have been released by Yukon, a territory in Canada. There are a few things you should know about this new stream. For starters, it is an employer-driven stream and it aligns with the immigration selection system (Federal Express Entry).

The allocation for the YNP is increased by the YNP Express Entry stream to 250 from 190. Employers in Yukon who cannot find citizens in Canada or permanent residents to work the jobs they have openings for, will now have access to a pool of candidates that Citizenship and Immigration Canada has. The applicants within the YNP pool are drawn based on valid job offers from Yukon employers, and these offers are permanent and full-time.

(Click here for the employer/worker joint application form for the Yukon Express Entry)

However, potential candidates will have to qualify in order to enter the Express Entry pool, and that means they need to qualify for either the Federal Skilled Worker program, the Federal Skilled Trades program or the Canadian Experience Class program. A potential candidate will need to be able to meet a language proficiency level, regardless of which program they decide to try and enter. They will also need to have enough funds to support the applicant, as well as their family.

This new system will help foreign workers who are skilled become permanent residents, and the system will help them do it quickly. This is because the processing times are father and employers will have access to a new way to recruit skilled foreign workers, and those who are nominated by the YNP will receive points under the CRS, which is short for the Comprehensive Ranking System. As a result, a person will end up being invited to apply for a permanent residency in Canada.

The minster of education in Yukon said that this new system that has been added to the YNP will help employers. This is because some employers have found it hard to find and hire skilled workers in the country. The minister also said that the system will provide employers with more choices and flexibility. With that said, the next section will discuss the steps involved with the Express Entry system.

First, an employer will need to find a foreign national worker that is suitable for the job, and then they they make the worker an offer, but they need to show that no Canadian was ready or willing to take the position. The worker will need to meet requirements for economic immigration programs, but keep in mind that they need to meet one of the three requirements and the worker must lodge an application in the CIC’s system, and they need to get a profile number. Next the worker needs to prove they can support themselves, and the application form is completed jointly by the employer and worker, and the CIC will invite the worker to apply for permanent residency.

There are eight step involved for the worker to provide the CIC with the documents that are required. The documents will then be verified. After that, the worker will receive their permanent residency, which takes around six months after the application has been completed and verified.

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