Q and A: Are Visitor Visa Holder Allowed To Study In Canada?

Question: I arrived in Canada as a visitor on the first of May 2015 with my two children. This is my initial visit to Canada and I would wish to prolong my stay past the initial time I was granted. However if I extend my stay, my children will miss out their school year. Can they be able to study in Canada or do we need to leave the USA for this?

Answer: I am making an assumption that you were given the normal six month visitor stay when you arrived. Therefore you are a valid visitor until 1st November 2015. If you wish to extend your stay beyond that then you need to start applying for an extension. If you want your children to study in Canada then you can do it as they don’t need to leave. The new laws permit children belonging to visitors to apply for study permits and learn in Canada. You should start your application now as the school year starts in September and the application may take a month.

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