What Are The Benefits Of Studying In Canada?

Canada is continuously growing to become a popular destination of students who want to get their education abroad. It is now ranking alongside countries like United States, United Kingdom, and Australia and is even starting to surpass the said countries when it comes to its appeal to foreign students – all thanks to the many benefits that Canada offers to its foreign students. Among these are the following:

Higher Quality of Education

Canada offers degrees with quality that is comparable to that in high-end countries like the US and the UK, producing graduates who are globally competitive and capable of venturing in various industries anywhere in the world. Its programs are varied, so it can accommodate students of various interests. And because of the high quality of each program, students are guaranteed the kind of education that can help them grow and excel in their chosen fields.

Lower Costs of Education

From tuition fees to accommodation to overall cost of living, Canada offers lower rates. These make Canada a more appealing choice for students compared to countries like the US and the UK, which offer comparable services that are generally more expensive.

Opportunity to Find Work While Studying

All qualified foreign students in Canada can find off-campus work, helping them earn while studying. Students can work as long as:

• They are a full-time student

• They are enrolled in an approved institution at the post-secondary level (in case of Quebec, they should be enrolled in a vocational program at the secondary level)

• They are studying in an academic, vocational, or professional training program (minimum of 6 months duration) that leads to a degree, diploma, or certificate

• They have a valid study permit

Students who meet all mentioned requirements will be qualified to work for up to 20 hours weekly during regular academic sessions and to work full-time during breaks (i.e. winter/summer holidays or spring break).

Opportunity to Work After Completing their Study

One of the most appealing benefits that Canada offers to its students is a post-graduate work permit. This kind of permit is either not offered or difficult to obtain in countries like the US or UK, but it is almost always the next path for many foreign graduates in Canada’s educational institutions.

A post-graduate work permit allows individuals to obtain work in Canada—validity is as long as the duration of the study that they have obtained (maximum of 3 years).

Meaning, individuals who have obtained a 2-year degree in Canada will be qualified for a post-graduate work permit valid for 2 years, while those who obtained a 4-year degree will be qualified for a permit valid for 3 years.

This enables graduates to immediately go on to finding a job after graduation, all while providing Canada with professionals who are guaranteed to be excellent in their field—after all, they have obtained their education through Canada’s top universities.

Opportunity to Become Permanent Citizens of Canada

Many of the foreign graduates in Canada continue to go on and apply to become permanent citizens in the country. This is very easy for Canada’s foreign graduates because the country offers various programs that cater to its graduates.

Its primary federal program, the Canada Experience Class, is just one of the popular programs available. Various provinces also have their own programs and streams, some of which are even proactive in identifying candidates for immigration in the province.

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