Quebec Set To Review Its Overall Immigration Process

Quebec Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness, Kathleen Weil, announced a year-long review of the province’s existing immigration policies and processes. The review will commence on the last week of January at the National Assembly in Quebec City, and the expected results will include a reform of Quebec’s immigration laws and the relationship between Quebec society and its immigrants.

The Province of Quebec has always had jurisdiction over its own immigration system, separate from the rest of Canada since 1991. It uses a points system in selecting its immigrants.

According to Ms. Weil, the system it is using right now, its laws and policies, are already outdated. This is the reason the province is conducting the review, which is set to cover aspects such as:

• How many immigrants it should accept every year and what countries it would favor

• How the overall selection process must go

• The importance of knowledge in French and the French courses that will be available

• The value of trainings that applicants have had outside of Canada

• Regionalization and sharing of common values

At the end of the review, the province will determine whether it must adopt a system similar or comparable to the one adopted by the federal government. Quebec is expected to have a close watch of the new federal Express Entry system that was set in place last January 1, 2015. The said system allows provinces and companies to select from a pool of qualified immigrants who have expressed intent to immigrate to Canada.

In the year-long review, there will be public hearings and it is expected that up to 50 stakeholders will participate in checking Quebec’s existing system and policies. It is also expected that the primary determinants in the changes that will happen will be the province’s labour market needs, as well as the federal government’s plan to attract immigrants away from Montreal and into the surrounding areas (Montreal is currently the destination of majority of immigrants to Canada).

This review is expected to create great results and lead to the needed improvement and update in Quebec’s immigration system.

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