25 More Eligible Jobs Under Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker’s Program

One of our previous posts listed down the top 25 occupations (out of the 50) that are included in the Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada.

This program aims to attract individuals who are skilled in areas that are highly in demand in the country, and it is one of the most popular routes toward becoming a permanent resident in Canada.

The program is accepting up to 25,000 applications – with 1000 applications per occupation as the maximum number. In this article, we’ll list down the next 25 occupations that are included in the program.


University Professors and Lecturers
> Their job covers the teaching of undergraduate and graduate students in universities. They are also expected to conduct researches related to the course they’re teaching.
> National Occupation Code: 4011
> Average Annual Salary Rate: almost $116,000

Early Childhood Educators and Assistants
> They are expected to care for and help in stimulating infants and pre-school children, providing activities that will develop them physically, mentally, and emotionally.
> National Occupation Code: 4214
> Average Salary Rate (per hour): around $15

Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters
> Their job involves translating written and/or oral materials from one language to another, as well as defining terms in a given field and finding their counterpart terms in another language.
> National Occupation Code: 5125
> Average Annual Salary Rate: around $50,000


Computer Network Technicians
> Their job involves the operation, maintenance, and coordination of computer networks and equipment in a system.
> National Occupation Code: 2281
> Average Annual Salary Rate: around $43,000

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologists and Technicians
> Their job covers the design, development, and testing of electrical systems and equipment.
> National Occupation Code: 2241
> Average Annual Salary Rate: around $64,000

Industrial Instrument Technicians and Mechanics
> They are expected to perform installation, repairs, and maintenance of various industrial equipment.
> National Occupation Code: 2243
> Average Annual Salary Rate: $65,000 to $95,000

Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians
> They are expected to provide technical support and services in the company where they are employed. Their job may also cover the development, maintenance, and testing of different machines.
> National Occupation Code: 2232
> Average Annual Salary Rate: almost $51,000

Construction Estimators
> Their job mainly deals with the preparation of estimates and analysis of the cost of construction projects (architectural, structural, electrical, and mechanical).
> National Occupation Code: 2234
> Average Annual Salary Rate: around $52,000

Inspectors in Public and Environmental Health and Occupational Health and Safety
> Their job involves the inspection and evaluation of workplaces to ensure adherence to government health standards. They determine safety hazards in order to reduce and prevent safety risks.
> National Occupation Code: 2263
> Average Annual Salary Rate: $53,000 to $66,000


Software Engineers and Designers
> They are expected to research on new software applications, as well design and develop technical environments, information warehouses, and other software.
> National Occupation Code: 2173
> Average Annual Salary Rate: around $58,000

Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
> They write codes, as well as test and modify them for different applications: computers, film, the Internet, and other media.
> National Occupation Code: 2174
> Average Annual Salary Rate: around $65,000 to $75,000


Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses
> They are expected to provide consultation services, help implement healthcare programs, and give direct nursing care to patients.
> National Occupation Code: 3012
> Average Salary Rate (per hour): around $30

Licensed Practical Nurses
> They work under the direction of registered nurses and medical practitioners in providing nursing care to patients.
> National Occupation Code: 3233
> Average Salary Rate (per hour): around $24

Nursing Co-ordinators and Supervisors
> They supervise nursing personnel and coordinate their activities.
> National Occupation Code: 3011
> Average Annual Salary Rate: around $81,000

General Practitioners and Family Physicians
> They are expected to diagnose and treat diseases and injuries among patients. They offer direct care with the assistance of nurses.
> National Occupation Code: 3112
> Average Annual Salary Rate: around $118,000

Specialist Physicians
> They will be working in the field of clinical medicine, surgery, and laboratory medicine.
> National Occupation Code: 3111
> Average Annual Salary Rate: around $186,000

Dietitians and Nutritionists
> They are expected to plan and apply nutrition programs, as well as oversee the programs from beginning to completion.
> National Occupation Code: 3132
> Average Annual Salary Rate: $65,000 to $75,000


Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists
> Their job involves the diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation of human communication-related disorders, with audiologists focusing on problems with hearing and balance.
> National Occupation Code: 3141
> Average Annual Salary Rate: $75,000 to $85,000

> They are expected to plan, design, and implement programs aimed at maintaining and improving (sometimes restoring) a patient’s physical functions, addressing pain and injury.
> National Occupation Code: 3142
> Average Salary Rate (per hour): around $35

Occupational Therapists
> They work with patients who have physical, emotional, and psychological problems that prevent them from engaging in a regular routine. They help patients develop the ability to care for themselves and engage in their regular day-to-day activities.
> National Occupation Code: 3143
> Average Annual Salary Rate: almost $59,000

Respiratory Therapists, Clinical Perfusionists, and Cardiopulmonary Technologists
> Their job involves the treatment of diseases related to the heart and lungs, assisting physicians and supporting patients as they undergo procedures such as surgery.
> National Occupation Code: 3214
> Average Salary Rate (per hour): around $30

Medical Radiation Technologists
> They will be operating radiation therapy equipment, both to produce the body structure images needed to diagnose illness and injury and to perform radiation treatment on patients.
> National Occupation Code: 3215
> Average Salary Rate (per hour): around $30

Medical Sonographers
> Their job involves assisting physicians in monitoring various parts of the patient’s body using ultrasound equipment.
> National Occupation Code: 3216
> Average Annual Salary Rate: $65,000 to $75,000

Paramedical Occupations
> They are expected to give medical care to patients with illnesses and injuries during the pre-hospital period (during transport to medical facilities).
> National Occupation Code: 3234
> Average Annual Salary Rate: $50,000 to $60,000

> They work in areas covering human behavior and mental state, assessing any disorders and providing needed counsel and therapy.
> National Occupation Code: 4151
> Average Annual Salary Rate: around $70,000

For applicants to qualify in the program, they must have at least 12 months of experience in their chosen occupation during the past 10 years. Applicants are screened based on the demand for their specific skill, as well as their ability to adapt to life in Canada.

Come 2015, there will be changes in the program as the transition to a new immigration program is implemented. Therefore, interested applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible while the guidelines in place are still the same.

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