New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program Overview

New Brunswick Nominee Program (NSNP)

The Provincial Government of New Brunswick is aware of the economic benefits of provincial immigration, and thus encourages foreign nationals to explore the possibility of living in the province through the New Brunswick Nominee Program or NBNP. Aside from economic benefits, the migration of other nationalities also enriches the provincial culture and improves Canada’s global relations. All of these make the NBNP an all the more important initiative of the provincial government.

The Categories

The New Brunswick PNP is divided into two categories, namely, Job Offer and Business Plan, where all applicants are assessed according to age, education, work experience and language ability. For Job Offer applicants, the specific requirement is a guaranteed offer of employment, and for Business applicants, business experience.

Job Offer

Under this category of the NBNP, it is the applicant’s responsibility to look for a New Brunswick employer and secure a job offer. However, an interested employer cannot just make such an offer without demonstrating to the NBNP that they have had difficulty finding a qualified Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the position. When the skill shortage is confirmed, the employer may then make the formal offer of employment.

The applicant, other hand, will be required to sign a declaration where he or she pledges to live in New Brunswick permanently once issued a Permanent Resident visa by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Once nominated by the NBNP, the applicant may proceed to filing for immigrant status in Canada before the CIC.


● To be considered eligible under the Job Offer category of the NBNP, an applicant must:
● Obtain a score of at least 50 on the NBNP self-assessment;
● Have a guaranteed offer for full-time and permanent employment from a stable New Brunswick company or organization, where the individual:
● Is educated, trained and experienced in a field relevant to the intended occupation;
● Satisfies all certification/accreditation/licensing requirements for such occupation;
● Will be filling a position for which there is a skill shortage in New Brunswick, and where labor conditions meet provincial employment standards ; and
● Is offered a wage that matches New Brunswick industry rates;
● Commit to work and live permanently in New Brunswick through a signed declaration.

Business Plan

People who have a solid knowledge and experience in business may migrate to New Brunswick by applying under the NBNP Business Plan Category.


● To be considered as applicant, a potential nominee must:
● Earn a minimum score of 50 on the NBNP self-assessment;
● Be able to communicate effectively in English or French to do successful business in NB;
● Have substantial experience running a business in a top level management position or as proprietor;
● Meet New Brunswick’s personal net worth requirement;
● Have adequate capital for investment;
● Be financially capable of setting up and maintaining a business in its initial stages without support from other parties;
● Have enough resources to support oneself and dependents for up to two years;
● Actively participate in running the proposed business;
● Sign a declaration where the applicant promises to live and do business in New Brunswick permanently.

International Graduates

International students who have earned post-secondary educational credentials from any New Brunswick college or university may apply for NBNP nomination, provided they meet all of the program’s requirements.


To qualify for an NBNP nomination under this category, an international student must:

● Secure a full-time, permanent job offer from a stable New Brunswick company, where:
● The position is relevant to the applicant’s education, training and experience, and requires skills which are hard to find in the province;
● The job meets NB employment standards, including wage rates for the particular industry;
● Possess relevant provincial licensing, accreditation or certification; and
● Have been working in New Brunswick for at least a year upon filing the NBNP application.

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