Q and A: Can I Still Re-acquire My Permanent Residence?

Question:I got permanent residence in Canada in the year 2000. In the year 2001 I was in Los Angeles and encountered a woman. We got married and lived together in the United States for ten years. We separated recently and I would like to go back to Canada to live. My immigrant visa has been outdated as I have not been in Canada since the year 2001. Is it possible for me to enter Canada using my United States passport or will they interrogate me on why I abandoned my permanent residence? I left Canada and possibly also lost my permanent residence but the question is how I get it back.

Answer: You should note that you haven’t lost your permanent residence. Don’t be blinded by the notion that you have lost your permanent residence since you have been away for a decade. According to the new laws set, you can maintain your permanent residence by coming back to Canada and following the new regulations set about residence. If you really want to come to Canada, then you should do so but make sure you follow the right procedures. You should seek professional assistance in this.

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