Top Canada Jobs: Civil Engineering Professionals Wanted In Canada

Civil engineering is the most popular branch of engineering, and civil engineers comprise one fifth of all engineering students. This might not mean good for civil engineering graduates as this translates to more competition in the job market.

However, the opposite is true in Canada – the country is currently on the brink of facing shortage of civil engineers, especially the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

In fact, Statistics Canada reported that there is no excess supply of civil engineers in the country this year, 2013.

That means all civil engineers are employed. And because the country is expecting more civil engineering jobs by 2020, that means more civil engineers are needed.

The country is expecting to face shortage of civil engineering professionals in the coming years because of the following reasons:

∎ Canada has a lot of planned project expansion

∎ Only a few Canadians are pursuing civil engineering

∎ The general population of civil engineers are getting older and nearing retirement

canada jobs for civil engineering profession to growAccording to Shawn Paulson, an Edmonton-based engineering recruiter, there has been a continuous 25% increase in the number of hired engineers every year. However, at the moment, there are currently not enough engineering graduates to hire.

And, Canada is looking at overseas workers to fill that shortage. While that may be bad news for Canada, that is good news for all foreign civil engineers who are looking to work in the country.

The Benefits Enjoyed by Civil Engineers in Canada

Civil engineering is among the most prestigious positions in Canada, and civil engineers get to enjoy a wide range of benefits. Among these are:

Competitive pay. Civil engineers receive salaries that are in the higher bracket. New graduates with little professional experience can receive as much as $60,000, while professionals can get six-figure pay.

Flexibility. Because of the high demand for the skills of civil engineers, most of them can easily choose where they want to work and what type of project they want to handle. Because of this, they have no problem finding work that they’re passionate about – leading to greater job fulfillment.

Opportunities for Civil Engineers in Canada

Civil engineering is one of the eligible occupations included in various immigration programs in Canada, so civil engineers will find it easy to immigrate to the country:

Federal Skilled Worker Program

This program accepts only 300 applications for each targeted occupation, so you need to apply immediately before the program reaches its quota this year.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The Province of Quebec places civil engineering among the top areas of training in its list of eligible occupations. Once you get accepted in this program, you have the option to work in companies within the province, in its natural resource sector, or in other companies within the country.

Provincial Nominee Program, Skilled Worker Stream

This program is ideal for those who are already working in Canada as a civil engineer and are looking to become permanent residents.

Canadian/Quebec Experience Class Program

This program is another option for those with work experience in Canada or those who studied in Canada and would like to work in the country afterwards.

Aside from these, you can come to Canada any time as a temporary worker as long as you have a valid job offer and other needed documents. Once you’re here, you can check out the different immigration programs available that may suit you.

(Find civil engineering jobs in the following Provinces and Territories: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland/Labrador, Yukon Territory.)

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