No Free Airport Wifi At Toronto International Airport

toronto international airport police scooterWaiting for a flight at Toronto International Airport must be one of the most dissapointing wait I experience every time I fly.

Why? No free airport wifi access.

Access to the internet is probably my most sought out thing whenever I travel – be it in hotels, resorts or airports. I’m not only addicted to it, it is my lifeline to contact family, friends or business staff when I’m killing time.

At home, I have internet access wherever I go. In our bedroom, the kitchen, the living room while watching House, in our office area – why, I’m almost tempted to bring my laptop in the bathroom as well!

In my stopovers to Hongkong or Seoul, two of my usual layover gateways in Asia, there is always free access to the internet. I can always chat with my loved ones in Toronto and Edmonton or make a Skype call while waiting for my connecting flight to Manila.

I never get bored while waiting – even if it takes 5 hours.

But in Toronto’s airport, you will feel the looooong wait for your flight out.

toronto international airport schedule of airline departuresThat’s one of the reasons, probably, why our city’s airport is never favored as one of the best airports in the world. Frequent flyer reviews I read online and in travel magazines will choose other airports in Canada, like Vancouver airport, but never our beloved Pearson International.

Why wouldn’t the management of Pearson international make totally free internet access a basic feature of the airports’ services? I don’t think it’ll cost the airport management a lot of money to make it happen.

In most airports that I’ve been to, having free access to the internet is a regular service. Even Toronto island airport, a smaller gateway and home to Porter airlines have free wifi service in the whole terminal building (according to reviews I read) .

Why am I making free internet access a big deal, someone may ask? Well, the best argument I can think of is that I can save a lot of money while at the airport because I don’t have to spend a lot of money calling or talking to someone while waiting.

While most of the waiting passengers have mobile phones to use while waiting, I don’t have any. Because of the rapid improvements in the communications technology, a laptop loaded with any of the available messenger services (Skype, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk or ICQ) is the cheapest way of making a phone call or communicating with anyone, not only local but also overseas.

With just my laptop, a headset and a Skype account with some 10 euro credit – I can talk with my family locally or call our office in the Philippines very cheaply, while chatting with 3 or more different people at the same time.

How would a mobile phone can match that? Even if you load up your phone with $100 credit or use an Iphone or Ipad, it’s capabilities is still nowhere near a laptop computer.

That’s my primary reason.

Another reason is that, I can write something, like what I’m doing now and when finished, upload it to my blog site, and if I have more time, write another one for uploading to another site once again.

Wouldn’t that be the best way to pass the time?

Anyway, I’m just ranting and I wish Pearson would someday consider making free internet access available for the flying public in all their terminals. I’m sure I’m not the only one complaining to myself about it because I see a big percentage of passengers lugging a laptop with them. I’m sure most of them would want totally free wifi access while at Toronto Pearson International.

End of rant.

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