My Posting On Hold For A While….

…..while I’m busy taking care of our offline business taxpapers. And after that, will continue to work on a new project based on an ebook I got last December2007.

I’m also concentrating on looking for article rewriters online for my websites because I’m getting this feeling that I’m beginning to see a future in this business (internet business).

It’s still far off though, but the income is slowly picking up with only 5 websites making all the sales. And I’m also going back to affiliate marketing, this time with enough wisdom on how to go about it plus have started to play around with PPC.

If I’m lucky, I’ll hit my objective this year. If not, there’s always another year – will just keep on plodding because I believe quitting is for losers!

That’s it. Will post again some other time.

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3 thoughts on “My Posting On Hold For A While….

  1. hi.. i don’t know if the post is still open but worth a shot, eh? drop me a line on my blog and we’ll go from there?


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