My Internet Business Dream

I have been chasing this dream of having a successful online business venture for quite sometime now. My timeline, in my calculation, started in June 2006 – when I first had a taste of my first “Ad-cents” from Google. From then on, I read and researched everything I could find about becoming an online entrepreneur.

Since that very day too, I’m estimating that I started to buy and probably had spent thousands of dollars on different ebook products, subscription memberships, automation tools and so on and so forth. I guess every product that the “guru” out there offered to the internet public “that would surely make you tons of money,” were bought by the sucker in me. Some of those purchases I was able to use and am still using up to the present but most were there just sitting in my hard drive and I don’t even know where they are anymore. Money well spent, eh?

Pursuing the online business dream is difficult. It is very competitive in every sense. It’s an easy ride for the first generation of the Dot Com guys and gals, but not all are lucky enough to be standing up to the present. Many of them have become victims of the Dot Com bust of the late 90’s or early 2000.

At present, people can still make a living off the internet but according to the latest statistics – only 2% of all online marketers are actually making money. The rest, like me, just keep sending dollars to the pockets of the old guards, thru either hosting, domain names, services, information products or tools.

Does it mean that I’d quit pursuing the internet dream? No way. Far from it. The next paragraphs are the reasons why I’m saying that I remain positive about this pursuit:

One – I’m a firm believer of lifelong education. I believe that each person has to learn something new everyday during his/her lifetime. Online business is new to me and everyday I learn something from being involved in it. That alone justifies every penny that I spent on stuff that I bought just to learn more about it. If you go to college or university, doesn’t you or your parents also spend money to get you a degree? To become educated or to specialize in the field you wanted to pursue?

Two – I consider the time and money spent in pursuing my internet business dreams as a necessity for our family-owned travel agency business – as advertising expenses. On this reason alone, all the expenses I incurred, I would say is effective. And why is that? Search Google or Yahoo or even MSN for keyphrase that pertain to “filipino travel agents” (without the quote), and most likely than not we’re in the top 10 out of more than a million sites fighting for that keyphrase. And that is just for 1 keyphrase or keyword that I’m targetting to get on top of the search engines. I have more keywords and keyphrases related to our business that I have promoted for more than a year now. That’s only one of my websites that ranks well in the search engines as well. Companies would pay big money just to be able to have an internet presence like that.

Three – I’ve been instrumental in making a few kababayans earn a good living off the internet by giving them access to my payment processor that’s otherwise off limits as of this writing to Filipino internet marketers. Besides the remittance fee that I have to pay to have their money sent to the Philippines, everything else is goodwill. I don’t collect any percentage of the sale they make for the services they offer online. Of course, I sent them screenshots of their monthly sales so they know that I’m serious in disclosing everything to them. I’m doing that because I’m happy to know that some of my fellow Pinoys are beneficiary to this new industry and they don’t have to go abroad and leave their families behind to earn good money. And that is a wonderful thing.

Fourth – and one of the most important thing is, because of what I did, I gained new friends. Very young friends who are living the dream, making money online. They reciprocated by helping me whenever I’m stuck with problems I’m having with some of my sites and the tools that I use. They also gave me the idea on how to approach this dilemma I’m facing.

And last but not the least, thru those new found Filipino marketer friends, it further affirmed my faith that an internet business is not only a dream but a reality waiting to be discovered. This kids don’t live anywhere North America or anywhere in the west, but they are located physically in the Philippines! Earning a wage sometimes more than what a minimum earner gets for working his/her butt in this country. Can I prove those claims? Damn, email me and I will send you a screenshot of how much this kids are making month after month.

Anyhoo, anyone who’s been in the same situation as I am, my only advice is this – becoming a homebased internet marketer is real. There’s so many people out there who have been successful in this new career. But be careful where you take your money. Scams are all around because scrupulous people know that there are millions of people are out there always on the lookout for an internet business opportunity. Do not just blindly spend your hard earned cash on deceitful promises. If you cannot afford to lose a dollar of your savings to invest in an advertised online business, please donot take the risk. And if you’re low on the budget, be prepared to do everything – I mean everything – yourself. Depending on your interest and desire to succeed, the learning curve can be as high as frustrating or as low as – “is that all?”

With that, I’m ending this rant. Whew! Anyone understood what I’m saying?

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