Mobilicity Unlimited Cell Phone Plan: Canada’s Best Cellphone Service

I just got to write about the best unlimited cell phone service plan I discovered lately that anyone living in Canada will benefit from, specially those living in the major cities.

I know that it’s not what I usually write about and might not be that interesting for most of you but I find it exciting to break the news that for the first time of having a phone subscription here, I have total control over how much I spend on mobile phone use and not be surprised at the outrageous amount of phone bill I receive come payment time.

The name of the cellular phone provider is Mobilicity and I’ll tell you why they have the best cell phone service plan in the whole of Canada today:

The plan I am subscribed to at the moment is the $35/month unlimited plan. I got hooked with their service while in Edmonton last May 2012. I originally just wanted a prepaid SIM card that I will throw-away after the duration of my stay – like I always do whenever I travel away from our home office so I can be contacted when needed.

But before I was able to buy the SIM card, a cousin told me about how she’s saved a lot of cell phone bill by switching to Mobilicity. She explained to me how it works in great detail and even let me sample a call to Toronto using her phone – without long distance charges.

Since my cousins’ house is just minutes away from West Edmonton Mall, I went there to comparison-shop Mobilicity with other cellphone service provider inside the mall – including the cellphone company where I already have 2 services in Toronto. I plan on getting the prepaid service from this other company because they have one of the most reasonably priced plan that I know of. Let’s call it “Cell Company” for the sake of this comparison:

Here is the comparison break down between getting the cheapest prepaid prepaid with “Cell Company” against Mobilicity service:

Prepaid “Cell Company”:

SIM card – $10, “Cell Company” citywide prepaid – $39.75, Total: $49.75 (tax not included).

Inclusion in “Cell Company” prepaid service: 2,000 anytime voice and text within the Edmonton coverage area, call waiting, call display and voice messaging.

I did not include the cost of the cellular phone because I already have a unit with me that works with the “Cell Company” system. Additional note: to be able to use “Cell Company” prepaid, you have to maintain a balance of $39 – which means you have to top up the service to be able to use it to call Toronto because “Cell Company” citywide prepaid is only for local Edmonton calls. I will be staying in Edmonton for 15 days, so it does not need complex math to figure out how much I will be spending for the duration of my stay. We’re heavy voice user so that could run well up to hundreds of dollars.


SIM card w/ plan – $35, Huawei cellphone unit – $50, Total: $85 (tax not included).

Inclusion in Mobilicity service: No contract, unlimited local calls as well as unlimited Canada wide calls, unlimited local text as well as unlimited GLOBAL texting, voicemail, light internet data use, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding and 15 minutes of North America voice roaming.

That service plan I paid for is already good for a month and I can cancel that without penalty, which is a good candidate for a throw-away SIM card. So, if in case I already have a cell phone unit that works with Mobilicity, all I have to pay for is the SIM card that’s included in the plan. That means only $35 for calls to Toronto (or anywhere in Canada) the whole time of my stay in Edmonton.

Ain’t that sweet???

So, it does not take too much thinking too choose Mobilicity over “Cell Company”, if you’re trying to save money on cell phone use.

Furthermore, when I came back to Toronto, I was able to use my Edmonton number without paying extra for what I already paid for. Still unlimited everything.

Extra sweet!!!

Mobilicity also has other service plans that will enable you to make unlimited voice calls to the US. Check their website for more information.

But, as always, there are limitations to good things:

1) Mobilicity coverage is not as wide as what the major cell phone providers have. Their effective unlimited coverage area is mostly in the big cities of Canada only – Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver. Outside of this areas, you will have to pay extra for roaming services. Additionally, they have a lot of dead spots even in Toronto which is where they have the most mobile antenna sites. Also, they do not have Canada-wide coverage areas yet, as you can see in their coverage map.

2) Mobilicity does not work on Iphone. Because they are in the newer classification of cellular signal allotment (1700/2100 Mhz band), they have very limited support from cell phone unit manufacturers for models to work at their frequency. Yes, some newer smartphones like Samsung Galaxy and HTC work on Mobilicity but not as extensive as the other cellphone frequencies. In addition, eventhough they have exactly the same band as T-Mobile in the US, Mobilicity will not work on Samsung Galaxy tablets that T-Mobile is supporting. I don’t know why.

In my case, I only travel frequently to where Mobilicity coverage is active (Edmonton and Toronto) – so, it works well for me. That is why as soon as I learned that one of my contracts with “Cell Company” has expired, I immediately ported-over that line to Mobilicity. And I will do the same for the other as soon as my contract with them becomes due.

Imagine being able to call any phone in Canada (mobile or landline) unlimited or texting to the Philippines (or anywhere in the world) unlimited – just those 2 features alone is more than enough to convince me to switch.

So, if you live in Canada and are within the coverage area of Mobilicity – no other company can match the unlimited cell phone plan in Canada that they offer at present. It’s just like having Skype on steroids.

I just hope that they’d be able to provide this great service for years to come because I know that once they become very successful, the big three phone providers in Canada will do everything to put them out of business even to the point of buying-out the whole company just to kill the competition.

More information at Mobilicity website:

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7 thoughts on “Mobilicity Unlimited Cell Phone Plan: Canada’s Best Cellphone Service

  1. Thanks for your awesome post!! Unlimited texts to Philippines from Edmonton!? Heck I thought my plan was good. If your info is right kuya, I’m Switching!

  2. @ Ria,yes it is true. You may sample it by asking a friend who has a Mobilicity service or visit any Mobilicity dealer.

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