Making Money Online For Filipino Women And Men

If you’re like me, who’s originally from the Philippines but got fed up with the economic uncertainties there, the first reaction during those times was – leave the f***king country behind. Let the dogs feed on that miserable country. At least, that was how I reacted in frustration.

In the middle to late 80’s (boy, that’s a clue on how old I am now), the only other alternative to leave poverty in your own homeland (Philippines, that is) was to go West, in the land of milk and honey. Even if you know that its a bitter pill to swallow.

And why not, First of all you will have to leave behind your family and friends. Second, you will be forced to do all the chores yourself without any help from paid and unpaid help because you just can’t afford it (except maybe if you’re an Ayala). Third, you will have to bear the sudden change in weather, specially if you’re moving to Canada like us – and it is a very difficult adjustment if you came from a tropical country. And lately, as I notice after living as an expat out West for 11 years now – the stress level is so darn high.

That’s probably why we get sick here more often then when we were still back in the Philippines! No matter how difficult our financial conditions then. Friggin’ stress! The silent killer.

Now, I didn’t write this to complain about stress and living in Canada. As a matter of fact, we owe Canada so much. We love this country as much as we love our homeland but given the alternative that we have now in finding money making opportunities – we wouldn’t have left the Philippines.

Making money in the Philippines today? Am I kidding?

Perhaps, but no – I’m not. Filipinos now have a better chance of making money even if they so decide to stay in the Philippines. How? If you still don’t know – you must be living in a rock for a couple of years now!

Making Money Online – that’s what. The internet have made this possible, not only for Filipinos, but to anyone, to anybody in the world.

I learned about this possibility since 3 years ago and I have been trying very hard to learn how to make money, eerrrr, make at least $300 a day but still unsuccessful up to now. I’m talking about making money online – purely. Our offline business have been benefiting from the internet for years now, so eventhough I have been investing online continously, its justifiable because 30% of our customers nowadays have learned about us thru the internet both in Canada and in other parts of the world. Not bad.

And that’s no brag. But what I’m trying to aim for is pure online business – making money online entirely.

Now, going back to the topic.

I know that since 2 years ago, there are already many Filipinos living in the Philippines who are making money online. Filipino bloggers, programmers and writers back then are earning in dollars while in the Philippines. And I got to meet some of them when I traveled to the Philippines last year (2007).

I thought then that, in order for the Philippines to stop more migration to another country – which results in so much social misery among families, is to let the Filipinos know that there is now a choice. A choice to earn dollars while staying in the Philippines.

I’m not talking about working in a call center – but a much better idea. Where every Filipino who wanted to earn a good living can now opt to stay instead of working as a nanny in Hong Kong or Singapore or Saudi Arabia. And the best part is, they can work at home.

Now, I’m not gonna say it’s easy. It’s difficult. As in any other line of work, making money online is not easy specially if you are going to embark on having your own website or blog to try to make money online off of them.

But the opportunity is real. Some example of opportunities for a Filipino women or men for money making ideas on the internet even if they don’t have a website are:

1) Be a writer. Webmasters, SEO practitioners and website all over the world are more busy now more than ever. A big percentage of them, including me, need help in creating content for their websites because content is king on the internet. If you can write in other language other than English, so much the better.

2) Be a blog poster. Again this services is offered to webmasters, SEO professionals and website owners. It’s like being a writer too but the posts you write are shorter.

3) Be a social bookmarking and social networking site submitter. It’s almost similar to a blog poster, but in this job, one must sign up to all the bookmarking sites all over the internet. Takes more patience, but hey, what work doesn’t need patience?

4) Be a directory submitter. Submits a website to directory sites.

4) Be a programmer. Programmers are highly in demand both online and offline. People and companies nowadays needed software to be more efficient in their work.

5) Be a graphic designer. Graphic designers are those that create book covers, website layouts, packaging covers etc. This type of job is also in demand even offline.

6) Be a website designer. Of course this is the very basic of making money online.

7) Create your own free Blogger account and stick some Adsense to it.

8) Learn to modify a WordPress theme. And offer your services as a WordPress template designer online. You can also learn Joomla – another very popular content management system like WordPress.

Those are only 8 that my lazy brain can think of but I’m sure there are plenty more. Do not expect, though, that those opportunities will make you a millionaire, although there is a possibility. You’re objective here, since you are living in the Philippines where cost of living is much lower than in the West, is earn perhaps $300 per month – which is basically what the Saudis will pay you to work for them. Which sucks.

But, unlike working abroad, there is a potential to earn more depending on how you look at making money online. Some people in the Philippines, like the child internet whiz – Carl Ocab, are making a killing online. I know plenty of Filipino bloggers making good money, but of course most would not tell you the truth so that Gloria and her congress can’t run after them.

In short, if I have the same opportunity as the present day Filipino opportunity seekers have in their sleeves, I wouldn’t have move my family. I can be serious as a writer, I can also create websites so those two alone is already something I can market online.

If someone like me feels positive about making money online, then anybody can do it. Just work harder and persevere. That’s it.

This is something Pinoys ought to think about and persevere hard to attain. All you have to do is be resourceful and not be afraid to fail – failure to earn money or making only nickel and dimes initially is very common – but you must not lose interest just because of it.

So, that’s it. A piece of something to think about for my kababayans. I hope someone in the Philippines who’s not into making money online yet think about this and start to work on it.

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7 thoughts on “Making Money Online For Filipino Women And Men

  1. I’m a newbie on-line writer and still trying to learn the ropes of the trade. Inch by inch, I try to explore the nooks and crannies of this exciting world; and, what I see is truly wondrous. For people like me who have never stepped beyond the bounds of our own small patch of land, I call the “Philippines”- the internet has opened up a whole new vista, which can liberate us from the confines of parochialism, myopia and self-pity. What you said is true. This country of ours is stuck in a political and economic morass that gets deeper by the day. This country is indeed a paradox; sooooo rich in resources – natural and human – yet soooo poor. Most of my relatives and friends are now living or are now planning to live abroad and I’m the only one stuck, or shall I say, clinging desperately to this place. I though it was a stupid thing to do, that is, staying here when everybody else is jumping out of the sinking ship. But what you said again is true. If you were given the alternative that you have now in finding money-making opportunities – you wouldn’t have left the Philippines. I love this place and with the myriad opportunities for making money now available, I think I’ll stick out ‘til the very end. Good luck to your new venture. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Edgar and what I said here is for real. I wouldn’t believe making money anywhere on earth is now possible if I didn’t see the proof. As a long time business person, I look at “money making opportunities” always with suspicion. Thanks to the internet all of this is possible now. Please spread the word to our kababayans and let’s stop sending Filipino talent abroad through our own way – one step at a time.

  3. nice blog post Noli. I was using Adsense for more than 3years.. so far I am earning about $90-$100 a month from Adsense thru my blogs.. mejo mahirap na mag earn thru blogging now.. 2years ago i was earning about $10-$20/day. Now ang hirap na ng competition. :(

  4. @glenn – uyy, glenn. musta na? thanks for visiting my blog. well at least you’re still making some moolah. what about your affiliate ads in your blogs, are they doing good? how many blogs/websites do you maintain now?

  5. Wow! This blog posts is old yet still highly relevant to present situation..

    I myself have just recently discovered that indeed we can stay in the country and make money in dollars doing work at home jobs. I hope mas madami pa will maximize this opportunity.

  6. hi miss penfires, di mo nilagay name mo kaya….. anyway, thanks for the comment and i wish for your success. just keep writing HELPFUL information for your readers and they will help you make money.

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