Looking For Another Cheap Hotels To Stay-In In Manila?

If you depend on the internet, it’s difficult to search for cheap hotels in Manila. Even if you type-in “cheap hotels in Manila” in Google or Yahoo, usually the results are not what you’re looking for.

In my experience as an avid internet researcher for frugal traveling and as a frequent visitor to the Philippines and Southeast Asia, the only way to find a really cheap accommodation in most Asian countries, even if we think internet search results is getting close to what we’re looking for – the best way is to be there and talk to the locals.

Referring to Manila in this post, the cheap hotels I experienced being in are mostly in Quezon city. One of which I already wrote about in my previous post.

In this article, again I’d like to point all you frugal travelers to another cheap hotel in the Philippines I discovered in my latest visit to Manila. Included here are pictures and contact information of the accommodation and again, let me just say again that since this is a budget place, the room is small, similar to the other cheap hotel in Manila post I did way back.

Find below the information about this cheap hotel in Manila I’m talking about:

Name: Honey’s West Apartelle

Cheapest room rate for 24 hours: 750 pesos per room, good for a maximum of 2 persons

Location: 51 West Avenue, Quezon City (beside Metro Bar, South of SM North EDSA) – Click here for location in Google map

Phone: (63-2) 416-7797 or (63-2) 374-8981

Click on images for larger photos.

honey's west cheap hotels in manila | bed and bathroom photo
The bed and
honey's west cheap hotels in manila | billboard from west avenue
Main entrance billboard
honey's west budget rooms in philippine | inside parking and small canteen photo
Canteen and
inside parking
budget hotel rooms in philippine | canteen frontage from west avenue
Canteen view from
West Avenue
cheap hotel rooms in manila | inside parking of honey's west
Inside parking area
cheap hotels in manila | flat screen tv and small dining area
Flat screen and
eating area

For those readers who leave comments asking for other information, call them if you need more info. I just write about all the info I find while checked-in at cheap hotels in Manila locations.

Hope this post help those frugal travelers like me.

Updated feedback from reader Robert (January 2011):

Cheapest room rental: 800 pesos per day
One time deposit na 150 pesos na makukuha mo ulit upon check-out. (I should have included that pero nawala na sa isip ko. Thank you, Robert). Click this link to go to Robert’s review of Honeys West Apartelle.

Another update from Robert (February 2011):

According to Robert, you may avail of 12 hours stay for 600 pesos. I did not ask for that info or talked with anyone there about it. Salamat kay Robert, nadadagdagan ang mga info dito. Here’s the link to Roberts additional comment: click here

Here’s a video of one of the rooms at Honeys West. This room has 2 single beds. Ok for 2 persons but I think 2 people will also fit in each bed, as long as they’re not too chubby, so that’s 4 persons in the room if that’s the case. Please post your comments. Salamat po.

Updated feedback from reader Marian (April 2012):

Room rental is still 800 pesos per day. She rented a family room which has 1 queen size and 1 twin bed and the rent is 1600 pesos nightly. Extra person is 100 pesos, additional bed 100 pesos. Read Marian’s comment here. Salamat ng marami, Marian.

We have update from reader Ann (March 2013):

Apparently, their rates stayed low at 800 pesos/day and additional person is still 100 pesos. That’s good news to us frugal travelers, at least we have a place to stay at in Metro-Manila that is still below the 1000 peso mark. Go here to read Ann’s comment. Maraming salamat, magandang binibini! Sana nag-enjoy kayo sa Honeys West.

Latest updated information from reader Dolly (June 2013):

For all those asking for some details of renting a room or rooms at this accommodation, please refer to the comment contribution of reader Dolly here. Dolly did a great effort in getting those important information for the benefit of people searching for cheap accommodation in Manila (errr, Quezon city pala). I hope some of the readers review the info she provided. Thanks very much, Miss Dolly for your update. I appreciate it very much.

Another update from Raj (June 15, 2013):

Here is another update from reader Raj. I totally forgot to add this to the main article, so I apologise for that. What I’ll do is to just sum it up in this addition but reading Rajs’ more accurate account is better. Go here and I assure you that his comment is not only informational but amusing as well.

According to Raj, the room they stayed at does not have flat screen TV. That means my assumption is incorrect. Sorry about that. And the good news is – there is WiFi already! Don’t jump for joy yet because, according to Raj, their Wifi connection is not dependable. Haay! I hope the management of Honeys West take this into consideration because internet connection is becoming more than a want. It is already a need, specially for people who like to keep connected to their loved ones while away. It is the cheapest means of communication beside texting, right?

Anyway, Raj also mentioned that you can have food delivered to your room by Fastfood stores nearby. He did not mention, though, if delivery is available 24 hours. Someone update us on that, please. He also mentioned that prices in the canteen are double that what’s available outside. So, if you’re one of us “frugalites” better buy your food stuff outside!

There is also info on how the reservation works, how much is extra pillow request and more importantly, the cheapest rooms are still 800 pesos. Yehey! Our info on Honeys West here is almost complete.

Please jump to Rajs’ added information here. It was like a story and it was really amusing. I loved it. Be warned, though, it is in Tagalog. If you don’t understand it, better learn Tagalog first. ;-). Salamat ulit, Raj.

Another important update from Raj (July 22, 2013)

Ok, schoolmates, there is another update again from Raj regarding their stay at Honeys West Apartelle. I will just summarize what he said but I would suggest to read the details here for an accurate information from someone who really experienced staying there. So, according to Raj it depends on the fastfood store you’re ordering from if they deliver 24 hours. Directory of fastfoods nearby can be borrowed from the apartelle office. Also, according to him, the apartelle has a massage service! Wow, that’s another service worth trying, ‘no? And he also hinted the difference in price between the 1050 pesos from the 800 pesos price is because of – hot water shower! LOL. Raj also mentioned that they do not have an airport pickup service and enumerated some ways on how you can save on cab fare. Raj just added some information he missed sharing the last time he stayed there but to be honest, I want to thank all those who contributed to make the information as helpful as can be to visitors of this particular article. I guess Honeys West should give you guys a complimentary stay, di ba? LOL.

Relative to this post, besides Honeys West and Park Villa – reader Cris left a comment with a link to his/her blog which maybe useful to searchers of cheap or budget accommodation in, again, Quezon city. He/She wrote about 8 budget accommodations, all less than 1,000 pesos/night. Click here for the comment but please note that I did not write or researched that article, so questions must be directed to the blogger. Keep the updates coming and salamat!

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109 thoughts on “Looking For Another Cheap Hotels To Stay-In In Manila?

  1. hi vj,

    para sakin, maganda sila pareho – meaning yung kwarto saka yung paligid. pero kung convenience ang pag-uusapan, mas gusto ko yung park villa kasi malapit sa mga kelangan ng biyaherong tulad natin. walking distance lang ang tropical hut, meron din grocery na malapit at saka laundry sa malapit sa tropical hut. tungkol sa malaking kwarto, di ko alam kasi panay single bed lang ang nasubukan ko. tawag ka na lang sa kanila. thanks.

  2. i see..that’s great!umm,aside from these 2,may alam ka pa po bang apartelle na medyo mas malaki2 rooms?or may nasubukan ka ba na ibang pension house/apartelle?

  3. hi vj,

    meron akong nasubukan na malaki talaga ang kwarto, pero hindi sa quezon city, sa manila. walking distance lang sa baclaran church yung lugar. ang pangalan mabuhay manor – mabuhaymanor.com.ph ang website nila. malaki talaga yung kwarto, as in meron syang 2nd floor. 2 ang washroom, 2 queen size bed sa upper floor, sa lower floor meron kang sariling kitchen, sariling receiving area na merong sofa bed. siguro kahit mga 8 kayo kasya dun sa suite. syanga pala yung suite room ang tawag yata – family suite room. ang tanda ko ang binayaran ko dun eh 6,000 pesos per day. pino-promote namin yung mabuhay manor para sa mga balikbayan na taga-canada pero pag ako lang, dun lang sa mga cheapo-cheapo isa lang naman ako pag andyan sa pilipinas. puntahan mo yung website nila kung interesado ka.

  4. @chris, sa palagay ko hindi pwede yung short stay kasi napansin ko panay overnight ang mga nagre-rent. pero di ko sigurado yun. best thing to do para sure, tawag ka sa kanila.

  5. i wanna thank the owner of this blog. if it wasnt because of this blog, i would have spent much much money. i followed the advice of the blogger and yes i stayed in this hotel for 5 days. ung latest price nilas as of january 2011 is 800 per room. but during the first day, meron kang deposit na 150 pesos na kukunin mo siya pag check out mo na. the room is actually descent .. aircon, clean bedsheets, with tv, clean bathroom, and free towels and even toiletries like shampo and soap. and sa labas ng room, it feels so home, kasi meron silang parang tambayan na para ka lang nasa bahay. and the place is in a very nice location. one ride to sm, trinoma, mrt north ave, that wil only cost u 7 pesos per route, tpos malapit lng sa mcdo, although medyo malayu kunti , pero to me malapit siya kasi from labas ng hotel eh makikita mo ung mcdo along west ave lang. and dun naman sa end point ng west ave sa quezon ave eh meron naman dun shakeys, and greenwhich, tskaa along the way lang sa west ave andaming restaurant. i even saw a buffet resto na 300 pesos ata ung price.. .. i like the place thats why on feb 1, 2011, il be travelling back to manila. and dun parin ako mag stay. cheap na, and friendly yung mga staff. .. before i forgot., dont forget to bring bottled water pala kasi they dont serve it for free and mahal kung sa canteen ka nila bumili.. yun lang yung glitch. bumili ako ng gel sa canteen nila, ung sachet lang .na usually its nly around 3pesos sa stores, sa kanila 15 pesos.hahahah asan ka pa. hehehe.. pero overall.maganda ang place.. to my standard ok na siya kng nagtitipid ka…

  6. @robert, salamat naman napakinabangan mo info dito. and thank you din sa additional feedback mo, makakatulong yan sa iba pang readers nito. siguro, much better eh isasama ko yang feedback mo dun sa blog post kasi kapag dito sa comments, baka mapailaliman o hindi mabasa ng ibang visitor nitong website. kung meron kang ibang experience na mga mumurahing hotel o apartelle dyan – welcome kang isend sakin yung detalye (iloveadobo@yahoo.com), doesn’t matter kung english o tagalog o taglish – para maipost dito and syempre sa pangalan mo ang credit. kahit saan sa Pilipinas na hotel, kahit dyan sa probinsya mo – basta murang accommodation welcome dito. salamat ulit.

  7. youre welcome po, i went back to manila last feb 1 2011, and stayed there for another 4 days. so update ko lng siya and also add more details about the place. well, to start with, the same price parin siya na 800 pesos per 24 hours. the good thing about this apartelle is hindi katulad sa hotel na 12noon check in time at 12noon check out time, dito kasi, kung what time ka mag checheck i, eh un din yung check out time mo. and they also have 12hours , it cost 600 pesos. last january when i went there underconstruction yung carinderia, but last feb 1, 2011, nag open na ulit.the food are cheap. yet masarap. sa maalala ko, the prices of ulam are from 25 pesos to 45 pesos. depende kung anung ulam. meron din silang combo meals, like tapsilog, etc, and that cost 50 pesos.. aside from the usual 800 pesos per day nila na price, they also offer a bigger room for family which can accomodate 6 person( di ako sure, pero as far as i can remember its 6 or 4.,)i forgot how much but dont you worry guys because I will be back in manila again by second week of march,lol. I will be going out of the country and before ako aalis ng bansa eh stay ako sa manila for two days. , another thing i wanna add which is a little negative about this apartelle is yung changing of linens nila. napansin ko kasi, kung hindi ka mag rerequest ng change of linen eh di din nila papalitan. hehe, but good thing i always ask for change of linen every other day. the staff are really friends basta ba wag ka lang masungit kung mag aaproach ka. the owner is actually an ilocana, nakauspa ko na kasi siya when i was there, she was curious kung taga saan ako and why i frequently check in sa apartelle nila. lol. right now, may under construction na buildng beside this apartelle, i dont know kung another apartelle na namna yun. minus point of this apartelle is hindi ito wifi , but i have talk to the owner and they said, na they are thinking about it. i hope by the time na babalik ako by march 13, eh wifi na yung area. in all fairness to this apartelle malakas yung aircon nila super.lol. sad thing is, medyo manipis ang kumot sa totoo lang., when i go to this place, dun ako parati sa baba, kasi tinatamad ako na umakyat baba , so i dont know hows the room upstairs, but so far sa experience ko, ok naman, hope this helps alot to those who are looking for place to stay. by the way, to the owner of this blog, i mentioned your blog to the owner of the apartelle and told me na paki sabihan daw kita na thank u for a free advertisement. ;)

  8. thanks again, robert. wow, sana nga magkaron sila ng wifi para naman di na kelangan maghanap pa kung saan-saan kung paano kumunekta sa internet. gamit ko kasi pagtawag sa family overseas, eh skype – kasi malaking mura. malaking tipid din na maka-connect man lang ako sa skype para naman yung load ko sa cellphone pag andyan ako, hindi agad maubos. mahal ang overseas sa cp, ‘no? hindi naman ako marunong mag-text. lol.

  9. @ jay-ar. they dont do advance reservation.. i have asked that sa front desk nila. tama yung sinabi ng owner ng blog na u have to be there talaga. dont worry, kasi marami naman sila rooms na available… hope that helps..

  10. @ Jay-ar: last March 7 sinubukan ko magpa-reserve by phone sa Honey’s West, nilista nila pangalan ko saka cp number ko. Pagdating ko dun, tinanong nila ko kung meron ako prior reservation – meron silang listahan ng mga nagpapa-reserve. So, sinabi ko kung anong pangalan ng nagpa-reserve, yung date nung magpa-reserve kami at saka yung phone number ko. So, hino-nor naman nila yung reservation ko.

    Now, hindi ko lang alam kung SOP nilang bago yun kaya ang pinakamabuti, tawag ka sa kanila para malaman mo kung pwede na nga ang reservation.

    Yes, oo pwedeng 24 hours lang. Kung anong oras ka pumasok, ganun oras ka din magtse-check out. I hope that helps.

  11. ahh really thanks, last question kasi plan namin tlga ng partner ko sa sogo kami mgstay kaso di ba hindi nman pwede lmabas dun para bumili ng food, dun po b pwede ka lmbas like sa mga usual Hotel na pwede ka kmain ganun!

  12. Ganun ba sa SOGO? Di naman siguro. Bakit naman di ka pwede lumabas kung gusto mo? Pero dun sa Honeys West, anytime mo gusto lumabas, walang pipigil sayo. Basta siguraduhin mo lang i-lock ang kwarto mo para sa safety ng gamit mo. Pwede mo dalhin ang susi, pero kapag nawala mo yung susi, sa kanila na yung deposit mo – ganun yata.

  13. thank you tlaga ahh, ayun alam ko kasi ganun kasi di ba naglolock door un na magbubukas lang pag nag surrender ka nang susi mo.

  14. thank you sir i love adobo and Sir Robert sa blog really help us nag stay kami dito last thursday, this place is really nice and peaceful nga! hehehe! grabe the best place and we decided na bumalik ulit dun, maganda kasi…

  15. im going to take training this may 9 at la salle taft.. may mairerecommend ka bang room dun na good for 6days? ung mura lng.. tnx

  16. pwd b 12 hours lang jn?
    kz my pu2ntahan kmi ng gf q jn Qc eh pangit nmn mag sogo. pwd b un 12 hr lng mag stay ng morning?

  17. @tine – di ko sigurado kung meron silang room na pang-waluhan. ang nasubukan ko last time 2 single bed sa isang room – pero di ko sinasabing wala silang ganun kalaking room.

    buti pa, tawag ka na lang sa kanila para sigurado. thanks.

  18. @kayne – magandang tanong yan, ah. pero di ko masasagot yan. pero kung papa book ka lang by phone, wala naman silang tinatanong kung ilan taon yung kausap nila. tanda ko cp number lang at saka pangalan ang tinanong.

  19. I just want to let you know that you’re blog is really very helpful to find a very reasonable price. Specially to those who travel have a limited budget like me. (lol )

    Keep your blog open… God speed !

  20. @kat, sorry ngayon ko lang napansin tong comment mo. pero hanggang 12 hours lang ang pwede sa kanila pagkaka alam ko.

  21. hi the blog is helpful i really had hard time to find a budget place to stay in manila sa internet ,until i found this blog… i want 2 stay in manila for a weeks this coming novemeber hoping that thier price is still same … thus am looking for a cheaper place to stay.. that will not cost me too much… tanong ko lang how far MOA from this place and malate???

  22. @Jeff – thank you naman napakinabangan mo info dito. Malayo sya sa MOA pero ang sakayan sa harapan lang mismo nung apartelle. Tapos 24 hours ang security kaya safe talaga yung lugar. Para malaman mo kung pareho pa din ang presyo, tawag ka muna sa kanila.

  23. @Tifany – pakitawagan sila baka kasi nagbago na ulit presyo nila. Last Jan. 2011, 800 na plus 150 deposit. Kung sakaling meron silang price change, paki-comment naman dito para mailagay sa update sa main post. Thank you sa inyong lahat.

  24. correct! kasi malapit na mag holy week! we need updated price para makapag budget na po heheheh! pero anyway the best talaga itong place na ito! napaka peaceful…..

  25. @Jay-ar, paki-inform mo naman ako pag nagbago na sila ng prices para malagay ko dito, ha? Enjoy your trip. Thank you.

  26. Hi! As of today P800 pa rin ung standard room for two. I came here with my family and will be staying for two nights since nsgka electrical wiring problem ang house namin. Their family room is P1600/night, which has 1 queen and 1 twin. Extra person is P100 pax plus P100 extra bed. :)

  27. Thank you, Marian. Idadagdag ko sa update itong info mo. Sayang wala kang photo na pinadala. Salamat ulit.

  28. Wala yata silang website, Rhean. Daily ang rate na binabayaran ko sa kanila, pero ang alam ko meron sila mga regulars na nagi-stay sa kanila ng weekly at saka monthly. Tawagan mo na lang landline nila, inquire mo kung meron silang mobile number at saka kung meron silang weekly rate. Thanks.

  29. Hi nais ko lamang po sana mag tanong sa inyo kung ang room po ba dito is may water heater? and kung allowed mag smoke sa room kasi may mga napasukan na akong apartelle na di puwedeng mag smoke sa room. thanks po :D and any update sa price nila for 24hours.

  30. Bryzkie, walang heater ang shower nila. Sa experience ko, parang hindi yata umaakyat ang tubig sa shower head kaya tabo-tabo lang din paligo. Hindi ko alam kung bawal manigarilyo sa kwarto, tawag ka sa kanila para matanong mo. Tungkol sa update ng presyo, meron update si Marian nito lang April, PHP800 per day. Eto yung link. Update mo kami pag nag-check in ka. Thank you.

  31. wow just by reading comments i got all the ideas and infos i need.., sa august pag natuloy kami magstay sa manila try namin magstay sa honeys west.., i hope may wifi na sila :) thanks alot aodobo republic, nice blog very helpful.., keep it open marami ka pang matutulungan ;)

  32. Hi Angel, mabuti naman papakinabangan mo info dito. Salamat ng marami sa compliments. Sana update mo kami pag tumuloy ka sa Honeys West. Thanks.

  33. hi! ask ko lang po directions manggagaling kasi ako sa victory bus station sa kamias paano po commute papunta doon? baka kasi maligaw ako eh.

  34. Sorry Raj, di ko din alam ang way pag gumamit ng public transport. Ang alam ko lang between EDSA at saka Quezon Avenue yung Honeys West along West Avenue. Ang mabuti siguro, tumawag ka sa kanila para sa info na kelangan mo. Thanks.

  35. Sorry po, Miss Bless. Di ko alam ang eksatong layo nya sa Manila Ocean Park. Pero sa palagay ko malayo dahil sa Quezon City ang Honeys West tapos nasa Roxas Boulevard ang Ocean Park, kung tama ang memory ko.

  36. Hi Rhane. Sabi ni Robert dito, 600 pesos lang. Pero nung Feb. 2011 pa yun, kaya di ko alam kung nagbago sila ng rate. Pakitawagan na lang sila. Favor lang, pwedeng paki-update mo ko kung magkano na ang bago nilang rates? Thanks.

  37. ask ko lang po kung mgkanu ang rent per room kung 3 tao ang matutulog…night lang po kami mgstay..aalis din po ng morning

  38. @Erica, sorry, ha? Ngayon ko lang nakita comment mo. Anyway, pakitawagan na lang yung hotel kasi di ko alam kung ano ang eksaktong patakaran nila sa tanong mo. Salamat.

  39. @Marie, sensya na hindi ko alam ang bago nilang rate. Pwede pakitawagan sila for updates? Kung mag-i-stay ka, please pa-update naman kami dito. Thank you.

  40. Salamat sa bagong update, Ann. Buti ganun pa din ang presyo katulad nung 2011 report ni Robert at saka 2012 ni Marian. Thank you kindly.

    • Sorry, Roxie, ngayon ko lang nakita itong comment mo. Pakitawagan na lang sila for information. Thank you.

  41. I had better information after reading comments here. And more than happy to share some info. I’m currently lodged. All rooms are with cabled TV, aircon and bath rooms.


    refrigerator, hot and cold shower, 1 queen-sized and 1 single bed.

    24 hrs===php1600
    12 hrs===1400

    hot and cold shower and queen-sized bed or 2 single bed
    ***good for 2 persons only
    ***1 extra and extre bed is php 200, max of 3 persons only

    24 hrs===php1050
    12 hrs===900

    1 Queen-sized bed

    ***1 extra person and extra bed is php 200, max of 3 persons only

    24 hrs===800
    12 hrs===650

    Their active number is (+63)(02)3748981. You must call one hour before your expected arrival in West Avenue.

  42. Wow, Dolly. That was one awesome information! Thank you very much for taking the time to share them here and for getting those info. I’ll put up your update immediately. Thanks again.

  43. At ung flat screen and eating area kasali po ba sa bed and bathroom un? Anong room po ung my flat screen at eating area?

  44. @Jane, hindi ko alam ko meron silang airport pickup service pero kung ako sayo, magta-taxi na lang ako from the airport. Baka kasi kung meron man sila pick up service, siguradong mas mahal yun kesa taxi galing sa airport. Tungkol naman sa flat screen tv, halos puro flat screen tv na ang nakita ko last time na mag-check in ako sa Honeys West at saka meron eating area ang mga kwarto kahit na maliit lang. Tawag ka sa kanila kung meron ka pa tanong. Enjoy mo ang stay mo sa Honeys West Apartelle.

  45. January & Andie, hindi ko alam ang ruling nila tungkol sa age limit. Subukan nyo tanungin na lang.

  46. Kakastay lang namin dito for two days. Doon kami sa single room. Ayos naman siya, malaki kasi kaming dalawa so tamang kasya sa bed (hehehe), yung TV sa room namin is hindi flat screen.

    May wi fi pero hindi rin naman siya dependable kasi di ka makakonekta ng maayos kahit katapat na namin mismo yung office. May table sa tabi ng bed na may isang baso, pitsel at ashtray.

    May water dispenser naman sila sa may office, may fridge din sila na nagbebenta ng mga drinks at may mga tsitsirya pero di ko alam kung magkano nila binebenta.

    Nagtry breakfast kami sa canteen sa loob, doble ang presyo ng inumin, example yung coke na worth 10 pesos sa kanila is 20 pesos, spam is worth 30 per slice. Ang inorder namin is 3 slice ng spam, 3 cup ng rice, 2 tortang talong tapos isang royal sakto and that is already worth 200 pesos na.

    Marami din nagpapadeliver dun since malapit naman sa mga fast food. May mga numbers din naman sila ng mga kainan sa office so at least di na kelangan search sa net.

    Katapat din ang Baliwag at Puregold Jr kung may bibilhin, tatawid kayo sa kabilang kalsada.

    Hindi sila tumatanggap ng reservation, pwede ka tumawag sa mismong araw na magstay ka tapos bibigyan ka ng leeway. Galing kami ng Cainta so binigyan kami at least 2 hours pero pag wala pa cancel na since madami nga talagang nagchecheck in sa kanila. Pero bago kami nagpunta nabanggit sa amin na usually napupuno sila ng 9 pm at nauunang napupuno ang mga rooms worth Php 800 so at least may idea kayo what time ideal magpunta para di maubusan ng kwarto.

    Extra pillow is 30 pesos each. May shower naman yung premium room. Bibigyan ka rin pala ng packet na may maliit na soap tsaka shampoo. Isang sakay lang siya papunta SM North/Trinoma and vice versa so kung gusto gumala madali lang at madaling makabalik kasi daanan ng sasakyan. May mga ATMs din na malapit lakad lakad lang ng konti in case kelangan niyo maghanap.

    By the way, when you check in may papipirmahan sa inyo tapos meron din sa likod. After check out inspect nila room at kapag blood stain charge ka ng Php 150 (Ito yung natatak sa isip ko) tapos papabayad din kapag may nasira ka.

    2 lang basis ng check in, 24 hours and 12 hours. Daily basis din ang pagbayad. Natandaan ko nakalagay is no payment, no extension. Hehehe.

    So there, buti na lang at masipag ako magresearch ng pwede matuluyan dahil napakamahal ng mga hotel/apartelle na maayos/disente at malapit sa mga sakayan. Next na cheapest na yata na nakita ko is sa City State Hotel sa Quiapo which 1125 for 24 hrs tapos nasa 900 plus yung 12 hours. Salamat po Adobo Republic napaghandaan ko stay namin sa QC :-)

    • Thank you sa follow-up, Raj! Malaking tulong sa mga readers nitong site na ‘to ang dagdag na info mo dito. Inedit ko lang ng konti para magkaron ng paragraph para naman hindi mahirapan magbasa yung mga iba. Idadagdag ko din sa update sa main article ang mga observation mo para updated lagi yung article. Pag nasa Pilipinas ulit ako, susubukan ko yung State Hotel na binanggit mo dito. Salamat ulit ng marami!

  47. Good day!
    upon reading this comments I got a big Idea,and it will help me a lot.
    I thank you for this helpful information,and I wish that the rates will not change until December.Last year I stayed at soho hotel and its so expensive and just only 3 hours,but now I think I got the best information regarding this Apartelle,and thank you so much,see you in the near future.blessings.

  48. Thanks for the comment, Vania. I’m glad the information here helped. Yes, let’s hope that the rates won’t go up until your planned date of stay but please call or reserve ahead of time because I know that December is a busy month.

  49. HI…..
    may requirements po ba bago makapasok? like ID? at pwede po bang magdala ng pagkaen galing sa labas? salamat po sa pag sagot :)

    • Baka kung mukhang masyado kang bata, baka hanapan ka ng ID, lalo na kung bawal ang underage mag-check in. Hindi ako kasi sigurado sa mga patakaran dyan sa Pilipinas para sa mga underage – sensya na. Ang pagkain, pwede kang magpasok ng galing sa labas, walang problema. BAsta linisin mo lang ang kalat para wag ka ma-penalty. Enjoy your stay!

  50. @Hanna, pwede ka mag-request ng extra bed sa room, pwede din yung room na meron na agad 2 bed. Ang alam ko, family room mga 1,600 pesos pero para sigurado, tawag ka sa kanila. 12 and 24 hours lang ang rate nila, hindi sila per hourly rate. Edit: pakibasa yung comment ni Ms. Dolly dito – mas malinaw ung info nya.

  51. Hello po ulit…yung availability ng delivery from fast foods depende na rin po siguro yun kung saang fast food kayo tatawag kung 24 hours ba sila or hinde. May binebenta din naman silang pagkain sa office pero it comprises of cup noodles, chips and drinks if you just want a quick midnight snack. They have a hot/cold water dispenser so no need for us to buy bottled water anymore.

    May directory naman yung hotel na ipapahiram sa inyo with the numbers of common fast food chains e.g. Jollibee, KFC.

    The room we checked in is nothing fancy, simple white sheets and manipis na kumot (^_^) Kumbaga desenteng tulugan lang talaga. And the difference between the 1050 rate is the hot/cold shower. By the way, may guard din sila and mga staff na you can try to ask if they can run an errand for you.

    I didn’t mention from my previous post that they also have a massage service. I wasn’t able to try hopefully when we come back.

    You can request for your room to be cleaned naman or you can also ask for a trash bag kesa request ka ng request magpalinis dahil sa nakatambak na pinagkainan ninyo galing sa take out. Hehehe. Or maybe it’s just me, ayokong marumi yung kwarto. I also requested an additional rag for the main door and one from the toilet. I also forgot to mention may two pairs of slippers to use na rin.

    They don’t have airport pick up service so you have to commute going there. Mejo malayo layo nga lang at mahal kasi you’ll be coming from the south going north. If it’s alright with you just take the MRT then drop off at North Avenue last station, take a cab and just tell them to take you at Honey’s west apartelle along West Ave. with the route going to Quiapo, Manila. Or just travel through EDSA and tell them you’re going to SM North, once you’re there tell them the name of the apartelle and then take the Quiapo/Manila route. It’s not difficult to miss coz it’s on the right side with a big sign.

    If you’re coming from Manila just ride a jeepney/fx or cab going to SM North/Project 6 and drop off at West Ave with the landmark Baliwag’s Lechon Manok.

    I hope this helps. Til next time. :-)

  52. Jayreel, if you read everything from the article to the links in the comment, almost all what’s available in the apartelle were already itemized (almost). If you have specific question about what’s left-out in the post/comments, please phone Honeys West at (63-2) 416-7797 or (63-2) 374-8981.

  53. Hi RaJ here. I also found the information of other cheap hotels helpful and interesting, I just hope there would also be someone to put in some information about cheap hotels/apartelle/condotel in Mandaluyong and Makati area. :)

  54. Hey Raj, good to hear from you again. It’s a great idea that maybe you can put up yourself? Just go to WordPress.com and start your own blog about cheap hotels there in the Philippines. I don’t think anyone has done a detailed information like you contributed here – and people will appreciate those kind of information if its available. Go for it!

  55. Sir im very much interested to know their latest price for single room .me and my husband is planning to rent for 1 month .40 days.can we avail a discount.thank ub

  56. okay lang po ba 18years old? nag plan po kasi kami kumuha ng room ng gf ko,20 napo ako. naghahanap lang ng matuluyan habang nag celebrate ng anniversary. salamat!

  57. @ Noah, sorry hindi ko alam ang patakaran ng Honey’s West pagdating sa mga edad ng gustong mag-check in. Pwede mo naman sila tanungin kung tatawag ka sa kanila. Pasensya na.

  58. Hello po, itatanong ko lng po sana kung mgkano po kya Ang taxi from NAIA to honey’s west ?.thank u po

  59. Ahhm magtatanong lang po kung how much po ang bayad kung 12hrs stay lang po. Email nyo po skin immediately kailangn ko po ksi ng info. Salamat po.

  60. Thank u so much for your blog. ;) very helpful to stranded people like me.

    Room is okay. Hot shower is working. Queen sized bed is 1050 for 24 hours. 900 for 12 hours.

  61. Hi. Ask ko lang po if ma-aaccomodate kami ng mgta kaklase ko. Nasa 20 po kami. Ask ko lang if ilan maximum person per room and how much po yung 2 nights.

  62. Helloo po ask ko lang po kung pede mag stay till 3weeks ung cheap prices lang po fr couple onlycheap but secure naman ung pede magluto
    And free wifi

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