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I’ve decided to add another topic on my main website, This time, I’d like to write about the topic on living a local’s life in Canada, where we have made at least two cities in two provinces our home in the last 15 years.

I don’t know why I never thought of including this subject beforehand, wherein I discussed different unrelated topics in my earlier posts – but as I reviewed all my past articles and analyzed them with how people find the site on Google, most are interested about living in Canada or the Philippines.

A few weeks back, I have added living like a local in the Philippines. But because I am not physically in the Philippines at the moment to report on how a locals’ life is in my homeland, I cannot write an accurate picture on the issue.

To fill the additional site with content, I depended on other locals in different parts of the Philippines to write about their experiences and observations in their own towns or cities.

Although, I specifically instructed them on how to find what issues to tackle, they soon ran out of ideas to write about because they do not have the same concept as I do on how to research a subject or topic that can be posted so that we have content at least twice a month.

Also, I noticed that their articles do not reflect the “soul” that I expect as content to the site even though the contributors are very good writers themselves, whose English are much better than mine.

And so, I decided or maybe I had an epiphany, to include the topic living in Canada as a local as an addition because afterall, I am presently in Toronto as a local (and sometimes in Edmonton) and maybe people who are thinking or researching about moving to Canada maybe be able to benefit to some of my postings.

More info on what I will talk about can be found by going to the new addition and I hope to be as accurate as possible on the topics I’ll write there.

Let me know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Living Like A Local In Canada – Additional Topic To Write About At

  1. Manuel,

    Very glad to see you branch out this way. In my experience, a great many bloggers/on line business people don’t write because they somehow feel they have no specialized knowledge to write about.

    But actually, most everyone does, and wow, migrated/OFW Filipinos have a LOT to write about.

    As you well know, back here in the Philippines , millions of people have the dream of migrating … but often they have no real knowledge of what it would be like if the chance ever came about.

    Also, speaking of those who have migrated to the USA, I know a lot have made errors and done things during the process that they probably wouldn’t have done, if they had known what things were really like.

    Many people get information from friends and family here in the Philippines which is just totally wrong about living overseas, becuase the people offering up the advice never actually lived overseas themselves.

    I think you’re offering a great service here. More power, my fiend.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Dave. I really feel stupid not thinking of doing this early on in the site. I talked about a lot of different things just so I can keep the site dynamic – the topic just bit me in the arse!

    As I responded here, I’m still writing the initial post on the added site. I hope people find the contents helpful.

    Thanks always for your support, buddy.

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