Living In The Philippines – Canadians Are Starting To Take Notice

I’ve been noticing a progressing pattern since December last year (2010) about Canadian husbands/boyfriends of Filipinas wanting to stay in the Philippines longer than the usual holidays and some are even planning to move to the Philippines and live there permanently.

I say this because, in our Toronto travel agency alone, many of those who purchased their tickets from us also inquired about how to stay more than 21 days in the Philippines.

For those who don’t know it, if you are a Canadian citizen who have no Filipino roots, you can only enjoy staying in the Philippines visa-free for a maximum of 21 days. Former Filipino nationals who acquired Canadian citizenship through naturalization ang their “orig” Canadian spouses, however, can stay continously in the Philippines up to a year if they will ask for a Balikbayan stamp. I will discuss this Balikbayan stamp requirements probably in another post.

These mostly Canadian men inquirers usually have been in the Philippines once or twice, have been to some of the islands other than Manila and/or experienced staying in their wives or girlfriends province and totally fell in love how life was being lived in the country.

I can’t blame this people. Since re-discovering my native land through my visit in 2007 (first visit was 2004 after 8 years in Canada), I myself am trying to figure out a way so I can live in the Philippines again which I have discussed in this blog (here and here). Every year since then, I plane to my homeland, even for a very short visit – sometimes twice in a year. I’m still aiming for that goal, although still not successful, I do believe I’m getting there little by little.

Anyway, going back to topic, most of the concern they tell me about moving to the Philippines permanently is about real cost of living there. I always say that as a guess, anywhere between $600 to $1000 a month will be enough.

Of course I’m basing that on assumption that they are going to stay in their wife or girlfriends house outside of Manila or Cebu. If I base it in Bataan where my address in the Philippines is when I’m there, my guesstimate is somewhat accurate in todays exchange rate. If staying in a city like Manila or Cebu, about $2000 is about enough.

But, that’s just me. Where you can live with your money really depends on your spending habit.

Another thing that they often ask is about safety. I always say that no matter where you are in the world, it is necessary to exert extra care when in an unfamiliar surrounding. Crimes happen even in the safest city in the world. Following precautions such us avoiding going out late at night, not wearing any items of luxury when in public, not using your credit card indiscriminately, etc. etc. are just some things a new Philippine resident need to remember.

When you’re already living in the Philippines, natural instincts will take over and you will have a feel of what and what not to do.

And as final suggestion, I would always point this people to websites of foreigners (mostly Americans) who have been staying in the Philippines for a long time and enjoy being there.

Websites like or are writing about how foreigners like them are able to live in the Philippines — I follow their blogs because I’m very interested in learning how this people are coping with day to day living in the Philippines and I’m totally amused knowing that they seem to be more knowledgeable than me about things in the Philippines. It surprised me big time the first time I started reading what they write about.

So, there. That’s my rant about Canadians moving to the Philippines. I’m starting to like this subject because I get ask of it everyday in our travel agency business. I’ll probably write more of this topic in future posts.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

(Just one of the reasons why I want to live in the Philippines again)

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55 thoughts on “Living In The Philippines – Canadians Are Starting To Take Notice

  1. Hi, thanks for the shout out and for being a PhilFAQS reader.

    Been living full-time in Bulacan, Philippines for more than four years now, and no plans to go anywhere else any time soon.

    I’m always honored when any of my Filipino readers tell me they found my blog useful … it’s so easy for a foreigner to get things wrong … big vote of confidence when I find out I got some things right, thanks.

    I’ve met up with a number of Filipinos/former Filipinos who are interested in moving back but really can’t get any traction in planning their move.

    I’m always there to help, if I can. Strangely enough, especially considering my Phil/Am wife’s experiences and that of many other Filipinos who have moved back (including some who failed and ran back to their ’emigrated country’, it sometimes much more difficult for a Filipino to re-adapt here than for a foreigner to just come here and blunder through.

    Regarding the perpetual ‘cost of living’ questions. ‘How Much’ is probably the _last_ thing to ask. If you are living in Canada, USA, Austria, Australia or most any pint in between, you can easily afford the Philippines. The difficult question is, do you want to? That’s the one no one else can answer for you.

    God Speed from ‘Philly’

    • dave plz help me am retired canadian pension 1100 dollars want move to cebu live there with my filipina fiance she also works i dont have any savings just guarenteed canadian gov pension till death if married pension will go to wife plz advise desperate to get out of canada yesterday want simple calm inexpensive life

  2. Hey Dave,

    Thanks for dropping by. It’s an honor to receive a visit from you. Yeah, I am on PhilFAQs Feedburner subscription so I don’t miss any of your updates. With some information I gathered from your posting – adds more to what I know about my own country, which help me explain to inquirers how a foreigner can live in the Philippines or as someone who hasn’t lived there before. It’s a very interesting topic and I guess I’ll have to stop taking if for granted just because I lived there half of my life. I really appreciate your comment.


  3. I just found this website today. I live in Vancouver canada and today is another wet day here. Not the kind of rain you get in Philippines. I have many Filippino friends in Vancouver some who were my mothers care givers for many years. I love them all. I first went to Philippines in 2007 to Manila. I met a girl there from Zamboanga city Mindanao. I went there that trip for 3 days and fell in love not only with her but the country. I have been back 4 times since then. For as much as a month. I have been to Cebu and Davao and a friend of mine from Vancouver married a Filippina and now returned to Cebu 2 years ago. He keeps wanting me to also relocate there. I am getting older and my girl friend is younger than me by many years. I know what people say and think. They say I’m crazy but I love that part of the world and her. Again, like all others if relocating there I can estimate by checking rentals of condos and apartments in Cebu and other cities the price of living. I will read your site again and will gladly accept any advice.
    Mark Vancouver

  4. Hi Mark,

    Thank you for visiting and commenting. If you think it will make you happy and contented living in the Philippines with your girlfriend, if you will be able to supplement yourself while enjoying the weather in the Philippines – then by golly just do it!

    I just came back last March 8 from the Philippines and I honestly don’t want to leave if not for my daughter who’s in elementary grade (I’m her personal nanny). I feel like I’m a Western guy who for the first time experienced living there and is excited in every visit. Take the advice of your friend, he will be able to help you because he’s got the experience now. Read Dave’s comment or better yet, explore his site and MindanaoBob’s site because in my research, those two guys are two of the best source of information about moving to the Philippines.

    Regarding rentals, it is very cheap in the province – mine was only 6,000 pesos (about CAD$150) two bedroom apartment. YOur friend and your girlfriend can help you with that. Just stay away from Manila because it is so expensive there.

    Don’t worry too much about what other people will say. Like I said, if you’re happy and contented, who cares what other people will say, right? Take the plunge.


  5. Thanks for the positive comments Manuel. I know that I will hopefully end up there some time soon I pray. It’s amazing how my outlook on life has changed since I started going to Philippines. I do not need all the luxuries of living that people here seem to think is necessary. When I’m there we live a fairly simple life except we stay in hotel I love in Zamboanga which is right on the sea. The problem with Mindanao is the danger for not only foreigners but now even locals are being kidnapped. I had a friend who is Swiss but his mother was filippina and his father Swiss national. He was kidnapped in Mindanao last Easter and held for 4 months. I have spoken to him since his release and he now lives in constant fear. My GF pays 5000 pp rent for big one bdrm apt. I know Manila is expensive and so is Cebu. I thank you for your reply. It’s very encouraging for me.

  6. Hey Mark,

    Thanks again for commenting. Zamboanga is a beautiful city in Mindanao, but if your safety will be threatened, then it’s much better if you live somewhere else. If being close to the ocean is your thing, there are thousands of places in the Philippines to choose from.

    In Mindanao, the safe cities that I know of is Davao, Cagayan De Oro, General Santos, Surigao – just to name a few. Those are cities with amenities we need to live an average life. They are close to the beach, food and rental is very cheap and safe. So, not all of Mindanao can be considered unsafe place. Click here to read an article about safety in Mindanao.

    If you really want to stay away from Mindanao, the Visayas and Luzon islands have a lot of similar to offer.

    In the Visayas, there is Bacolod, Ilo-Ilo, Tacloban, Samar, Roxas city etc. In Luzon, you can look up Batangas, Mindoro, Dagupan city, La Union, Ilocos Norte or my chosen home in the Philippines – Balanga city and so many more.

    There’s so many town and cities in the Philippines where you can decide to reside, and you’re only minutes away from the ocean but with basic city life. Talk to your girlfriend, ask for her opinion or your friend who’s already there – I’m sure they know the situation and where best to live. It’s not necessarily expensive in the whole of Cebu, only within the city proper. Cebu itself is a big province. I know that a lot of Western expats (Americans, Canadians, Germans, Brits, etc.) live there – but not in the big city, where living expenses is already at par with Manila.

    I know that it’s difficult to decide on this issue because I experienced it myself and wrote about it at this post. But, I kid you not – you will find your special place in the Philippines because the country has thousands of places for you to offer. It just take time, some exploration and expenses to do so. I pray that you find yours as I found mine.


  7. Thanks for your comments Manuel. I assume your living in Toronto or there abouts. You have given me much to think about with the number of cities to consider in many areas of Philippines. I have looked at your photos of Balanga city and it does look very pleasant. I do like the feel of Cebu as it has many modern conveniences if you wish to avail yourself of these features and the climate seemed pleasant as well. Are there any areas you know in Cebu we might consider? I will research those other sports you spoke of as well. Davao seems to look nice too and from reading Mindanao Bobs info I am more interested here as well.
    It is nice to be able to share my ideas and thoughts with you as my gf does not understand what it involves to be able for all this to happen. And to find the right place. I hope you don’t mind sharing your views and thoughts with me I do appreciate your assistance.
    Hope to hear back soon.

  8. Hi Mark,

    Yes, I live in Toronto – for now – until my daughter goes to high school, then I will become another Philippine resident. If you are inclined to be in Mindanao, because your girlfriend is from there, then Davao is one of the best place for you to explore.

    I’ve never been to Davao or to any part of Mindanao but judging from Mindanao Bob’s experience, it’s a safe place to be if you want to locate there. General Santos city, never been, but would love to visit when I relocate to the Philippines. I also plan to visit Davao city in the near future. Read this link about General Santos.

    Searching for your own place in the Philippines is overwhelming. I’m originally from Philippines, still I had a hard time to decide where to locate because there are so many to choose from. Here’s what I suggest you do: since your girlfriend already like General Santos city, ask her to stay there for a month, if she hasn’t lived there before. But if she has family there, so much the better.

    And then, send her off to Davao city to experience living there for another month. Then ask her where she thinks is better for you and her to reside in.

    Then, fly off to both cities and live for at least 2 weeks in each city to observe. Your natural instinct will take over and you will have a feel of where you wanted to reside once you lived there yourself.

    From what I know, General Santos is a safe place. But, do your own research also by typing “is it safe to live in general santos city?” in Google, click on some results and then email the writer of the article to inquire. You can do the same thing for other places as well.

    Don’t concern yourself too much about the conveniences of Cebu or Manila. There will always be a mall, movie theater, hospital, karaoke bar or disco in any city anywhere in the Philippines. They might not be as numerous as in Cebu or Manila, but you’d still be able to enjoy those things plus the added bonus of not living in a congested/polluted city, cheap living expenses, fresh food and closeness to the beach!

    Thanks for your comment and I’d assist you the best I could.


  9. Since I wrote this note I have looked at places you mentioned and some seem very nice but when you look at Luzon they are very far north up near Bagio. I had caregiver for my mom from there. In more thinking my gf family is from Cotabato so probably Cebu area or Davao would be best. Do you know much about General Santos City? My gf went there two weeks ago with her family when home for a visit. She quite liked it. I thought that it might also be a little sketchy but she said no. Any thoughts.

  10. Hi there
    If am living in Alberta canada and am a Canadian citizen and am finding you article very interesting. I have been on skype with a girl in the philippines for a few months now and have fallen in love with her. I plan on visiting her in june for a month. We have discussed her moving here with me in Canada. I would love to live there but we have discussed living here and getting married and retiring there one day. It is a lot to figure out. I am not sure if yu can help me but I want to know how hard it would be to take her back with me in july to live here. Does it make it any easier if I marry her when I go there. Thanks in advance if you can help me.

  11. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for visiting my site. You know, I came across many Canadians who have been in the same situation like yours and I am sorry to say that you and your girlfriend is in a difficult situation. You said that you have only been chatting for a few months and you wanted to bring her over here. That is doable, but will depend on her getting a visitor visa from the Canadian consulate in the Philippines. To apply for a visa, there are several to be required from her – just to file the application. There is no guarantee that she will be given a visa even if she satisfy all the requirements because the consulate is really strict in issuing visas to Filipino nationals because of the prevalence of cases involving Filipinos overstaying in Canada. But if your girlfriend want to try, you may refer to the visa requirements at Canadian consulate in the Philippines for more info. The good thing is if she can get a visa to visit in Canada, you have the option of marrying her here without the need for her to go back to the Philippines. There’s no harm in trying.

    Is she already your fiancee? If she is, then the other alternative is for you to go to the Philippines and marry her there. After marriage, you may go to the Canadian consulate to sponsor her as your wife to live with you in Canada. This procedure, too, needs a lot of documentation from both the Philippines and Canadian governments. You will not be able to take your wife with you immediately because she has to wait for her spousal visa before being allowed to enter Canada. You will have to leave her behind and wait in Canada for her (and this wait may take months or even years). If you can’t stand being away from her for long, the other alternative is to go back and forth to the Philippines to visit, but this is a very expensive option. It is really difficult right now for situation like yours. There is also the option of living in the Philippines while waiting for her visa but make sure that you have enough funds because you might not be able to find work there. Whatever your decision maybe, I wish you and your girlfriend the best. And in case you need more info about Canadians marrying a Filipina/Filipino, click here to go the the Canadian consulate website. Goodluck.


  12. Manuel, thanks so much for the info….that was very nice of you. If i’m hearing you right, does it mean if she comes to canada to visit me and I marry her here,she can stay i Canada?

    We plan on me taking a month long vacation in the philippines to be with her and her family this coming june. She has a nursing degree and i have seen priority is given to skilled workers who want to come to canada. TNKS in advance of your reply Manuel

  13. Hi Kevin,

    Yes, that’s right. If she can get a visitor visa to Canada, then you can marry and sponsor her without leaving Canada. There are procedures to follow and documents required but that’s basically how it works. Follow this link and this link to give you an idea.

    If she’s a nurse, then so much the better. You are right she can apply for the Federal Skilled Worker program, but that would take years before she can come to Canada. The backlog of Immigration Canada for the Federal Skilled Worker program, specially if the person is coming from the Philippines is more than 3 years.

    But because she is a nurse, she can come to Canada as a live-in caregiver. No need for further training because nursing graduates are exempted from training as a caregiver. All you have to do on your part is find an employer for her in your residence and then follow the procedure to hire a live-in caregiver from the Philippines. Click here for the info. This procedure will also take years (about 2 or 3 years) to accomplish because of backlog also for applications coming from the Philippines.

    What you’re planning to do is possible – but will take a lot of perseverance (and waiting) for it to happen. Whatever your decision is, the best of luck to you and your girlfriend.


    PS. You owe me $50 for consultation fee. LOL.

  14. Hey Manuel

    Thanks again for the great advice…Looks like the visitor visa and marry her while here is the way to go, then apply for the rest while living here.
    You know, if only governments would just make it easier for ppl from different countries to fall in love and be together without all their hassle they might save money by having less wars lol

    Cheque is in the mail for you Manuel…lol….thanks again for all your help!! :)


  15. Hi Again Manuel

    Another question for you?

    If my girlfriend comes on a tourist visa and I marry her here is she legal to work while we are in the process to obtaining permanent residence status for her?
    Thanks again my friend, and the cheque is in the mail of course lol


  16. Hi Kevin,

    Yes, she can apply for a work permit once you have her papers in process in Canada. I don’t remember if HRSDC or if Immigration Canada is the approving government department, but you can ask any officer where you submitted the application. Goodluck!


  17. Hey Manuel, i’m back for some of your great advice. My filipina gf and I are planning on her coming here to canada in apr on tourist visa. I am going to marry her while we are here together but now i’m thinking of a new idea that I think and hope you can advise me on.
    I just recently found out I will be coming into a substantial amount of money and if I have a choice, I would prefer to live in the philippines with her where it’s much better climate than us living here.
    It is not enough money to live off for the rest of my life so I am hoping you can steer me toward investing in something there that would be safe and provide an income. Any business ideas that would be profitable etc. I will have 6 figures but don’t want to blow it and be broke in the Philippines in a few yrs as I know it would be extremely hard to find a job there. I currently am a forklift operator here for a major company in alberta and also have a licence to drive a big rig (semi truck) tractor trailer, just so you know my skills. I anxiously await your advice, as you’re the best!!

    Thanks in advance


  18. Hey Kevin,

    Thanks for dropping by. Your new inquiry is a rather lengthy subject for just a comment here. So, what I did was write a post of the subject here.

    So, tell me what you think and you’re questions are always welcome.



  19. Hey Manuel

    Of course, great advice yet again from you…thanks again my friend….I forgot to mention I would preferably be living in Dumaguete. My gf family is there. She tells me that the ppl who are considered well off there are mostly the farmers. I have to stress that this wasn’t her idea at all for us to go back there to live, it’s totally mine and mostly for the reason you talked about, slower pace , ocean, weather etc. Yes you are right about the work situation I believe, and my idea was never really to work for someone else there, it was to work for myself. I am also not looking to get rich, far from it in fact, I will be happy to just make a living for us. Not sure what you think of this but her family owns quite a bit of farm land there. She personally own 8 hectare’s of farm land. I obviously don’t know much about farming but she lived with her grandma for yrs who owned coco plantation and sugar cane. Her siblings still do very well farming (uncles and aunts)….I was thinking of farming her land as she thinks it would be quite profitable if only she could afford to plant….by our standards here in canada, it’s real cheap but expensive by their standards. I guess what i’m asking is do you believe we could live a modest life there farming 8 hecters of sugar cane? I can adapt very easily to their standard of living and in fact can live in a tent so long as I have the person I love with me. I went to mexico a few yrs ago and lived for two weeks with the locals instead of a fancy resort and loved it and if I could have found a way to make money, would have stayed there….I want a warm, slow pace of life so badly…lol……but i need to know only if I will be able to feed my family. She has said to me more than once, what good is all the money in the world if you don’t have someone to love with you. She is not wanting a free ride I don’t think, she wants to come here to work and has never asked me for a dime……again Manuel, thanks again in advance for any advice and I will surly check out the things you provided…..

    Your new friend in Alberta……can you give me a deal on airfare…lol

    Kev .

  20. You’re a lucky guy, buddy. I envy you. Dumaguete is a very nice place to set residence in the Philippines and the people are friendlier. That’s usually the places where I prefer to be rather than in a big city in the Philippines.

    You don’t need a lot of money if your plan is to help finance farming your girlfriends property. The available help is very cheap compared here in Canada and yes, the return on investment will be enough to keep you and your girlfriend living comfortably while you’re in your little paradise. Just be aware that there are typhoon seasons in the Philippines and this will affect your crop yield and your investment. There are also other factors and the farmers there are more knowledgable on the appropriate time to plant and harvest. I’m sure there are other potential business for you and your girlfriend, too. It’s just a matter of getting to know the land, the people and the potential market. That’s why staying longer is necessary.

    Kevin, as a Canadian without any Filipino roots whatsoever, you are only allowed 21 days to be in the Philippines legally. You may stay longer but will have to secure an extension visa from Philippine Immigration, so be aware of that. If you marry your girlfriend there, you can stay for a year continously but inquire from Philippine Immigration if that privilege is effective immediately after you marry a Filipino citizen. There’s plenty of information on that and you can start at Dave’s website in your search.

    When you’re already there, please let me visit you. I’m planning on staying longer in the Philippines next winter and am very interested in knowing how it is in Dumaguete. Let’s keep in touch.

    When do you plan on going to the Philippines? Call me at (780) 757-8883 and I’ll help you find the best ticket price. Just don’t go in the summer or December because the ticket prices are to the roof!


  21. Hey Manuel thanks again for the help and advice…..You are guaranteed a place to hang your head if you want to come to Dumageute when we get there. My plan is to get her here this April so she can experience Canada and snow lol for about a yr to work our butts off to raise more money lol and we have started the process of applying already. Yes I would love to stay in touch and will def be checking back with you for tickets. I would like to go in may or june but will wait longer if ticket prices are too high.My work has a huge shutdown right now till may and big money to make so want to stay for that. I want to live there so bad so maybe I should wait and marry there… long as I can keep her here legally that long and list her as common law spouse…..Hey Manuel, thanks again so much buddy and you have no idea how good your last letter made me feel. I know it’s all possible now and will be in a nice town also which is nice.
    Thanks again and will be in touch!!


  22. Hey Manuel, what kind of fare can you get me for a ticket from manila to Edmonton Alberta for her to be here for april 11th.



  23. Kevin, I’ll ask for the best price and will send you an email. We don’t have ready prices for those coming from the Philippines. Thanks.

  24. Hi, I’ve been following all the posts. I want to ask Kevin from Alberta how he met his wonderful Filipina. I am in BC and work with many Filipinos and I find them such nice friendly people. The running joke is they always tell me the moved here for a better life. I tell them !@#$% I am moving to the Phillipines one day for a better life.

    I will never be able to save enough for a luxurious life here. Perhaps, though, I already have enough to possible retire a regular life in parts of the Phillipines so I have been exploring the possibilities on the Internet. Today, I cam across this website, and all your comments have stoked more possibilities. Thanks for your blogs!


  25. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for dropping by. I hope Kevin read your comment here so he can tell you where he found his girl. He’s probably busy working on his girlfriends visa at the moment.


  26. For those Canadians or any other nationality contemplating on retiring in the Philippines but don’t/can’t work legally, another good income opportunity is agribusiness specifically contract growing of poultry/livestock. You just supply the labor, land (which can be leased) and the integrators usually provide the equipment, feeds, chicks/piglets, farm technology and support. They also usually buy a specified portion of your produce/output at an agreed price before you even start so you don’t have to look for a buyer.

  27. Juliano,

    That’s a good suggestion. Question that need to be addressed, though, is – what kind of visa do they have to be in to be able to be allowed to lease a land in the Philippines? That’s another interesting topic for future articles. ;)

    Thanks for your comments.


  28. What happened??!! Geez, I’m so sorry to hear that, Kev. I thought everything’s going well with you and that girl from Dumaguete.

  29. Well Manuel so did I….I sent her some money to help with the visa process and hardly heard from her after that. She kept saying her connection on internet is bad but I doubt that. There was no problem with her connection before I sent any money. I would suggest to the guy who is wondering where to meet a Filipino girl to find one who is already here working. The problem I have is the girls who are here already aren’t as easy to talk to. Not sure if they are intimated or just shy but it seems so much easier to get them to talk to you when they are in the Philippines. I am not sure if it’s because they want you to help them and the ones here already don’t need your help to leave. I know this is just one person and I don’t believe all the girls from the Philippines are scammers, just want to make that clear. I too maybe expected things to happen too fast as I really liked this girl and wanted to be with her and start a life with her. There are all kinds of dating sites also for the guy who is asking where I met her. I met her on a face book application and we starting talking on there….Anyway Manuel, thanks for all your help and I will keep looking for a nice pinya but will just be a little smarter about it this time.

  30. I’m really sorry that happened to you, bud. It’s not the first time something like that happened. YOu know what, if you ask me, it would be better to go there yourself because you have more choices and you get to speak with them in person. If I’m not married, I find it very easy to hook up with Filipina girls in the Philippines. I almost dated a flight stewardess one time during one of my trips there! (Don’t tell my wife, LOL). But really the successful ones finding the right Filipina are those who have in-person interaction with them. It will be a little expensive, but when you experience the Philippines, you will get addicted coming back, just like me and the others.

  31. Question to Juliano: what kind of base $$$ figure is required for that kind of investment. 6 months ago, I never even thought about the Phillipines, but everyone’s pictures of the oceanside and the crazy city lifestyle has put a draw on me. I have met quite a few Filipinos here now, the ones that have come here to make a better life and send money home. I have come to admire and like them alot. Now the running joke is !@#$% I’m going to move to the Phillipines for a better life!!!

    Kevin, sorry to hear about your escapade. Hope it didn’t cost you too much. I was really crossing my fingers for you. First to find love, second for you tell us all about it. I guess I am trying to soak up every bit of info that I can because it is a little like launching off in a rocket to Mars. Whole different world. I have a Korean friend who works for a Chinese guy from the Phillipines and now we are planning a vacation there in 2013. It’s so hard to wait. Patience is a virtue, but I feel like a 5 year old waiting for Christmas. AAAAAHHHHH!

    I have been reading PhilFAQs and have found it really informative. I like the way the blogging is laid out. However, I cannot relate completely to him because he advice is more for Americans and also his income streams are different and um maybe more lucrative. Whereas, I am 42 and haven’t worked for the government, but having been saving a nest egg. But if I make a decision like the Phillipines, my income will be cut off and what I have is what I have. I will have to stretch it.

    I guess I can go on and on so sometimes someone has to stomp on my foot. Thanks to you bunch of friendly strangers, I feel like I have some backup on this Phillipines OCD and not alone on this matter. Thank God for the Internet! Bye for now.

  32. Hi Tony,

    You got first dibs to ask Juliano about it. Maybe he’s got a blueprint of what’s he is suggesting, ‘no? I am interested too but I got to be there in the Philippines for that, which I can’t at the moment. If you want to talk directly with Juliano, shoot me an email and I’ll give you his email add.

    Regarding PhilFAQs, Dave is giving almost everything away to his readers regarding how to have your own money making opportunity while living in the Philippines. All his recommendations are directed not only to Americans, although you are right, his audience are mostly Americans – but his methods are applicable to anybody. Even for a Filipino like me.

    He does not espouse having a JOB in the Philippines but to bring your work to the Philippines or put up a business in the Philippines. Short of showing us a blueprint, Dave has a great many ideas on how anyone can have a regular income in the Philippines without getting a JOB.

    Maybe he’s keeping it a secret. I don’t know. All I know is, one day, when I’m ready to make my move permanent, I will email Dave and would gladly pay him to spill some secrets (wink. wink.).

    There is not a day that I do not think of the Philippines and how much blast I’m having when I’m there – for cheap. In my case, although my present business can make it possible for me to take my work to the Philippines, there are still some kinks that needs fixing here in Canada. It’ll take a couple more years before I can make my move permanent, so in the meantime, I fly to the Philippines at least twice a year, staying there at least a month each time.

    I would advice you to visit, as I advised Kevin. Because only by going there and gaining the experience, will you be able to figure out the – where, how, what, what if – questions by yourself. I know so because everyone of the Canadian guys who came to me asking did not have any regret when they went there themselves. It’s a great difference when you only found the answers on the internet than living the experience.

    Thanks for your comment and let us know what you’re decision will be. Goodluck.


  33. Hello all and thank you for your comments on here. Kevin I’m sorry to hear of your situation. I am in the same boat with meeting a wonderful girl from the Philippines on line. She is working in China but is from Cebu and that’s where her family is. We were talking about her coming here but the more I read on living in the Philippines the more I would like to do that, besides it doesn’t look to easy for her to come here. I have been thinking about going away from Canada for a while now, at least for the winter, as I live in northern BC and am tired of the cold. I’m 51 and really would love to retire but with the cost of living here I don’t think I could retire before I die, lol. My thought is I could rent my house out furnished and live off that income in the Philippines. This way if life does not work out for me there I always have a home to come back to. I have many questions I would like to ask but am not sure even where to start. I have no interest what so ever of living in the city or an apartment as I live on 160 acres in the country now and would love to continue that life style, mind you I would be ok with a smaller property. I also would really love to be closer to the water. Safety is also a big concern of mine but as I am a home body and would rarely, if ever be “out on the town” late at night, I’m assuming it would be reasonably safe there. So Some of my concerns are what is the rental availability of such a place as I have mentioned would be? This might be a hard one but, does anyone know of any tricks to find out the legitimacy of this girl I have met, who has captured my heart? Also I was talking to a travel agent today and when we were talking about visas, she said in some countries you have to leave the country and re-enter to renew your visa, which can be as simple as crossing the boarder for a couple days and return. Is it that simple in the Philippines? I would appreciate any input any of you have on any of this, and thank you in advance!!


  34. Hi John, thanks for dropping by. You are right about being easier to go to the Philippines than for your girlfriend to come over to Canada. And while at the subject of Filipina girlfriends, you should take extra precaution when dealing with them.

    Although a Filipina is a sweetheart when she honestly fall for you, there are also opportunist who will take advantage of your generosity. That’s also true for nationalities as well. So, take caution.

    If you want to live in a farm-like setting in the Philippines, be prepared to pay extra Pesos for the privilege. Just for reference, 1 bedroom apartments in Balanga city (where I always stay) is between 4,000 to 6,000 pesos.

    Regarding visas for Canadians without Filipino roots or heritage, you are allowed to stay a maximum of 21 days. Afterwhich, you will have to apply for an extension visa at a Philippine Immigration office. You may also choose to leave the Philippines for a brief period and then come back, but that is an expensive option because you will have to fly to a neighboring country everytime. There are no land connection from any neighboring country.

    To find out if your girl is legit, it’s best to visit the Philippines and meet her there in person. Goodluck.


  35. to kevin if u want to find a nice pilipina email (deleted for your protection) she is my friend just talk to hrr if u want

  36. @Aurea, I will send your email to Kevin so he can exchange messages with you. I don’t post emails of commenters here for privacy reason. I hope you understand.

  37. I am a canadian born man who wants to retire to the Phil…I have a Filipina friend here at church who has two kids and comes from Hinoba-an….We are just friends as she is married (seperated now). She has always said I have a place at her beach side resort because I had given her money years ago (6) to add an extra side portion to the resort (right on the beach…quite large).

    I am not worried about having a place there…I know it’s there. I call her my sister and she calls me her big brother…even call her mom as my mom. Very strong Christian woman. I am wanting to know from anyone here if they know a nice Pinay from that area….lol…she has been away from there and only visits so my sister is no help in that area!!!

    I am planning to go there during sprink breakup this year….like Kevin I work in the oilfields. I do plan on at least putting up a half decent house on my little piece of paradise and living there for 6 mos at a time then Canada 6 mos…..I can easily live off CPP & OAS without touching the RRSP & TFSA as I have no rent to pay in either location. Now to find a nice Pinay.

    Have any of you been to Hinoba-an and if so what did you think of it?



  38. Greg,

    Not a bad idea having long stay in the Philippines. I don’t have any idea how it is there, though. Here’s the site of Hinoba-an ( You may send them a message if you want to find out more about the place. Goodluck.


  39. Hi guys! I’m a filipina based in Phil who met and fell in love with a Canadian. And very soon, probably next week, he’ll be here to see me. He had long planned on moving to Phil even before we met and became a couple. I just wonder how Canadian men see Filipinas nowadays.. I kept on stumbling upon blogs with these ugly stereotypes of Filipinas as scammers, gold-diggers, LBFM, gullible beings with annoying FOB accents and the list goes on… And it’s hard not to get affected knowing that’s how other people of different nationalities view your people. I know there’s always some bad apples in a bunch of good ones. Even I still hope that there are still more good ones than the bad ones.

  40. @Hanna, don’t concern yourself what others might say or think. If you two are serious with this relationship, then go ahead and prove people wrong. Life is short, so, why worry? Goodluck to you and your man.


  41. good to come across your site. my canadian bf is planning to move to the philippines and im trying to look for a job for him. i see possibilities in the call center industry as the demand for french speaking agents is there. hopefully it will work out. i always believe that for 2 people in love, it always work out when they can make little sacrifices. im just about researching what are the requirements for him to be able to stay and work here. we plan on getting married :) and we can do that once he is here. it will be simple as i dont wanna spent too much cuz i would rather we use it for living together.

    I am sorry about kevin ( the guy above ) that was a bad egg he stumbled on. I used to have an american Bf too and he cheated and hurt me. but it doesnt mean all foreign guys are that way. My point is NOT, all women are bad. He shouldnt generalize.

    Goodluck to all. I hope you all find your happy place.

  42. I would love to live in Manila. How does a Canadian move there? What do I need to do this? If you could please answer and get me over there that would be really great. Thank you! Jeff

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