Prices Of Meat In Davao Market Cheaper Than Anywhere In The Philippines

Davao City lies in Mindanao which is considered as the food basket of the Philippines. This explains why food prices in Davao are cheaper compared to the other two major cities of the country. Prices of meat in Davao market are affordable, just like the prices of vegetables, fruits and other basic commodities.

The fact that Davao’s meat industry is providing supplies to other cities in the Philippines shows that it is doing really well. Prices of meat in Davao market are relatively stable as more locals are becoming interested in backyard hog raising as well as backyard poultry. The hardworking people behind the meat industry of Davao have definitely made a huge contribution to the city’s success.

Prices of meat in Davao market usually range from P110 pesos to P140 pesos per kilogram, depending on the season. It is usually during the Christmas holidays that prices increase a bit, but the good quality of the meat is consistent.

The city government of Davao is keen when it comes to quality and price control of meats sold in the market, and vendors are constantly reminded to ensure the good quality of their goods.

Newly butchered meat sold at Philippine public marketsIn fact, local officials are known to impose stiff penalties on meat vendors who are not following the standard pricing of meat products. This is in line with the local government’s goal of protecting the health and rights of the consumers.

Meats in Davao are sold everywhere in the city. Public markets are where most people buy their meat, including Bankerohan Public Market and Agdao Public Market, among others.

These are the two biggest public markets where prices can get very cheap.

Those who want convenience can hit air-conditioned supermarkets, such as those found in the malls like Abreeza along J.P. Laurel Avenue, SM Davao in Ecoland, Gaisano Mall in Bajada and many others. However, prices of meat here are a bit higher than those in the public markets, but this is rather expected.

Alternatively, people can buy fresh and affordable meat from local backyard hog and chicken raisers, but it’s important to ensure they are not buying botcha (meat that comes from an animal that died of an illness or also locally known as “double dead”) which can be a threat to health.

Davao public market - Bankerohan


In general, consumers must be extra careful in choosing their meat, wherever they buy it. It is important to check reputability of the seller as well as, if they are following the local government’s pricing regulations. It pays to be vigilant, especially when matters concern health and finances.

It is safe to say that prices of meat in Davao market will not harm anyone’s budget, especially in comparison to prices in other major destinations in the country, such as Metro Manila and Cebu.

Davao is part of the Philippine region that boasts an abundant supply of meat products, and has even played a huge part in the development of the regional meat industry. It is thus not surprising that meats come in affordable prices, wherever in this city they are bought.

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