Living In The Philippines: Children Born In Canada Of Filipino Citizen Parent/s Issue

I recently receive another question pertaining to a living in the Philippines subject.

This one is from a mother, actually a live-in caregiver living in Toronto, who gave birth last February. She called in inquiring a situation regarding her child, who she wants to leave in the care of her mother (the grandma) in the Philippines.

Incidentally, what she asked from me was exactly the same to what I had responded to in my blog (here and here) just a few days before she called to inquire about airline tickets to the Philippines.

This is her situation: She just gave birth to a daughter with a Canadian father last February 28.

Because she wanted to go back to work immediately, she is planning to take her newborn to Samar in the Philipines in her mother’s care. She was planning of leaving the baby girl until she obtain her open permit – that is 2 years long. Her concern is that she is not sure if her newborn can stay that long in the Philippines without having to worry about visa for the infant for her extended stay.

The answer I gave her, of course, is what I already said in the blog. But, as I re-read and pondered on my response in the blog, as well as what I told the lady over the phone, I began to have doubts about what I was telling this people.

This is the third time I was asked about this topic and all I do was read what is on Philippine Immigration website which is lawyer language. I am not really good at comprehending “lawyer talk” but at the same time, I wanted to give this people an accurate answer to this often repeated question.

So, what I did was I emailed the Philippine Immigration Department and asked them directly two questions that I’m confused about when someone ask me about it:

1) If a person whose parents are naturalized Canadian citizens when he/she was born, will he/she be able to stay 1 year in the Philippines like a balikbayan if he/she visit the Philippines? His/her parents were former Philippine citizens but are now Canadian citizens and are not a holder of Filipino dual citizenship? Will she/he be treated as citizen of a foreign country who is only entitled a non-visa stay of 21 days only?

2) If a child was born in Canada from a Filipino citizen mother (The mother is still a Filipino passport holder as well) and a Caucasian-Canadian father – is the child considered a Filipino when she/he enters the Philippines? Can the child stay in the Philippines for 2 or 3 years?

Those were exactly the questions I sent them and this is the response:

Dear Sir:

Here are the answers to your questions:

1) If you are coming to the Philippines with your parents, you will be given an authorized stay or 1 year. However, this cannot be given if you are traveling alone.

2) When was the child born? If after 1987, following the provisions whereof, a child whose parent or parents are Filipinos or Filipino. He/she may apply for recognition as a Filipino citizen with the Bureau of Immigration for him/her to stay indefinitely in the Philippines. Below are the requirements and procedures for such an application:

Documentary Requirements in applying for Recognition as Filipino Citizen/Dual Citizenship:

a) Duly notarized letter request from either father/mother or both parents, or from the legal guardian (if applicant is below 18 years old; or from the applicant (if she is already 18 years old and above upon filing), with attestation that either father/mother or both parents was/were a Philippine citizen/s at the applicant’s birth;

b) *Order of Recognition and Filipino Identification Certificate issued by the Bureau, if already issued;

c) NSO birth certificate of the applicant, if born in the Philippines; or authenticated birth certificate or Report of Birth of the applicant from the Philippine embassy/consulate Official of the Philippine Foreign Service at the place of issuance or nearest to it; or authenticated birth certificate or certified true copy from their Embassies here in the Philippines, with English translation, if written in other foreign language, then to be properly authenticated at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Authentication Division;

d) NSO birth certificate of either father/mother or both parents (who at the time of birth of applicant was a Philippine citizen); and Certificate of Naturalization, if at the time of the filing of the application he/she/they was/were a Philippine citizen;

e) Duly Notarized Affidavit of Citizenship to be executed by the father/mother or both parents, stating at the time of birth of applicant, he/she/they was/were a Philippine citizen, if the application letter was executed by the applicant or legal guardian;

f) Plain photocopy of the passport of the applicant and the parents;

g) Bureau of Immigration (BI) Clearance certificate.

* not a mandatory requirement


a) Receiving of application together with documentary requirements;

b) Verification of travel and derogatory records, assessment of filing and other fees and generation Of Order of Payment Slip, assignment/raffle of application to hearing officer, generation of Notice of Hearing;

c) Releasing of OPS and Notice of Hearing to applicant;

d) Payment of collecting officer and issuance of Official Receipt;

e) Conduct hearing, evaluation and preparation of Order of Cancellation and Transmittal Letter to DOJ by hearing officer;

f) Approval by the Commissioner;

g) Transmittal of Order for affirmation by DOJ;

h) Receiving of Affirmation Order from DOJ;

i) Assessment of immigration fees and generation of Order of Payment Slip;

j) Payment to collecting officer and issuance of Official Receipt;

k) Assignment to registration officer, updating of records and preparation of Filipino Identification Certificate;

l) Issuance of Filipino Identification Certificate, picture and fingerprint impression taking;

m) Signing by the Commissioner of the Identification Certificate;

n) Releasing of the Identification Certificate; and

o) Document archiving.


Ø If the applicant leaves from the Philippine with a pending application for Recognition as Filipino Citizen, he/she must update visa status or apply for extension; if he stays in the Philippines from the time of filing for the application until its approval, fees for overstaying are waived.

Ø When application for Recognition as Filipino Citizen is approved, an Identification Certificate is issued. The Identification Certificate can be used to apply for a Philippine passport.

Ø A Dual Citizen, if leaving from the Philippines with a passport, has to pay also for the terminal fee.

Place of filing of application for Recognition as Filipino Citizen:

– Application can be filed at the Central Receiving Section in the Main Office of the Bureau of Immigration, Magallanes Drive, Intramuros, Manila.

– Processing at the Board of Special Inquiry (BSI).

– Applications filed at the sub ports shall be immediately forwarded to the Main Office of the Bureau for processing.

– Authentication of documents is processed at the Consulate of the foreigner in the Philippines.

Should you have other immigration-related queries, please do not hesitate to call the BI Helpdesk Hotline at (632) 524-3769.

Ok, now. Their answer to the first question is easy to understand:

1) Under the circumstance mentioned in question 1 above, if the person is traveling with her/his parents, she/he will be entitled to a one (1) year stay in the Philippines without need for a visa. If she/he is planning to extend her stay, she/he need to apply for an extension.

2) If she/he is traveling alone, then she/he will be treated as a foreigner who is entering the Philippines under the visa-free arrangement, only 21 days stay. If she is going to extend her stay, she must apply for an extension at the nearest Immigration office.

The response to question number 2, though, is confusing. I read it over and over and my understanding is that all the document requirement can be done while the infant or the applicant is in Canada (or any country) but as I read at the bottom of the email, it says that the filing should be done in the Philippines.

But somewhere in the beginning of the letter, it was also mentioned that the “Documentary Requirements in applying for Recognition as Filipino Citizen/Dual Citizenship” – the keyword is Dual Citizenship.

I think that the requirements in the response pertains to if the applicant or the child is already in the Philippines and….. if the applicant is still in her country of birth, she or the parent or guardian, can process the requirements through a Philippine Consulate through the Dual Citizenship application.

If that’s what I think it is, then, all she has to do is to phone the nearest Consulate of the Philippines in her city, province or state to ask for the required documents that need be filled-out. For Toronto, all the documents can be downloaded through here, the website of the Philippine Consulate.

Please note that those were my understanding and not necessarily correct. If you are in doubt or would want the right procedure, you may call a Consulate of the Philippines in Canada; In Toronto (416) 922-7181, Ottawa (613) 233-1121 and in Vancouver (604) 685-1619. I will also phone the Consulate to verify. For others – Google is your friend.

I hope this post will be of help somehow to those who have question about their intention on living or staying longer in the Philippines (Note: applicable for those with Filipino parent/roots). It was a learning experience for me and will help me explain stuff to more inquiries about it now.

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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  1. Great, informative post here. I’ve already saved the URL and I’ll be sending visitors here for the answers to some of the complicated, often emotional, sometimes sad queries I get often at regarding Philippine citizenship by birth, registering children in a foreign country, etc.

    Unsolicited advice from a foreigner who just happens to be “married” to the Philippines. This is especially directed to the migrant Filipinos and OFW who may be reading here.

    You attained the dream of so many Filipinos. You ‘escaped’ to foreign shores, the money is good, you have ‘made’ it. great.

    But don’t deny your children their Filipino birthright. Register then before they pass 18 and let them be ‘duals’ in your new country and the Philippines. You have no way of knowing what the future might hold for them, and they won’t always be your children, under your wing.

    I so often hear from non-Filipinos who might have been Filipinos by birth, but ignored it until their were adults and now wish they had the birthright that came via their parents. Do it now, when it’s easy … you’ll never know what it might mean when they’re older.

  2. Thanks, Dave. I see that your ‘Are you a citizen?’ post elicited a lot of comments regarding this issue. It is rather confusing to many because directions are not that clear. Philippine Immigration websites have different wordings (here, here or here) and they seem have not made any effort to make one clear and to-the-point instructions to make the directions as clear as possible and make that “single instruction” available in every Philippine Government website.

    I don’t even understand why Philippine Embassy sites have different domain names, either!, and are just some examples.

    They already have, why not just create a subdomain for each country, like for example or You know what I mean?

    It has been the practice of Philippine Government bureaucrats to make simple things complicated. LOL.

  3. Hi Dave,

    Can i ask you a question? I’m Filipina and i’m immigrating Canada soon and i gave birth her in Philippines my daughter is 2years old now and holding Philippine passport and Canadian passport, we are moving to canada in feb 20th do we need anything to show in Philippines immigration to present or any payments before we leave Philippines? I’m just worried that they give us trouble when we are at the airport and try to fine papers! Pls responce! Thanks!

  4. @Eden – I don’t really know what the Philippine immigrations’ requirements for Canadian children born in the Philippines before being let out are but it’s better if you ask the Canadian Embassy or the Philippine immigration while you still have time. Immigration issues are really tricky.

    • your daughter is a canadian as she has a canadian passport…. no one can stop her from going home… The philippine authorities are looking for foreigners whom may have over stayed …. Your daughter has a valid Philippine passport so she can stay as long as she wants……and has full rights as a Philippine citizen….

      Canadian authorities are happy to let her back in as she has her Canadian passport..

      I would make sure you have her birth certificates showing you as parents to avoid either one from worrying about a child being kidnapped… so be prepared to prove parentage….

  5. Here’s my question: I have a 3 year old daughter and we (parents- both Filipino) are planning of taking her to the Philippines to live. What are the requirements needed to get her a Philippine citizenship? How much and how long would it take? Can I apply it when we get to the Philippines or do I have to apply here in Canada?

    Please respond!
    Thank You!

    • Good day… im filipino citizen a mother of canadian baby citizen , i have plan to stay in philippines for about 7months, i ask if my canadian baby how long can stay in philippines? What is the requirements need to process for travel?

      • Hi Shema you and your baby can stay up to 1 yr in the Philippines. I already travelled with my baby and stayed there for 10months the only thing that the airport will ask you if you’re not travelling with your husband or father of the baby is a legal letter that states he is allowing you to travel with the baby. It should be notarized. If you are PR , you can be out of the country for 2 years within 5 yrs. i hope this helps.

  6. Hi Lhenn,

    You may ask the Philippine Consulate if she can obtain her dual in Canada if you still have time but you can also choose to have it done in the Philippines. Totally up to you.

    The instructions of the Philippine Immigration Department in the article is so confusing but in actual, re-acquiring Philippine citizenship is easy.

    Call the nearest Philippine Consulate to your residence: in Toronto (416)922-7181, Ottawa (613)233-1121 and in Vancouver (604)685-1619 for the requirements. Or check out their website for the requirements, but do call for complete detail. Goodluck.

  7. hi i am a filipino and i have canadian baby,i want to know if how much i will pay if my baby is overstaying in the philippines,and no time to do her papers back home n she need to go back to canada or wants to travel outside the country,,thanks pls help me

    • Did you get her canadian passport stamped with the balikbayan stamp? that gives her a one year stay… if not and you never got extensions to her visitors visa (21 days), you are going to have to find out from the Philippine authorities exactly how much,

      They are not thrilled with over huge overstays and ignorance of the law is no excuse…and they can cause lots of trouble for future trips.

      If you registered her birth in the Philippines as well, fantastic, she is a dual citizen and if you have those documents…. she can never overstay in her two chosen homes…

      Next time get her a Philippin [passport she is entitled to both,

  8. I have a slightly different question for #2. We, my husband and I, are Philippine passport holders but currently permanent residents of Canada. Our daughter, was born 2012 and is a Canadian passport holder. We are planning to visit the Philippines for 2 months – and I am confused as to what to follow.

    Will my daughter need a visa since we are staying longer than the 21 days? or do we follow the Balikbayan program?

    Also, do we NEED to apply for her dual citizenship/be recognized as filipino as stated in the answer in number 2 if we are only going for a short stay?

    Yes, we will definitely apply for her dual citizenship in the future but just for this visit, will I need to do all of this?

    I’m glad to have found your site as I have been trying to reach our Consulates in Vancouver and Toronto and have never been able to get through (can’t even leave a voicemail as their inbox is always full!).

  9. @Leah, so very sorry, I only found your comment today – thus this very delayed response. I just found the comment email while checking the spam folder. Apologies. To answer your question – you don’t have to apply for her Filipino citizenship if you are staying with your daughter in the Philippines. She will automatically be given the Balikbayan stamp, which is good for 1 year stay in the Philippines. Thanks for the visit.

    @Joy, I do not know how much the Philippine Consulate charge for working on the documents. It’s best to call them or give them a visit if you live within their area. Thanks for commenting.

    • Automatically given the stamp………WRONG… have to ask for her Canadian passport to be stamped Balikbayan and check to make sure they did….or get fined for any over stay

      • Oh and register her birth as soon as you can to the philippine consul and get her philippine passport at the same time…cheaper that way…. renewal will be as dual- if the consul is telling me correctly (see below)…..

        also please as soon as you get your Canadian citizenship, file for DUAL at the Philippine consul so your passport can be renewed next time correctly and you are DUAL citizens enjoying full rights of both countries forever…wow …

      • That was my experience with my children, even the one born in Canada. I don’t have to ask the many times we arrive in the Philippines – automatic Balikbayan stamp.

  10. Hello! I am a Filipino contract worker here in Canada who gave birth in June 2012. The father of my child is also a Filipino. When I needed to bring home my baby to the Philippines so I could work full-time, the Philippine Consulate in Vancouver advised me to obtain my baby’s Report of Birth and a Philippine passport and so I did. When we arrived in Manila, my baby’s Canadian passport was stamped a 1year stay because of the Balikbayan Program. Then when I got back to Canada, I received my baby’s Philippine passport in the mail and because he already has one he is already considered a dual citizen and could permanently live in the Philippines as well. Hope my story helps.

    • Hello i have a question Sis.
      Did you pay in the immigration before you and your child back to Canada or you juat present them the to passport of your child and nothing to worry about any fees to be paid before travelling.
      Thank you and kindly give us responce so we know what we gonna to if i will soon get my child here in Canada.

  11. my kids live in the Philippines for 2 years.The immigration gave them 1 year to stay and I never extended their stay.I report their birth to Philippines consulate and got their nso birth certificate in the Philippines,i’m still Filipino passport holder and my kids father is American,my question is, Does my kids need to apply for Philippines passport before they leave the Philippines or just show their birth certificate?Thank you..

    • when you or your children are or become dual citizens….. you show your philippine passport when entering the philippines…..and show your canadian when flying back to canada…. One you get DUAL, you will also have that card to show if need be

      Don’t confuse the poor border guards….

      Remember, no Philippine passport, also no balikbayan stamps for anyone…. YOU are no longer a filipino in the eyes of border guards ….passport or no go

  12. hello! i’m a filipino citizen also my wife but our child born as canadian citizen and were waiting for our P.R before we go to canada also our child, hw much were going to pay if our child over stay here in the phils?

  13. hello! my husband and i are both contract worker here in canada and where going back to philippines this coming october because our contract will be expired. our child was born here and he was 15 months old now and of course we will bring him back home.

    my questions are:
    1. what are the requirements for applying dual citizenship?
    2. where can i apply for his dual citizenship? here in canada or in the philippines?
    3. if here in canada how long it will takes for the processing of his dual citizenship?

    please respond
    thank you

  14. @joan – here is the process of applying for dual citizenship for filipinos ( you may apply for the dual citizenship either in canada or the philippines. and i don’t know how long it will take to process the documents. if you’re out of time, it would be better to just forego doing it in the philippines.

    @ador – why don’t you just apply for a dual citizenship for your child so he can stay indefinitely in the philippines? i don’t know how much the application for visa extension in the philippines, though, if you decide that you don’t want a filipino citizenship for your child. philippines immigration department can answer your questions. just contact them.

  15. My question is? I am the Australian father of a Filipino boy living in the Philippines and I am registered as such on his Philippine Birth Certificate.

    Am I entitled to a Balikbayan Visa to stay here? How would I go about filing for it if I am?

  16. @Gerald Young – you have to be married to a Filipina to avail of the Balikbayan visa and she has to be traveling with you upon entering the Philippines together with your marriage documents.

  17. Hi! this is the situation i want to ask:
    My friend and her husband are filipino citizens. they went to the US to work for 5 years and within those years, they had a baby girl. they decided to go back to the philippines with their daughter hence they left using a US passport(since she’s a US citizen, given that she was born in the US) for the child. Now they’re back and they want to apply for a PH passport for the baby. is it necessary for them to get her a PH passport? or is having a US passport enough? what about a visa? i think they did not report the birth of the child in the US to the ph consulate. should they still report it here in the PH? is it still necessary? what are the effects of not reporting the same?

    • @ek, it is not necessary for them to have a Philippine passport for the child if staying not longer than a year. The child will need a visa for longer than that. If applying for dual citizenship, yes, they need to report their child.

  18. Can i also ask a question here regarding child support if the filipino father worked as a chef in canada and he withdrew his support to his children? What are the process for filing a complaint against him?

  19. My wife and my stepson or Filipino citizen but both have permanent resident status in Canada. We have a 20 month son born in Canada. My wife is no 3 months pregnant and would like to go back to the Philippines to be with her sisters and mother during the birth of our next child. The questions are. Does she need and my stepson need a round trip ticket because it is not sure how long she will be there, and how long can our 20 month old Canadian son remain in the Philippines

    • Hi Greg. Thanks for the visit. In response to your question – your wife & stepson are allowed to purchase one way ticket to the Philippines, since they are still Filipino passport holders. Your infant son, though will not be allowed just a one way ticket unless he is a dual Filipino-citizen. Also, he is only allowed 1 year maximum stay in the Philippines as a Balikbayan. Goodluck.

  20. Hi,i need a help,i need some answer about my situation.Can somebody please help me to answer my questions. I am a permanent resident in Canada(a Filipino citizen) with a child born in Canada(Canadian),i brought her to the Philippines 2 years ago. I already applied for her dual citizenships on Ottawa but the issue is i only applied it and they gave me a paper and told me to wait for 2-3 months as i remember in order for me to get a “number” wherein this number will be issued by NSO for the Report of Birth.But then thats the last step i did.i didnt even get a number at NSO.I told my mother to go and check if NSO already issued a number for the REport of Birth but we both forgot,and then my mother get too busy and then the result is the application left uncomplete.My question is can i still continue to process of getting her a dual citizenship because im planning to go to the Philippines to personally continue apply/process her dual citizenship.And also,do you think i still have to pay for her over staying in Philippines even though i started the application.How much i need to pay if i will be ask to pay for her overstay.Thank you in adavance!

    • @Lani – your daughter’s situation got a little complicated that I think can only be resolved by contacting Philippines’ immigration. It is not within the scope of our very limited knowledge. Sorry.

  21. Hi my name is David. I’m Canadian with a Filipino wife who still lives in the Philippines. What I want to know is what if she is visiting and she has my baby here on her visit. What will Canada do for us. She is caring my baby now. She wants to come back soon and we want to raise it here. What can we do.

  22. Hi! I’m a Filipino permanent resident here in Canada and I gave birth to my daughter earlier this year. I’m still in the process of sponsoring my husband who’s a Filipino citizen and I’m planning to take my daughter for her 1st birthday in the Philippines to see her father and all our other relatives. Now my question is, am I allowed to leave her in the Philippines at the care of her dad and grandparents for 8 months-1 year while I work full-time and while we’re waiting for my husband’s papers to be approved? Is there a specific process for that since she’s a Canadian citizen? I’ll be accompanying her of course but I’m only gonna stay there for 6 weeks. Any leads would be helpful… who to contact, documents needed, fees if applicable. Thanks in advance!

  23. hello! Im holding Philippine passport with Permanent resident card, my daughter is canadian and shes 18 months old, I am planning to bring her in Philippines for 4 months or less, do she need Philippine visa but i report her birthin philippine embassy vancouver

  24. Hi Dave, just wanna ask a question. I gave birth here in Canada year 2009. I let my daughter stay in the Philippines for almost 7 years now and I don’t registered her as a Filipino citizen. What will I gonna do? If I gonna registered her now as a late registration is still work that way? Hope u will help thank u

  25. I’ve been looking for jobs in Canada using two recruiters and using sites like and I have not been able to find companies that are willing to hire people from outside Canada. Does anyone have experience with any companies or recruiters that can help me find a job in Canada?

  26. Hi, i just wanted to ask cause I’m too confuse, my parents are both filipino, but they aren’t born or raised in the Philippines. My dad was born and raised in Australia, while my mom was born and raised in quebec. Everyone kept on saying that I’m half aussie – canadian -filipino, but am i really? Or I’m just filipino? thanks.

  27. is it true that only formerly natural born filipinos can avail of the dual citizeship status by simply re-acquiring their filipino citizenship?

  28. Am a canadian married to a philippnie womam. Came here alone, wife was here before me. Can i stay beyond 30 days without a visa?

  29. Hi I have a question, I hope you will illumined my somehow confused mind. I have a cousin who was born in Canada and was sent in the Philippines when he was barely 1 year old. He used his mother’s last name and thats the same last name that appears in his passport. Now his passport has expired. What are we going to do now so that he can go back to Canada, he is 17 years old now? I went to travel agency for them to process his new or renew his passport. My question is once he possess the renewed passport, do he need other documents to travel back to Canada? Thank you. I would appreciate your answers to my querries. God bless

    • if that is not a Canadian passport……you are trying to renew….you are in deep trouble… Does he have his Canadian birth certificate? If he went back to the Philippines- 16 years ago, under a Canadian passport….he has over stayed his tourist visa by 16 years, even as a Balikbayan he has overstayed that by 16 years. …the fines would be unbelievable…. Being born in Canada does not entitle you to citizenship as the law in the USA does… If his mother was in Canada under a working visa or PR….she and her son are not Canadian….. If she became a citizen and got his Canadian birth certificate, he should be able to apply for a brand new one….YOU can not renew a passport that old…its proof of nothing…

      Is his father Canadian and can help prove he is his son, therefore a Canadian as well?

      If not, he is just another illegal filipino that does not look like the picture in the very old, 15 year old Canadian passport and no Canadians to help prove his is one….. BIG problem…how does he prove one or both his parents were Canadians so he can get a NEW Canadian passport….. ONE OF HIS PARENTS HAVE TO HAVE BEEN CANADIAN or he is out of luck and better start applying for a nanny position

  30. Are there any compelling reasons for a former Filipino citizen or their minor child to choose NOT to reacquire Philippines citizenship?

    • neither can ever retire there, own property, work, own a business, stay longer than a tourist visa allows…etc. etc.

      you never know what you or they might want to do in 60 years… get a DUAL for both when you qualify…it maybe worth it someday. NOT very expensive, just a lot of crappy paper..

  31. Just need some answer.. Pilipina been in canada for more than 2 yrs.. Engage to canadian man .and we have 1yr old daugther..just wondering if what should i do if me and my daughter want to go back to philippines . her birth certificate is her father lastname. And all my paper/documents still same as a single…

    Thank u ..

    • no one can travel to any foreign country without a passport….so does she have one? She could apply for a canadian passport and be allowed in for up to one year as a balikbayan as she is with you – a legal filipino passport holder. Sometimes you have to ask the officer in the philippines to stamp her passport as a balikbayan.. they won’t do it unless you ask

      Children traveling with only one parent can be trouble as authorities worry about one parent kidnapping a child without the other parents approval… I would make sure you have the original Canadian birth certificate showing birth mother and father and if he is not traveling with you – get a notarized authorization clearly stating he gives his clear approval for you to take this child to the Philippines on or around so and so date…. Be explicit with full names, passport numbers of your and your daughters….all addresses, phone numbers etc…

      There are forms on line that would make it easier….but you do need them or you could have trouble at airports and immigration in both countries… take a look at this site

  32. hi i have a question with regards to my daughter, she is canadian but she’s in the philippines right now. her passport is about to expire on august 1,2016. can my mom renew her passport with my consent? thank you so much

  33. hi. we are filipino citizen and still have a philippine passport. my son was born last july 29, 2015 and he is a canadian citizen. he is staying right now in the philippines and he will be a year there this october. my question is, is he allowed to stay there for another year? or what are the requirements in order for him to extend his stay there.

  34. My child did not have a report of birth and he is a us citizen, he is been in Philippines for almost 5 years and did not extend her visa too, is it okay? Or what do I need to do?

  35. Hi. We are filipino since birth and Im the father of my canadian born baby, im a canadian citizen and my wife is Permanent resident. We plan to bring our baby to manila for 1 year. We already did the REPORT OF BIRTH and she her phil passport. My one question is what is the difference between a dual citizenship and a two passport holder ty

    • Hi Don,

      I’m pretty sure that there is no difference. Since your child is a dual citizen she can have two passports – one from each country in which she is a citizen, in this case, the Philippines and Canada.

      I do have a question for you. Did the PH consulate return your child’s original Canadian birth certificate? If so, when? If not, did you just order another birth certificate from Service Ontario?

      Hindi nila binalik yung sa anak ko eh. I hope you or someone can answer my question. Thanks.

  36. I am a canadian i married to a filipina i have 3yrs old daughter born here in the philippines my question is what kind of citizen i may i applied to my daughter is it the dual citezen ship , what is the first step to do , thus she need to reort of birth to my canadian embassy?

    • yes, report it to the Canadian authorities….but they may require proof of your paternity… ie… blood tests…Does her birth certificate show you as father? I am sure they look at this the same way as they look at marriages between a Canadian and filipino…… IS IT REAL or for the passport?

      Then register her birth at the Canadian consulate, get a Canadian birth certificate and her first passport…. ASK what they need for future Canadian passport renewals…

      Her NSO birth certificate and documents will get her a filipino passport, you will have to ask them what they need for her to get a DUAL certificate…. Might be different than here in Canada…. as that is usually applied for, after the filipino here in Canada, gets their Canadian Citizenship and then they apply for their and their child’s Dual Citizenship at the same time… THEY can not renew a passport out of the country without proving their legal right to be in that country…. so nannies in Canada have to have a working visa or a PR card to renew their or their child’s passports…. When they get their Canadian Citizenship they not longer have those documents and they have to apply for and get their dual certificate in order to renew those Philippine passports for themselves and children.

      Canada passports—-proof of Canadian citizenship….
      Philippine passports from Canada- proof of visa, PR or DUAL Citizenship
      Getting just a Philippine passport renewal in the Philippines, and being both…. I don’t know what would happen when you are caught lying about residence? Ask them

      Who of the child’s parents are DUAL citizens of either country???? You have your filipino citizenship, or your wife her Canadian?

      A child getting Dual before they can swear allegiance????? I don’t know how that works, but the Philippine authorities will know the procedures. Canada doesn’t care if you are dual , triple or half of or not… If you have a Canadian birth certificate and passport they are happy puppies…. thats why everybody loves us… we are easy going people

      Do not let her face the problem I read from another poster…. 17 years later wanting to go to Canada and maybe having nothing but an old passport that expired 16 years ago. Those baby photos prove nothing

  37. how are you? my name is sheryl single mom of three awesome kids. im filipino and have 1 year old boy canadian citizen his father passed away 2014. due to economic crisis im planning to back at canada to gave my kids better future. can you please help me to back canada. please and thanks

  38. Hi,my name is Daisy..thank goodness I found ur website..I have some daughter is leaving now in the Philippines for 10 months now and she is 19 yrs old turning 20 and she studying in the Philippines… Her course will be 4 yrs ,and she is applying for dual citizen now….my question is …can she stay there for 4 yrs time until she finish her course to come back to Canada, is she allowed to enter Canada since she out of the country for so long,is gonna maintain her cCanadian citizenship…thank u so much..

    • @Daisy, if your daughter is dual citizen, she can stay for as long as she wants in the Philippines. If your daughter is a Canadian citizen carrying a Canadian passport, she will be allowed to come back to Canada as long as her passport is valid. So, do not let her Canadian passport to expire, otherwise her return to Canada will be delayed.

    • when she gets her dual citizenship she enjoys the rights of a full citizen of both countries forever….that means live as long as they want, work, buy property, vote, etc…. that dual citizen doc is what she uses everytime she renews her filipino passport…. Canada renews passports easily if you renew before they have expired or within the allowable months after it expires…which changes over the years….JUST renew it before it expires and its easy.

      Too bad you can’t get a Canapino passport instead of 2 of them

  39. HI I’m toni. My me and my husband are both Filipino. I gave birth to my daughter here un Canada. She have a Canadian passport. And I am now sponsoring my husband from philippines. My question is, do I still need a birth certificate of my daughter from the Philippines? Thank you in advance

    • You said your daughter was born in Canada, so, she does not have a birth certificate in the Philippines, right?

  40. Hi my fiance is a american citezen and he was born in maryland but his mother is a filipino citezen and staying in philippines …he wants to visit his mother for 6 months can he avail the balikbayan visa?? Thank you so much…

    • no, only if he has a filipino birth certificate from the NSO, his old expired filipino passport, or is accompanying his filipino spouse and they have their marriage certificate to prove he is married to her, a legal filipino citizen.

  41. a child of a filipino, born in canada should also register the child at the philippine consulate to get their nso birth certificate and they can also apply for their 1st philippine passport…. here is the important thing to remember….that 1st passport and their mother or father whom got it for them needed to include their canadian visa or permanent resident card with that application….. HERE is the important thing to remember….the child is not a dual citizen any more then their parent is….. BUT when the parent or child has to renew their passport…it still must include that parents PR or visa for Canada…BUT….if they have gotten their Canadian Citizenship….EVERYTHING changes….NO MORE PHILIPPINE PASSPORTS FOR EITHER as they can only be renewed with that PR card or visa…. if you no longer have that, you are probably a Canadian now and must apply and then swear your allegiance to the Philippines again…..and that certificate goes with the Philippine passport renewals…..NOW as DUAL CITIZENS….

    I would think the reasoning behind this is not only proof of both of your rights in Canada, but when you swore allegiance to Canada for its Citizenship, you lost your Philippine Citizenship until you reapply and go thru the swearing in process..

    The only thing you gain having the Philippine passport over just the Canadian is you can legally buy property, stay as long as you want, vote and have regular business or work…. Otherwise your Canadian passports are all you need.

  42. IT is important to remember…that your child/children may never need DUAL Citizenship, but 50 years from now they might want to retire there, or get that property you or lola left to them….and they can not as just a Canadian enjoy any of the rights a Filipino has….they can not own realestate in their name…so get the NSO birth certificate and get your and their DUAL certificates… for both your long term futures -which may change…. you never know

    If you do get the child’s filipino passport at time of NSO registration and you intend for them to stay longer than the Balikbayan term of 1 year….use their filipino passport when they go into the Philippines….just get them out before that passport expires or the fines for a foreigner overstaying their time allowed, is big and they can be blackballed from ever coming back… (REMEMBER) a filipino passport can only be renewed from a foreign country- with a visa or PR card….or DUAL citizenship which requires more forms, pictures, documents, a swearing allegiance ceremony and more pesos. THAT new document now goes in with all Philippine passport renewals….forever

  43. I have made a few comments about renewing a small childs Philippine passport when they also have their Canadian… I have since gotten 2 different statements from the Philippine consulate about what constitutes required documents needed to renew a passport for a child under 18 years old and the soon to be DUAL citizenship of his mother.

    Our son was born in Canada while his mom was under a PR card…so we also registered him at the Philippine consulate for his NSO birth certificate and passport.. (gwapo baby photo in passport- 2 months old)

    My asawa is now a citizen of Canada and now must apply for a DUAL citizenship or she can not renew her Philippine passport any more- as of course she no longer has the required PR card or visas…. you can think of this as…”you swore allegiance to CANADA now so unless you swear allegiance back to to Philippines…thru the DUAL philippine process —no more passport nor privileges…(like staying as long as you want, or Balikbayan stamps for husband and son…and owning property etc….)

    The huge problem here- is to renew my sons philippine passport – the required docs are the same as the asawa……BUT……the consular office says NO he is DUAL automatically…..BUT when I ask then what documents do I need…..and say he does not have what they ask for..(PR card, visas etc. .THEY DO NOT KNOW….as usual….

    After hours of reading law and back and forth getting opinions and reading between the lines it comes down to 2 outcomes

    1) you renew his passport with copies of mothers new Dual certificate or
    2) you get his DUAL at the same time as hers for the $33.50 fee stated on their website…when she gets hers..

    I am waiting for confirmation and verification that their website is wrong or missing this fact in their instructions on their website..

    Either way, do not miss the fact that it is important to register your childrens birth and get their NSO birth certificate and 1st passport at the same time when its easy and cheaper

    I will advise as I await clarification,,,,and hen actually go thru my wife’s Dual certification at the consulate and try to renew both their Philippe passports

    We need these as I final transfer of property in Kalibo that we want to retire to for half the year… and getting my ACR card so I can stay as long as I want,

    I used to rewrite and originate massive bank instructions and documentation which was always screwed up, hard to understand – so anyone, even a person on the street could understand and fill out all the banks documents or even write themselves the legal forms usually done by bank officials… MAKE it simple, answer the questions and check its simplicity with the dumbest person you can find,,,that ensures most people can understand and easily do it right…. (this is rarely found with filipino places of government or even most businesses)

    I did the paper work to get my wife to canada… 4 months
    I got the LMO and got my wife’s sister to Canada to be be our nanny (1st got her a job in Taiwan in a factory as its easier out of Taiwan’s Canadian consul) and got her her in 6 months after her contract was over in Taiwan.
    Now after she was here long enough and got her PR, did all the documents and got her husband and son to Canada with PRs- 9 months)

    What I have found over the 25 years since my brother married his filipina girlfriend here in Canada, right up to today, there is a huge amount of filipinos who believe their friends, or non government websites like this…..and pass wrong information along over and over again…sometimes just because they don’t know that it changed or they were so damn confused over the nightmare of their own journey in this complex field….

    8 out of 10 times I have asked the consul people questions hey were wrong…wrong wrong…..and we only find out the hard way….

    I will report back soon…

  44. Update, the manager of the first contact I had from the Philippine consul, Vancouver called me and said that the moment my filipina asawa swears allegiance to the Philippines, she becomes a DUAL citizen and can renew her Philippine passport…. Since I registered my batang laki immediately after birth here in Canada he is a dual and somehow they know that for his passport renewal so the info on their website asking for PR cards or visa etc… is wrong… WE WILL SEE… I asked for a confirmation of that -in her reply to my email that prompted her call ……. She never sent the email????? haha as usual… no one will commit to the information they tell you

    We are going to hand in both their passport renewals immediately after my wife swears allegiance and gets her DUAL citizen card. Any change to this I will update this site…

    I started asking friends if they registered their kids and if they are canadian citizens yet…and found none knew how this all works…one even said she was going to retire in the Philippines and she did not know she’s no longer has that right -unless she gets this Dual


    • got the confirmation email… yes. So register your children and they have dual and both passport. Show their Philipppine entering and exit. show canadian to get back in.
      12:25 AM (8 hours ago)

      Dear Mr. Taylor,

      Thank you for your email.

      For renewing your child’s passport, kindly submit the following:

      1. Duly accomplished passport application form;
      2. Original and photocopy of passport;
      3. Original and photocopy of Report of Birth from the Philippine Statistics Authority;
      4. Photocopy of parent’s passports or any government issued ID (e.g. driver’s license, PR card etc.);
      5. Additional supporting document: parent’s marriage certificate;
      5. Self-addressed envelope with tracking number/reference number (e.g. xpresspost, fedex, ups etc.), and
      6. Fee: 81 CAD in cash or bankdraft or money order.

      Your concerns have been noted and we’ll make the necessary amendments.

  45. Hi there, We have a daughter in the Philippines residing there for 3 years now. She has a dual Citizenship (Fil-Cad) with a Report of Birth notarized by the Philippine Consulate. Does she need a Philippine passport in coming back to Canada or what document should we show to the authorities at the Manila Airport to prove that she is a Filipino aside from a passport? We are concerned that since she entered Philippines before using a Canadian passport that she may be fined for over staying. what sort of documents that can prove that she is a Filipino aside from the passport. there is no enough time for us to apply for a passport for her before our flight.

    • Just show immigration her dual citizenship documents that was supplied by the Philippine Consulate.

      • Ok just to confirm..
        I am a Caucasian canadian by birth. My son is half filipino, canadian citizen by birth right(6 months old). His father is a PR here in canada with a valid Philippine passport. My understanding is that my son is eligible to apply for recongnition as philippine citizen?

        If this is true it would be fantastic.. it is important to me that my son has a strong connection with his heritage. Also, I wish to open up as many doors as possible for him because who knows what the future holds.

  46. Hi,

    We, parents are both Filipino Citizen with PR status here in Canada, we have a 8 month old Canadian daughter. We are planning to stay in the Philippines for 1 year. I fully understand based on the above discussion that I can obtain a balikbayan stamp for my daughter in order for her stay longer. My question Is, do we need to present a return ticket in the Philippine immigration once enter in the Philippines. Since my daughter is 8 month old, her ticket is still free and doesn’t have date of coming back since its 1 year of stay.

    Thanks and waiting for your kind response.

    • I think you should ask the travel agent (where you got your ticket from) about that or the airline company you are going to fly or even Immigration. Because, I believe, as Philippine passport holders – you and your husband are allowed to buy one-way tickets. But your child being Canadian passport holder “might not be” allowed to board the aircraft.

      Double-check before you fly. Goodluck.

  47. Hi. I am Filipino Citizen and we are having a vacation in the Philippines for 42 days starting December 1st. I’m wondering if do I still need to get a Visa for my canadian kids ages 3 years old and 1 year old and for my husband who if a British Citizen?

    Thank you in advance.

  48. Hi I have a 7 year old son that was born in Canada year 2010. I am filipino and his father is also filipino and we are not legally married.
    We are currently livig in Philippines now since year 2012. And I already applied for dual citizenship for my son. my question is if ever my son and i wanted to go back to canada just to visit what are his requirements and what are my requirements.? Hope you can help me out. THANKS

  49. hi! i’m a filipina PR here in Canada. My husband is a filipino but already a canadian citizen. I will give birth in February. I was just wondering if it is possible to get my baby baptized in the Philippines even though she will automatically be born as canadian? If yes, will it be a long process? Any response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

  50. hello po,

    My name is mercedes,i was born by a filipino mother to a Canadian father.So that makes me a Canadian,but mother bring me to philippines when i was just one year old in 1995,since then i have been living in the philippines and today i am 24years old .but the time has come for me to go back to canada bcos of my father and to positively improve my family condition.but i am facing the problem of over staying .so they ask us to apply for the recognition of filipino citizen.we have all the documents from the checklist except my canadian expired passport bio page and my mum philippines expired bio page which part of the requirements.but i have renew my canadian passport at the canada embassy in manila while mum she has not renew her passport since she did not plan to travel out of the country again.

    but my mum expired philippines passport and my old Canadian expired passport has the details [ stamp] of arrival in the philippines in september 22,1995 and this detail on our passports is need for our travel verification and evaluation for the recognition of filipino citizens.but we have the picture of my mum while she gave birth to me in canada and also the hospital card with her name on it while she was admitted for my labouring.

    pls what are we to do ,what are the option for me to do.can we summit the expired passports along with the other documents or not .we really need this and the fine for overstaying is too much,we can not afford it.what has keep us for so long before we applied for recognition of filipino citizen is bcos of our ignorant and penniless

    our expired passport is available which has the details of our arrival in the philippines from canada and my mum passport was also issued in canada,please can we summit the expired passports or not,since it is necessary for them to check our travel history.

    please what can we do……..
    thank you for ur anticipating cooperation

  51. Hi everyone i have aquestion regarding my sister’s situation. She have a boyfriend in the Philippines and when she arrived here in Canada we found out she’s pregnant. She now want to go back to the Philippines with her baby and stay there for good. Can you please give us an idea on what she needs to do interms of paperwork. We didnt think that she need a letter from his dad because they’re going back and he’s already there.
    We appreciate your information.

  52. Hi im canadian citizen me and my wife met in canada she is Filipina we have 2 daughters both born in canada she asked if we could spend Christmas in the Philippines an so i agreed because i want my wife to be happy and see tbeir grandparents and she is now telling me that she will be keeling the children in Philipines against my will i dont know what my rights are to me she is abducting the children i was tricked into coming here i think she planned this

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