Live Like A Local In The Philippines: What We Will Attempt To Discuss

Hello friends and readers! Let me welcome you to the initial post of living like a local in the Philippines – where we will discuss and provide some info about how it is to live like a local at different cities or towns in the Philippines.

This site came to be as I thought of a way to separate this topic from the main site, – which is my personal site.

How to live in the Philippines is becoming a popular topic not only at my original site, but also as a day to day question we receive at our travel agency business by many people – both Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike, as I have discussed before.

Those Filipinos who were interested in moving back to the Philippines are mostly citizens already of their adopted countries and most have successfully built a business or are planning to retire to the Philippines. They were interested about adapting again in a local Filipino setting or are interested as to where it is nice to stay longer in the country, not only for tourism purposes but also as a place for either long stay, snowbirding (like me) or retirement (like me, again).

Meanwhile, Canadian and American inquirers are mostly those who are married, engaged or is attracted to a Filipina – many of them have been to the Philippines once or twice and they are becoming more interested about staying longer in the country. But their concern in deciding to make the move is mostly – will I have enough money to get by where I’m staying at?

And this is what we will attempt to provide information on.

I know that there already a lot of websites out on the internet writing about this topic, written mostly by expats who are already residents of the Philippines. And you might probably think that this will be just a rehash of what they were already discussing. But what we will try to write about is as much detail as possible about living in a Philippine town or city like the locals do it.

Our team (there’s only two of us as of now, not quite a team yet) who are living as a local in their own residences will write and give information about living where they are – their expenses on rent, nightlife, where they go on holidays for cheap, where they buy their cheap stuff, where to get health care or how much it will cost, what eateries they discover that serve good but cheap Filipino food and probably just about anything that a local Pinoy or Pinay does to make do with their local income and resources.

Everyone already know that the Philippines is one of the countries where it is cheap to live in. Many from the West choose to live here in search of lower standard cost of living – but not necessarily depriving themselves of some necessities in life.

And through this site, we will attempt to show more about where in particular in the country your money is gonna go further without sacrificing a great deal of your lifestyle.

It is our hope, in addition to the numerous sites about living in the Philippines, that you (the pensioner or retiree or location independent practitioner or snowbird looking at the Philippines as a second home), can find the necessary information to help you decide WHERE to stay at in the Philippines through this site.

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2 thoughts on “Live Like A Local In The Philippines: What We Will Attempt To Discuss

  1. Thanks for starting this site. My husband and I just came back from a trip to the Philippines in January 2012 to visit relatives and tour around. We loved our trip and couldn’t help thinking about moving over there to have a more relaxed pace of life. Looking forward to future posts.

  2. Hi Ms. Feist,

    Thank you for dropping by the site. I have the same objective as you but I will probably wait until the right time comes. The problem with establishing our lives here in Canada is that it becomes more difficult to just leave everything without considering what we will regret leaving later. I’m still working on my objective of moving back to the Philippines but honestly, it will take time.

    I will post about kababayans I know, as well as “orig” Canadians and Americans who bravely made the move already and will try to interview some of them in future posts.

    Come back again some other time.


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