Davao Hospitals – Home Of The Best Hospitals In The Philippines

Davao City is home to some of the best hospitals in the entire Philippines. In fact, most patients from other Mindanao provinces often come to Davao for its advanced medical services and facilities, including state of the art equipment offered by the city’s best hospitals.

This is obviously a boost to Davao’s medical tourism objectives as the city continues to attract a lot of people from other parts of the country and even of the world – a fact that is largely attributed to the city’s rare mix of top quality medical care and reasonable costs, especially in the field of dermatology.

If you are planning to move to Davao permanently or will be staying in the city for a considerable amount of time, here are the top hospitals in the metropolis that you can start getting familiar with:

Davao Medical School Foundation

A hospital built within a school campus is the Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital which rises along DMSF Drive near Bajada. It is one of the newer hospitals in the city and has excellent facilities, with a total of 60 private rooms, 24 ward beds, two suite rooms and a some semi-private rooms. The hospital’s façade is made of glass, allowing people from the inside to have a panoramic view of the entire downtown area.

Davao Doctors Hospital

hospitals in the philippines at davao cityThe hospital with the most accessible location, standing right at the heart of Davao City along Quirino Avenue, is Davao Doctors’ Hospital. It is a private institution that is known in Mindanao for having the best medical care facilities in the whole island. With around 310 rooms that provide advanced diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care services, it is indeed a one-stop medical center. However, it has a reputation for being the most expensive hospital in the city.

San Pedro Hospital

This hospital is run by the Dominican Sisters of the Trinity Incorporated and started way back in 1969. Over the years, the hospital’s building has undergone several expansions and renovations, making it even more convenient to patients each time. As of now, the hospital has a total of 295 rooms with advanced facilities. San Pedro Hospital is also quite accessible, being near near malls, universities and restaurants within downtown area.

Brokenshire Integrated Health Ministries Incorporated

One of the oldest hospitals in Davao is Brokenshire Integrated Health Ministries Inc. which started out as a small clinic for a malaria outbreak decades ago. As years went by, the hospital grew into being one of the most sophisticated hospitals in the city with complete modern medical facilities. The hospital boasts of its 250-bed capacity and is known as one of the largest in Davao City and in Mindanao.

Southern Philippines Medical Center

The only government-owned hospital on this list is Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC), which has gone through several names and reconstructions over the years. It was originally known as the Davao Regional Hospital, then Davao Medical Center and now, SPMC. This hospital is undeniably the busiest in Davao , as it known to admit indigent patients who are usually locals of neighboring cities. SPMC currently has a capacity of 600 beds, although these are almost always insufficient due to the large the volume of patients who come and seek treatment. It is also the cheapest hospital in the country where benefits from Philhealth, the country’s health care provider, may be claimed by a member.

There is no need to fear the need for medical care in this city, as there are many competitive hospitals in Davao right at the heart of the city and even around its small, suburban areas. The key is to come prepared with health insurance and knowledge of how to have a better, more fulfilling and healthier stay in Davao.

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Cheryl Ann is a resident of Davao. She is sharing on this site her experiences, as well as give tips on how to enjoy living in Davao as a local.

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  1. Do you know a good hospital for my dad . He is is a coma. Needs brain stimulation. He had a heartattack 3 days ago. He is now in butuan and my sister is Thnking of transferring him

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