Five Ways to Spend Your Summer in the Philippines

It’s just a few days from now and April’s already here, and this means only one thing—summer! By this time of the year, many people already have various summer plans: places to visit, things to do, and people to spend the summer with. If you’re visiting the Philippines or if you’re already here but do not have any concrete plan yet as to how you’ll spend your summer, here are five suggestions:

Hit the Beach

Of course, this is the first thing that comes to mind when one speaks of summer. It’s time to don your bikini and swim wear and to take your pick from the numerous beaches around the country. If you want to be in the middle of the action, there’s Boracay and its fine, white sand. This beach is usually packed during the summer with local and foreign visitors alike, and it offers not just the beach but as well as night parties, bonfires, and many other activities. If, on the other hand, you want a quieter beach experience without many people, you can try a different beach, one that is not as frequented as Boracay. One option you have is Caramoan, a beach that is not as visited as Boracay but is as breathtaking. It’s an island that’s not yet as exploited and commercialized like many of today’s Philippine beaches, so it offers a very relaxing stay. It’s one great place to check!

Go on a Road Trip

If you’re not a fan of the beach and you want a different experience, one good idea to try is to drive up to Baguio. It’s a good place to escape the summer heat, being the summer capital of the Philippines with its cold weather. There are many places to visit in Baguio—from Camp John Hay and Mines View Park to Burnham Park and the PMA grounds. Another place to try would be Tagaytay, a version of Baguio that is closer to Manila with approximately just a two-hour drive away. There are also various places to check out here: People’s Park, Picnic Grove, and Sonya’s Garden are just a few.

Learn Something New

Have you ever wanted to learn something new but couldn’t find the time to insert it in your busy schedule? Summer is the perfect time to probably learn it. And, you can do that while on vacation; all you have to do is to plan your vacation well. Always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, for instance? Well, find a resort that offers scuba diving lessons and plan your vacation there. This way, you enjoy both the fun and the new learning.

Experience Festivities

Philippines is a country that holds various festivities in its many cities and provinces all year round. And during the summer, there are different festivals held in certain places, some of which take a month-long of celebration, such as the Magayon Festival in Albay that is celebrated from around April to May. During the Holy Week, Moriones Festival is celebrated in Marinduque—a celebration that showcases people dressed as Roman soldiers and centurions doing reenactments all around town. The Santacruzan is another festival that is celebrated nationwide in the month of May, so you can enjoy this wherever you are having your vacation. And these are just a few; there are a lot more festivities to choose from.

Explore the City and its Neighboring Areas

If you’re in Manila and you don’t have plans to go somewhere far to spend your summer, don’t worry because there are many places within the city and around its neighborhood that you can visit. Want to go sightseeing? Check out Luneta and Intramuros. Have kids with you? Try Enchanted Kingdom and enjoy the rides! Or, enjoy the cool waters in Splash Island. You can also check out the Manila Ocean Park to enjoy its many underwater creatures.

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