Eden Nature Park and Resort: A Nature Experience In Davao

As always, there are plenty of reasons to come and visit the beautiful city of Davao, also known as the city of Durian and Waling-waling. If you are looking for a close encounter with nature, there are many options waiting for you as well, with Eden Nature Park and Resort being one of the perfect destinations for individuals, families or simply groups of friends looking for that ultimate nature trip and adventure.

A Backgroundrounder on Eden Nature Park

Eden Nature Park is a known mountain resort that embodies the wonders of nature at its best. While the place is a great summer destination in the Philippines due to its cool air and lush greenery, one can visit it any season, may it be just for a day or a week long vacation. Judging the park as it is known today, one can never guess that it used to be a logged-over area covered with thick grass, until it was discovered around 1971 and fully developed into a world-class tourist spot that it is now.

Eden Nature Park in Davao, Philippines

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People who come to visit the place are mesmerized by its breathtaking views that they can’t help but encourage other people to experience it also for themselves. It provides a magnificent view of Davao City and Davao Gulf as it is located 3,000 feet above sea level.

Developed and maintained to give guests a taste of paradise, it is an excellent escape, away from the noise and pollution of the busy city streets. A breath of fresh air indeed as it is surrounded by exotic tropical foliage that includes pine and fruit trees.

Local and foreign guests are assured of a one-of-a-kind nature trip made possible by this 95% man-made paradise. The place has vast gardens that feature herbs, organic vegetables and other plants, plus venues for all sorts of celebrations, functions and even photo shoots.

Sights, Tastes and Activities: Experience Eden Nature Gardens

There are also breathtaking activities offered for young and adult adventure enthusiasts, including Skyrider, Zip-Line and Rope Gliding which are all great for making unforgettable memories. As its name suggests, Eden Nature Park and Resort couldn’t get better as a way to get in touch with nature as guests trek down its mountain trail, enjoy the greenery in its campsites, or marvel at some rarely seen animals in its Deer Park and Bird Walk. Gastronomic desires are satisfied with freshly harvested vegetables and fruits mixed and tossed into the best salads in the world. Getting to know the roots of Davao’s rich culture is another exciting experience with a visit to the Tinubdan Cultural Park, a showcase of the customs and traditions of the lumads (natives.)

For The Guests Of Eden Nature Resort

Eden Nature Park Map

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Indeed, Eden Nature Park and Resort can be an excellent temporary home for everyone. It serves as a perfect setting for those who are searching for solitude, as well as by those who enjoy merrymaking with nature as their backdrop. It’s romantic appeal is also undeniable, especially for honeymooners. Family gatherings such as reunions and simple weekend getaways, corporate retreats and team-building activities and all other social functions can simply become more memorable when held at Eden. Its whole range of cottages and other amenities which are comparable to those found in some of the world’s best and most frequented resorts. These amenities include pools, open to both kids and adults, where special arrangements can be made for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and the like.

If you are looking for a perfect place where you can unwind in Davao, Eden Nature Park and Resort is surely one to remember. It is a tourist destination that promises an unforgettable combination of solitude, adventure, culture and food. Surely, a visit to Davao will never be complete without setting foot at Eden.

How to get to Eden Nature Park and Resort

This close to perfect man-made paradise is located in the southern part of Davao City, right at the foot of Mount Talomo, Toril District. Despite the fact that it is situated away from the heart of the Davao, it is easy to get to Eden Nature Park and Resort as it is a well-known tourist destination. It only takes an hour-and-a-half plane ride from Manila and an hourlong taxi ride to Toril District from Davao International Airport.

Contact Information

For reservations, clients can visit Eden Nature Park and Resort’s sales and reservations office at Matina Town Square, McArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City, call their phone numbers, +63 82 299-1020 and +63 82 296-0791, or email them at info@edennaturepark.com.ph. Their website www.edennaturepark.com.ph, allows prospective guests to get a glimpse of the man-made paradise well before getting there.

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