Eat All Your Can Filipino Food In Davao City

There are people who are happy with a dish or two on their menu, and there are those who appreciate a whole variety.

In Davao City, food is not only a pastime but an adventure, especially when you explore the many eat all you can or buffet restaurants around.

What They Serve At Eat All You Can

Eat all you can restaurants can serve either full meals or meryenda, meaning snacks. These restaurants are usually open from 11am to 2pm for meals and 3pm-5pm for meryenda.

Upon entering a buffet restaurant, you will often find a poster that says a plate will be charged twice when there is leftover food, but this is usually not followed.


A meal’s menu can consist of different types of dishes, from Filipino to Indonesian to German and everything in between. For a Filipino fare, rice is always offered, being a staple food in the country, and paired with about six different viands. Appetizers are also served, such as soups and salads, as well as desserts ranging from kakanin or Filipino delicacies to cheesecakes.

merienda eat all you can in davao city

MeryenDAD merienda buffet


Meryenda menus may consist of different types of dishes as well. A Filipino meryenda fare will usually include luglug/palabok which is noodles with shrimp gravy, Filipino-style spaghetti which is sweet, tokwa’t baboy or tofu with sliced pork, onions, pork broth and soy sauce, puto or ricecake and other kakanin. A foreign-inspired snack menu may also be served.

How Much Is Eat All You Can Buffet In Davao?

A buffet restaurant in Davao can be cheap, expensive or anywhere in between. It’s good know that the more expensive places don’t necessarily offer better food, although you will often find more sophisticated and less popular dishes in buffets within the higher price range.

Low Priced Buffet Restaurant In Davao

A low-budget buffet restaurant in Davao is within the range of Php 99-120, and serves common Filipino dishes such as adobo or pork stew, pork barbecue, chicken afritada or chicken cooked in tomato sauce, cheap soups such as sopas or macaroni in milk-based syrup, appetizers such as dilis or anchovy salad and desserts such as fresh fruits, kakanin, etc. Dishes in low-budget buffets are the ones you’ll find in the small eateries called carenderias, but may have larger meat slices (carenderias often serve dishes with smaller meat chunks to keep the costs low.)

all you can eat buffet meals in davao philippines

Buffet meals in Davao

Medium Priced Buffet Restaurant In Davao

Medium-range eat all you can restaurants charge from Php 330 to Php 600 per head, and usually offer more expensive dishes such as roast beef, fresh shrimps cooked in garlic butter, lengua estofada or sliced pig tongue in cream sauce, beef salpicao or beef cubes in worcestershire sauce with mushroom, etc.

Appetizers include fresh lettuce with a variety of dressings and cream of mushroom soup, while desserts served are crepes, ice cream, blueberry cheesecake and other more expensive sweets.

Medium-range buffets often serve Filipino dishes with some foreign influence, such as the beef salpicao which is basically Portugese.

High Priced Buffet Restaurant In Davao

The price range at high-end buffet restaurants in Davao starts from Php 700 – 900 per head, to include sumptuous and very expensive dishes that may also be foreign- inspired. However, the variety is usually larger than that which is offered by buffets in the medium price range. These restaurants are popular for serving authentic dishes from other parts of the world. Some days, they may serve purely Indian cuisine, while on other days, they may offer all-German food, from the appetizers to the main courses to the desserts.

Discover Davao’s eat all you can restaurants in more detail when you have time. If you’ve been planning on moving to this beautiful metropolis in Southern Philippines, you’re making a good choice, especially if you love food.

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