Live In The Philippines: Is Living In Davao City Expensive?

Is it expensive to live in Davao City? The big answer is no. In fact, living in Davao City can be incredibly cheap, depending on how low you would like your expenses to go.

House For Rent Or Sale In Davao

Getting a decent house to rent or live-in in Davao is no feat at all. If you’re renting, you can have a good place for only Php 7,000 a month in a middle-class subdivision or neighborhood.

If you have a small housing budget, you can go as low as Php 800 for a bedspace in a room that you share with other renters.

If you want a large house with good furniture and nice amenities, you can start at Php 12,000 going up to Php 75,000. If you plan to buy a house, there are also many low-cost and upscale housing companies to consider.

Davao City Food & Eateries

Food in Davao is cheap, but you can also enjoy fine dining, whether at an expensive restaurant or home-cooked by your own chef. There are many farms nearby so getting cheap but fresh produce is easy.

There are two big public markets where prices are dirt-cheap, while mall supermarkets are more expensive but still cheap overall.

If you prefer to eat out, you can have a good meal for PHp50-60 in small eateries called carenderias, or below Php 30 for equally tasty and filling street food.

Davao City Taxis, Jeepneys & Other Transportation

The price of gasoline can vary widely in Davao, but is generally around $5.40 per gallon. However, PUV’s or public utility vehicles are the cheapest way to get around the city, with jeeps costing a minimum of Php 8 per ride and Php 7 for tricycles which ply smaller roads.

A trisikad, or bike with a carriage, is an alternative to the trike and costs Php 7 at minimum, but it can be slightly more expensive because it is powered not by a motor but by a driver’s pedalling. Taxis start at Php 45, while a motorcycle taxi called habal-habal will cost about a third the cost of an entire taxi fare.

davao city peoples park is free for everyone

People’s Park, Davao

Recreation & Fun In Davao City

Enjoying life in the city is enjoyable in itself because there’s a lot of options to choose from, regardless of your budget.

A stroll at the People’s Park, which is free, is great on lazy weekend afternoons or evenings. A movie costs around Php 100-140 pesos, depending on the theater.

Clubs can cost a minimum of Php 500 per person, and videoke bars may or may not charge for songs you want to sing.

There are upscale options as well, such as diving in Samal Island which is very near the city, and fine dining at the city’s top restaurants, many of which are located in five-star hotels.

Davao City Electricity, Water & Other Utilities

A typical electricity bill for a family of three with no air-conditioner is from Php 1,000 – 1,500, while a water bill could be Php 500 or below. Cable TV, Internet and a landline phone all cost well below Php 900 each per month.

If you want to hire a maid in Davao, you can have them start at Php 1,500 monthly. If you’re staying in a boarding house, utilities are usually incorporated into your rent, except for extra appliances you may be using such as a flat iron or TV where you have to add around Php 300 to your rent.

Depending on your preferred standard of living, you can live a comfortable life in Davao without having to strain your budget or feeling like you’re not getting the best of your money’s worth. With careful planning, moving to this city can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

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  1. Hello I currently live in Cavite Dasma Byan. Im looking for a change of pace an Davoa sounds interesting. How can I get more info..

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