Can I Retire in Davao In The Philippines On $800?

Can I retire in Davao in the Philippines on $800‘ is a question many foreign nationals or Filipinos residing abroad are asking.

Truth is, yes, it is certainly possible to retire in Davao for $800. In fact, this amount may be more than enough, with locals getting by for even way lower than that.

The city’s low cost of living is what makes it possible for any retiree to live comfortably in the city on $800 monthly.

With this money, one can already live in a decent apartment, complete with utilities such as electricity, water and an Internet connection. There are plenty of apartments that can be rented for as low as $122 per month.

The cost of electricity ranges from $24 pesos to $170 monthly, depending on consumption. Of course, the amount gets higher with additional appliances such as air-conditioners, computers, etc. Water, on the other hand, can cost anywhere from $2.4 to $12, again depending on consumption.

One can also enjoy their spare time malling as many apartments are located near these establishments. If boredom sets in, it’s very easy to get to nearby malls and be refreshed just by the air-conditioning.

retire or live in Davao, Philippines for $800Entertainment and recreation is notably less expensive in Davao compared to Metro Manila and Cebu, the other two major cities of the Philippines. For as low as $24, one can already enjoy a few drinks plus a sumptuous meal and “pulutan” in any of the many bars around.

Those who are not fond of nightlife can hit the beach anytime (no sharks!) For as low as $48, one can already enjoy the white sand shores of Davao’s neigboring islands such as Samal.

Food is not a problem as well.

It might sound unbelievable, but in Davao, Php 40 can go a long way in satisfying a hungry tummy. Sometimes, that amount can even go lower. There are many eateries around the city where meals are not just cheap but satisfying as well.

Cooking at home is even budget-friendlier, with meats, vegetables and most other ingredients being inexpensive, especially when bought from the public markets. Sumptuous dishes can be prepared for as low as Php 30 per serving, although this naturally depends on ingredients needed.

Getting around the city is also easy as jeepneys and most tricycles are plying the city streets 24/7. For a more convenient ride, one can get a cab for a starting rate of Php40 ($0.97.) Of course, the jeepneys are way cheaper, where the starting fare for the first few kilometers is only Php 8 ($0.19).

Retiring in Davao City on $800 per month is absolutely possible as shown by the increasing number of foreign nationals from around the world who have come to the city to relish their golden years among the locals.

Americans, Japanese and Koreans top the list of expat retirees in the city, including their spouses and children who have become successful from graduating in the city’s reputable schools, such as Ateneo de Davao University and the University of Southeastern Philippines. In most cases, these retirees have put up their own businesses in the city and are doing very well.

So, if after giving some facts as to how your dollars can go a long way if you retire or live in Davao, Philippines and still you’re not convinced – the best thing to do is come down here and find out yourself!

About Cheryl Ann:
Cheryl Ann is a resident of Davao. She is sharing on this site her experiences, as well as give tips on how to enjoy living in Davao as a local.

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5 thoughts on “Can I Retire in Davao In The Philippines On $800?

  1. Hello Cheryl, i am originally from Cotabato City. My wife is from Surigao City, Surigao del Norte. As you can see, we are from Mindanao. I have just read some of your very interesting articles about Davao City, and honestly, i am now thinking of visiting that place in the near future.
    We are still here in Virginia Beach, Virginia working, earining a living, and saving.Thanks for your extra efforts in writing those very informartive articles. And please, continue to do so for your kababayans abroad. More power to you, Cheryl. We wish you the best!

  2. Hi Cheryl my name is Gerry and I’m planning on retiring in Davao city. I get about 950.00 a month from my social security. I’m currently living in California, USA. Can you help me make this possible with as much detailed information as you have?

  3. HI Cheryl, I just got my military pension and have been researching retirement around the world. My dog Apollo and myself are my family. We can live anywhere in the world and live very comfortable, but I am getting close to making plans to live in Davao City. I am in Veterans Valor Home in Akron, Ohio, waiting for my full pension. I want to make the move in the middle of March. I would like to visit first, but maybe it is too expensive. I have read a lot of information on the city and see a lot of photos. I would like to pay you, to show me and teach me valuable information about living in the city. Thanks, Timothy Miley – physics instructor

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