Bag of Beans: Dining with Style on a Budget

This is my last article in a series of posts about Tagaytay and all the places to see and things to do in this town. And this time, let’s talk about food.

Let’s talk about Bag of Beans Tagaytay, a quaint coffee shop right at the heart of Tagaytay. My friend had already been to this place before, but in another location—another part of Tagaytay, near Sonya’s Garden. It was the one that we were supposed to visit after our Sonya’s Garden exploration, but we had a mistake looking at road signs and directions and before we knew it, the jeepney that we were riding on already passed by the place. It was a good thing that we had already seen another branch of Bag of Beans in Olivares, Tagaytay so we decided to try that one out instead.

The place is not too big, more like it was designed for private dining and conversations with family and friends. There were tables and chairs close to each other, but the area that we liked most was their balcony. At the other end of the café was a terrace with three or four tables and surrounding chair, and the view around was uplifting.

bag of beans tagaytayWe could see a wide expanse of green all around us, trees and grasses, and afar was the Taal lake and volcano. The air was fresh and the breeze was blowing our hair. With the open environment, the refreshing wind, the clear sky, the moderate warmth of the sun reaching us in our place, and the cozy and relaxed atmosphere in the place, it was one unforgettable dining experience.

There weren’t too many people during our visit, so we were able to talk without distractions and really enjoy the place. The staff was also courteous and the service was fine. The menu consists of pasta, pies, grilled meat and fish, dessert, and others. My friend suggested that we get just one each of whatever our order would be because the serving is big, and she was right.

bags of beans restaurant in tagaytayWe ordered spaghetti with meat sauce and shepherd’s pie, one each, and the food was more than enough. Their spaghetti had with it two slices of garlic bread, and it was good. The shepherd’s pie was delicious, satisfying and heavy in the stomach. We also tried their home-brewed coffee, served together with milk and sugar, and it was great!

I’m not a fan of black coffee, so it was a little strong for me at first. But, with the right amount of sugar and milk, it turned out just right and pleasing to my taste buds.

Aside from the good food, what makes our stay at the Bag of Beans in Tagaytay memorable was the entire experience itself. It’s just a perfect place for people looking for some relaxed and calm atmosphere. Those who do not want to be bothered by the wind or the heat of the sun can stay in the indoor café for cozy conversations. It was a great discovery!

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