Cheap Davao Hotels for Php 500 pesos: A Home Away From Home

Davao City’s low cost of living is definitely one of the things that keep local and foreign tourists coming all year round.

Any traveler understands the importance of getting affordable yet comfortable accommodation where they can spend a night or two away from home.

And when it comes to Davao, this is never a problem. There are many top quality but cheap Davao hotels for Php 500 pesos per night.

This so-called most livable city is actually home to around 90 hotels and inns strategically within various parts of the metropolis. From five-star hotels to back-packer hostels, there is a whole range to choose from for tourists who don’t have their entire paychecks to blow on their trips.

The growing number of hotels and inns in Davao is the local tourism industry’s response to the increasing number of guests entering the city each year. Add to that the stiff competition among international and local hotels giving rise to these cheap hotels being made available to all.

These budget hotels in Davao city will even offer discounts, especially during holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Kadayawan Festival, Araw ng Dabaw and the like.

The famous Php500-rate has just become a trend and one of the reasons the city is considered one of the best destinations in the Philippines.

Furthermore, these hotels are even located right within the metropolis, which means they are within close proximity to malls, hospitals, pharmacies, universities, public parks, churches, restaurants, cafes and bars.

cheap hotels in davao philippines 500 pesos only


In short, location is not at all a problem and it even makes room for more savings, given that all important establishments are right within the area and there is no need to spend on transportation.

If you’re looking for one of these budget yet comfortable and convenient hotels in Davao city, there are many out there that you can consider.

One example is Sampaguita Tourist Inn which can be found in Mt. Mayon Street and Quirino Avenue. For as low as Php 500 pesos, you can have a nice, cozy air-conditioned room with cable TV and toilet and bath.

B.S. Inn is another popular choice. It is an economy class hotel that offers good accommodation for as low as Php 450 pesos, complete with hot and cold shower room, cable TV and quality room service. It is located in Gempesaw Street and within walking distance to NCCC Uyanguren, one of the largest and cheapest supermarkets in Davao.

budget hotel at Davao city, Philippines 500 pesos only


A third example is Carpel’s Pension House which is located in J. Camus Extension. It is one of the cheapest hotels in Davao where room rates can start from Php 400 per night.

It is indeed rare for a city as progressive as Davao to maintain a low cost of living which is truly an advantage for both locals and tourists. It may seem unbelievable but a low budget trip could go a long way around Davao City.

One only needs to bear in mind the important factors to remember when choosing hotel or inn. While cost is important, one must also consider other issues such as security, location and convenience to ensure a nice stay.

Davao City’s tourism industry has a lot to offer when it comes to hotel accommodation, whether one intends to stay for a night or a month. Hotels and inns in Davao are surely one of the best, not only in Mindanao but in the whole country as well in terms of amenities and services.

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Cheryl Ann is a resident of Davao. She is sharing on this site her experiences, as well as give tips on how to enjoy living in Davao as a local.

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