Is It Possible To Get Canadian Passport Without Canadian Citizenship Certificate?

The other day, a visitor left a comment on this page, coming from a Filipina-wife of a Canadian citizen, whose baby was born in the Philippines. Here is the comment:

Hi Dave, I hope you can spare an answer for us. I am married to a Canadian citizen here in the Philippines, and has a 7 month old baby. She’s a Philippine passport holder, while we are still in the process of applying for her Canadian citizenship for Canadian passport as well (getting ready with the docs). Then my husband’s father died that he has to fly home immediately to help his mother. He comes home to get and take us to Canada so he can help his mother more and at the same time visit my daughter’s grandma as she doesn’t meet her granddaughter ever since. Problem is, the Canadian citizenship application for our daughter will take some time, so we tried to apply for a tourist visa for mine and her using our Philippine passport. But the person whom we talk with said that the baby need to have a Canadian passport even though she’s a Philippine passport holder. Isn’t it possible for a baby to travel with her parents to canada using her philippine passport? Do we really need to have a Canadian passport and a Philippine passport for her in order for her to enter Canada and will be cleared in the embassy or immigration? Our plan is to apply a tourist visa for her and mine using our PH passport, bit it seems like it will be impossible from what we have heard. Thanks you so much. Any clarrification will be highly appreciated.

Here is my reply: First things first – 1) Dave is not an admin of this blog and 2) Dave is American, so based on those, he may not be able to answer your questions regarding Canadian immigration issues.

Anyhow, as I read your comment, it was not clear if the person you talked to was an officer of the Canadian consulate. If he/she was, then it’s best that you follow his/her advise. Anyway, the advise given to you seems like what was required of a Canadian citizen – to travel back and forth to Canada using a Canadian passport.

Now, I looked at the requirements to obtain a Canadian Citizenship certificate for children born outside Canada with Canadian parents and you are right that it will take a while before it can be processed.

But, I don’t find it logical for the Canadian Immigration to issue a travel visa to visit Canada to a Canadian citizen, isn’t it?

However, upon searching, it MAY BE possible to request simultaneous for a Canadian passport & a Canadian Citizenship Certificate – according to this link. Also read this link.

You may try going to the Canadian Consulate nearest you and ask them if indeed this can be done. My personal take on this: Canadian citizens needs Canadian passport to travel outside and return to Canada.

Best of luck.