Where Are The Filipinos In Mexico?

filipinos living in cancun mexico


Eversince I first step foot in Mexico back in 2013, I was already in search of kababayan/s who I can hangout with and inquire information with about living or long staying in Mexico. I know from facts and reports that Filipinos, like the Chinese, are everywhere in the world nowadays – who mostly work as OFWs (overseas workers).

And I figured there must be a lot in Cancun because we always get phone calls in Canada from Filipinos/Filipinas saying they were in Cancun selling discounted hotel stays.

And so I expected that it would not be that difficult to meet a kababayan in Cancun – the resort city that will be our first Mexico destination.

As we arrive at Cancun, upon exiting the airport, already, a kababayan greeted us and chatted for a while. He is working for a timeshare company and chatted with us asking some questions and did some offers. When we declined his offers, he let us go – and I thought to myself that, yeah, I’ll be able to find one or two Pinoys in Cancun.

Or so I thought…

After almost 3 weeks moving around Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres and the Hotel Zone – I wasn’t able to find a single Filipino. That’s when I felt regretting not taking the contact information of the Pinoy that we met back at the airport.

I thought that, perhaps if I were able to connect with him – I will be able to hang out with him and his other Pinoy friends. But it was too late.

On my second time to travel in Cancun, I was hoping to catch this kababayan once again and this time I will make sure to get his contact info. But it so happened on the day of my departure that a big snowstorm delayed my flight for more than 5 hours, so I arrived in Cancun past 1 AM when no one’s around the airport anymore. Fail the second time. Oh well…..

Anyway, when I came back from Cancun on my 2nd trip, a family friend who just came back from a cruise that docked at Isla Cozumel told me that there is a restaurant at the dock that is owned by a Filipino and serves Filipino food! I thought that when I go back to Cancun again, I will surely visit this restaurant and talk with them. I’m even thinking of locating at Cozumel for a couple of days just so I learn a few tips from this kababayan.

But as fate would have it, for my trip this time, I decided to change destination in Mexico. This time, I am staying at Acapulco and then at Mexico City to do some research on a tour we are going to offer to our Filipino-Canadian clients.

And this time, I made sure that I will be able to meet some kababayans. Luckily, there is Facebook to the rescue and I was able to connect to a kabayan living in Mexico city who I am so eager to meet.

He admits that even in Mexico City, meeting a kababayan is very rare – and I notice that in his Facebook account because even during the holiday celebration with some staff of the Philippine Consulate in Mexico City, there’s not too many of them in the photos.

At least there’s now a kababayan in Mexico to talk to.

Why am I so eager to connect with Filipinos in Mexico?

I have some of my own reason why I am so insistent on finding a kababayan in Mexico.

First, I am in need of a lot of information about living in Mexico because I’m eyeing Mexico as a long-stay destination for the winter season. I use to have set my sight on my homeland, but when I started coming to Mexico and finding out that there are more benefits for me to locate there, I made the switch.

And second, I intend to run our business remotely there, and because most of our customers are Filipinos, I am thinking of hiring a Filipino already based in Mexico to save on relocation and immigration expenses.

But, as I continue my search, I am slowly finding out that in reality, there’s this kind of feeling that I’m just very eager to see and have a chat with a kababayan where I intend to live.

You see, I am now convinced that it would be very difficult to find a kababayan in Mexico compared to our home in Canada. But this fact has made me more intent on finding and connecting with even one in any Mexican town or city I will visit.

I know for sure that there are already a couple of kababayans living in Mexico City, who I am going to meet when I go there. But of course, I don’t know if I will ever find one in Acapulco. I hope I do find someone because I really am so eager to know where the Filipinos are in Mexico.

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