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Ferry to Cozumel

I just realized – the last time I wrote an entry on this blog about our plan to move to Mexico was in June!

On that last entry, I wasn’t able to write an update that we were able to get our Visa Temporal and that we had made our preparations and have landed in Mexico. We chose to live in the Island of Cozumel – but I wouldn’t count that as my permanent place in Mexico yet.

We were given a July 17 date for an interview at the Leamington Mexico Consulate and was given the Temporal Visa the same day. We could have left for Mexico immediately because we have been preparing for these a long time, but because of work commitments, we decided to land on October. It was October 11 when we landed in Cancun, informed the Immigration Counter that we are Temporal and proceeded to Playa del Carmen to board the ferry to Cozumel.

As first time residents, of course, we are lugging with us a bit more than we usually bring – about 6 check-in luggages.

Arriving in Cancun, we didn’t have a problem about our transport to Playa del Carmen because I contracted in advanced our transport.

The problem was after we were dropped at the nearest point to the ferry. Six big luggages and only two of us lugging those stuff around.

Fortunately, there were baggage-carriers on baggage-modified bikes to the rescue. For very cheap, the guy loaded all those luggages in his bike and brought it to the ferry dock. Now, our stuff didn’t go through that easy. The military security at the port entrance screened us with questions about the contents of our luggages before it was let through. But after a few questions, we were let-off.

The problem we’re thinking now, after our luggages were on the ferry – was how we will be able to bring them to our AirBnB accommodation. Luckily, there were also the same baggage-carrier folks at Cozumel. Again, for very cheap, the man pedalled all the way to our accommodation which is only at downtown – a short walk away. I paid the guy double what he asked – as a big thank you for helping out.

12 pm the same day, we are already roaming around the island. First thing we did was to have lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant at the pier. Our food order there was constant – 3 tacos pollos each & a big fruit jugo – all for 120 pesos. At times when they have fish, I will order a whole fried fish for only 150 pesos. I love that place!

And, I do not know if expats living in Cozumel knows about them, because, everytime we eat there – we are always the only expats that I notice. Everyone else were Mexican workers at the pier.

Anyway, now that we are in Mexico, I expect that not everything will be rosy. For one, as we are experiencing now, finding the right home where we will be staying for longer is proving to be a challenge. Second, as we intend to start a business here, the right business location is next. Third, as we are experiencing, finding the equipments & other stuff needed in the business is a little difficult, as well.

All of those things require time & money, so, it is not going to be easy. And we’re finding out how protective the Government is regarding opportunities for their citizens, businesses, as well as their own manufactured products. Even opening a bank account was difficult, and it is another frustrating experience.

If we were just common expats who are either receiving money from outside Mexico, it could have been heaven – considering the cheapness of the basic necessities here. But, hell, we are trying to build a business & a life here, which we now realize, is a much difficult process.

But others have done it, so, depending on how persevering we will be – will decide if we will be able to make it.

As I write this, we’re only a couple of days of arriving here in Cozumel. We have not adjusted yet and are specially having some difficulty in communicating with the locals. Although we speak a bit of Spanish already, our speaking and understanding skills are not enough to have decent interaction communication on a lot of things, for example, talking to rent a place, banking, etc. Each have its own lingo that one has to learn.

It is a big challenge.

Missing love ones is the painful thing.

I love it here in Cozumel, or for that matter, anywhere I will be in Mexico. But missing family back home was probably one of the biggest hurdle I’m facing at the moment.

I don’t know about my son (who’s with me here). But me, I miss my wife and daughter.

Canada, not so much because living near the ocean is a dream of mine since I was a kid. Not only living near it but actually swimming in it (which I cannot do in Canada)! Snorkeling is my latest craze – being around ocean life, gosh, takes all my stress away!

In the morning, there’s so much activity here in Cozumel that I sometimes forget what’s the time of day or sometimes the actual day! But when the sun sets, that’s when the longing sets in.

What’s our plan…..

Like what I mentioned above, we intend to put up a business here and we are here for the long haul. There’s no turning back now.

At the moment, we’re still getting to know the island and we’re still trying to discover a lot of things, for example, where to get what, how to meet who, etc.

It’s not going to be a walk in the park and very different from when we moved to Canada from the Philippines.

When we moved to Canada, we already have some support systems available, like relatives and their friends. With this move to Mexico, we are totally on our own – no one to turn to in times of trouble. EVERYTHING depends on only the two of us!

But, as soon as we get our bearings, as soon as we learn the ins and outs, and I hope we will as quick as possible – all will be the same as if we are having the same normal lives in Canada, EXCEPT…. I will be living my teenage dream – By the ocean that I love.

Please be gentle with us, Mexico!

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