Filipinos Living Fulltime In Mexico – We’re Almost There

Finally, after a long research and exploration period, me and my son have decided on where we are going to locate in Mexico for the duration of the winter – initially.

I let my boy choose the place, because it will only be the second time that he will make a major decision in his life.

Actually, besides Mexico, I gave him an option to locate somewhere in Southeast Asia or Hong Kong but more specifically, in the Philippines. I told him that in my search for opportunities, being in Asia at this time and for the next several decades, would be a smart move because I believe that the region’s economy will grow very fast.

filipinos living in mexico


I told him that if we chose to locate in the Philippines, we don’t need to do a lot of paper work because I’m already allowed to start right away in the country. We can start making money immediately.

There’s also not much adjusting to do for us in the Philippines because that’s where we are from – we have the advantage of familiarity in the country. And language, as well.

I did a lot of convincing. telling him all of the advantages. But – he was focused on Mexico. So, Mexico it is for this two Filipinos.

Although I’m trying to convince this youngman to change his mind, secretly, I really want him to choose Mexico for our adventure.

I started loving being in that country as much as I love being in Canada and the Philippines. And I see many opportunities for us if we decide start anew in that country.

Some Filipinos in US & Canada interested in Mexico, too.

Lately, I’ve been getting some private messages at the Galleon Tours Facebook page. They are mostly from Filipinos living in either the US or Canada, inquiring on how to go about staying longer in Mexico but more specifically about making money in Mexico..

I cannot give them any definite answer on the issue of making money because we ourselves are still in the dark as to what kind of business we are going to go into once we’re approved for permanency.

Although I had done the research and had a list of many viable businesses to go into but at this point, they are just options. What we are going to actually start-up initially will depend on what we will find the most viable for us.

And we have to be physically present in Mexico for that.

We’re getting there.

The most important thing at the moment, is that, after the long preparation, I had finally acted upon my long time plan of moving to Mexico.

And although my wife isn’t on-board on this yet, I’m hoping that with a few “push” from our son (who’s coming with me there), she will eventually relent on seeing what opportunities await in that country.

I’ll keep counting the days from here on!

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