Filipinos In Mexico’s History

Filipinos and Mexicans are much more alike and related than many might think.

As early as the 1500s, Filipinos had traveled to Mexico in galleons, crews to trading ships that marked the contact between the two races – resulting in some Filipinos not returning to the Philippines and marrying Mexicans, resulting in which caused a mixed race and culture.

Both Philippines and Mexico were also under Spain, and both revolted to achieve independence. Filipinos played a great role in the revolt of Mexicans against their colonizers, making them allies in one of Mexico’s biggest moments in history.

The influence of the Philippines can be seen in the culture and way of life of the Mexican people. And today, there are communities in Mexico composed mainly of citizens of Filipino descent.

History tells that Filipinos and Mexicans have a lot more in common. And because of the Philippine’s influences in Mexico’s way of life, many of the communities in Mexico today have a Filipino feel. There are many coconut trees, and ‘tuba’ is a favorite. Some festivities are almost similar, especially those involving patron saints.

Due to the commonality between Filipinos and Mexicans, those visiting each other’s countries will definitely feel at home. And with both countries having tropical climates, there’s not much adjustment required to adapt to each country.

Below are some informative read that illustrates how Filipinos left some influence on Mexico’s history:

1) Filipinos in the New World by Floro Mercene

2) Filipinos in Mexican History: A Shared History

3) Mexican Footprints by Jaime B. Veneracion

4) The Mexican Connection – The Cultural Cargo Of The Manila-Acapulco Galleons

(Note: This articles were culled on the internet as reference leads of my own research on the subject. Please just use them as a reading enjoyment or as reference, as well).