My First Christmas In Mexico (And Away From Family)

This winter, a few days before Christmas, I will be flying to spend my first Christmas & New Year’s Day away from family. I’ll be spending my first winter Christmas season in Mexico.

I sure would like my family to be with me on those occassions but the start of winter is depressing me very early.

I am asking them to come and spend even a few days there for the holidays but they do not want to leave the house on a seemingly snowy winter season.

Which I understand. I just wish my wife decide to sell the house soon.

I can’t stand the winter season in Canada anymore. I would rather that we just stay in an apartment or a condo in Canada so that winter yard maintenance would not be a concern any longer.

This would surely be a lonely holiday for me, even if I am in my favorite place in the world, but I got to do what I got to do.

I’ll just keep myself occupied while there and continue with my search for our own little place in Mexico.

Merry Christmas to my beloved ones. And a Happy New Year, too. I will definitely miss you but will call you constantly while away.

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