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The last time I mentioned about the unlimited cell phone plan in Canada of Mobilicity, I was all praise of their service because of the savings I’m getting.

I even mentioned, during that previous post that, the mobile phone company has strong coverage mostly only within the big cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa.

In fact, that time, that was May 2012, I don’t even have a signal at Edmonton International Airport.

In Greater Edmonton, they have partial coverage up to Sherwood Park but only if I go to the second floor of my cousin’s house. Mobilicity don’t have a signal at the groundfloor of the house.

In Ontario, the cellphone was able to detect a signal until around Hamilton but nothing beyond up until Niagara Falls on the same period.

Last August 2012, when we drove from Edmonton to Vancouver, I still can’t find a signal at the main floor of my cousin’s house at Sherwood Park and was only able to get a Mobilicity unlimited signal when we got to Vancouver.

But this Oct. 2012, when my wife went to check our office in Edmonton, I was able to talk to her while she was at Edmonton Airport. That only means Mobilicity have added a cell phone site within the airport area.

Even when she stayed at my cousin’s house at Sherwood Park, the signal is now available even at the main floor of the house where there used to be none just in May.

Clearly, Mobilicity is continously upgrading their system and because of that, for me, they are still the best choice for your money, when compared with other no-contract cell phone providers.

I compared them with Wind Mobile as I write this, because:

(1) they have the same signal spectrum,
(2) Wind has broader coverage (according to them),
(3) they also do not bind me to a contract.

But when I checked Wind’s plans and did some math, I found that I’ll still save if I stay with Mobilicity, although their offer is very close to what Mobilicity is offering.

I really love Mobilicity’s unlimited cell phone plan here in Canada because of the ultimate savings I’m getting. After I switch my daughters’ cell phone services to Mobilicity, I’m even considering switching our landline phones with them.

My only wish is that, I hope they find a solution to make their network available to Samsung tablets because, as a communication freak and constant traveler, I want all of my communication services in one machine – Skype, Comwave and 4G.

When that happens, I’d be a happy camper. For now, at least in my case – they have the best unlimited cell phone service plan in Canada.

Check-out Mobilicity –

(Disclaimer: I’m not being paid to vouch for this service. Because I want to be able to communicate with my loved ones wherever I am in Canada, I find having a cellular phone a necessary expense for myself and my family. However, after 15 years of being in the mercy of one of the big three providers, paying for ridiculous phone charges that run in hundreds of dollars every month – Telus specifically – I find Mobilicity a saving grace. This is just my 2 cents for those who are intending to live in Canada and would want to have a cell phone but don’t want the unnecessary expense associated with owning one. My advise, do your research first before committing to any cell phone service provider to avoid being overcharged. You have more choices now then we had years ago. Wind Mobile and Mobilicity are two that you should look at first.)

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