Living In Canada As A Local – What I Will Attempt To Discuss

Are there people interested to read about how or where to live in Canada? Of course there are – there are probably millions of them!

How stupid of me to not immediately take notice of the fact that there are numerous people who could be wanting to read about where to locate in Canada when they make the move here.

Thousands of immigrants, temporary workers, students, business people and also location independent individuals arrive in Canada every year. I should know better. Our Filipino travel agency business caters to many of them coming from the Philippines, that’s why I feel so stupid.

I was one like them in the past, although, during that time (early 90’s) there is no internet in the Philippines yet so the search for a permanent location on a place thousands of kilometers away takes so much work. I had to buy travel books and maps whenever I see one. Or visit Jefferson Library in Makati or even The National Library close to Luneta.

Travel books are not much help because they only have tourist destinations or hotels which is not what I’ve been looking for. And the two libraries mentioned above does not have much on Canada. I found more information at National Bookstore than from those libraries.

Still, I remained clueless until after experiencing living like a local.

Today, thanks to the world wide web, it is much easier for people to find the information they need.

And that’s what I intend to do by starting this new page on I would like to add my side of the story and write about information on where to live if you’re planning or are already moving to Canada. Even if you already are informed through friends and relatives, I’m hoping that my tips would still benefit those who are searching for more that acquaintances and loved ones cannot provide.

Ok, here’s my plan…… initially, I intend to discuss what I learned about where best to locate in the City of Toronto and Edmonton. I have lived long enough in those two cities and have driven end-to-end both of them extensively to know where the best areas are for those who want to be located conveniently to almost everything.

By everything, I mean hospitals, schools, public transit, apartment rentals, etc.

It may be a little difficult to be close to everything in Edmonton (you really need a car to go from place to place) but in Toronto, some areas seemed to be designed as a city-within-a-city, where everything you’ll ever need is just a bike-ride away (if not a walk away) or a transit-ride away. In Toronto, a lot of places is accessible by transit, bike or by foot – no car required. Many Torontonians have lived like that and I’ll tell you where that’s possible to do.

So, convenient location tips in Toronto and Edmonton is one topic. And then another topic that I’m thinking of adding are travel spots or destinations in both cities (or nearby destinations) that’s worth visiting. I would also add activities that locals do on all four seasons of the year and where they choose to do those activities.

I might add reviews of restaurants or social places we frequent or have tried; mention festivities of different cultures celebrated in cities; suggest hang out places frequented by locals; and any other relevant information or topics that I think readers will be interested in.

If there is anything that readers would like to see on the site, I would gladly write or research about any request. But please bear with me if I’m not able to post it immediately.

I’m thinking this new addition will probably grow faster than the main site because it is focused on living in Canada – where I am based at the moment. And I plan to write as much as what’s available for as long as I have not moved permanently to my homeland Philippines.

Leave a comment below. I’d like to know what you think.

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