Killing Time At The Airport

Flight is delayed for 5 hours, dang! I don’t know what to do here at the airport except to type away to kill the time. I’m early, 3 hours early, at the check-in counter as what is our SOP when traveling international. But, surprise, surprise. I’m 8 eight hours early altogether. Ha, ha.

I love Air Canada. So does the other passengers who are on my flight. And why not? Air Canada has given us lots of time to sit around at Pearson International, it gives a chance to get to know our airport better. And as an added bonus, they gave us an $8 food coupon with it.

Wouldn’t you love an airline like that?

Seriously, the other choice we have for those living east of Canada are Korean Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Northwest Airlines, Japan Airlines and two or three more Asian airlines. But they’re more expensive than Air Canada, so…..

We like Air Canada better because this airline has the most extensive gateway to Asia from anywhere in Canada. If you are flying to Manila, you can choose from Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul or Shanghai as stopover airports before taking the flight to Manila. And it has flights to those mentioned airports everyday. Eventhough it’s always late.

Isn’t monopoly beautiful?

I sure hope other Canadian carriers can afford to have flights to Asian destinations, like what they have in the U.S. If this is the case, the traveling consumer is always the winner. Airline companies would be forced to outdo each other just so they can have the bigger piece of the market share.

But that is not the case in Canada. The last airline which tried to compete with Air Canada for a market share to Hawaii and some parts of China didn’t last long.

For now, us who live east of Canada have to content ourselves with our national carrier. No matter the situation they put us into. Lucky are those from Vancouver, they have more choices than we do.

Oh my, we can only wish.

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