John Chow: Dot Com Pho In Toronto

John Chow ( held his first ever Dot Com Pho in Toronto and I was lucky enough to be present in the gathering. It’s the first time that I’ve huddled with fellow bloggers and affiliate marketers who were mostly residents of the Greater Toronto Area (except John who’s from Vancouver).

It’s so cool, eh. The experience is amazing – I never thought that you will actually learn some tricks in a meet-up like this, all along I thought we are just socializing.

John’s great – I didn’t say that to suck up to him, but, really – anyone among us who shoot a question at him about ideas or techniques he is using in his online marketing business were never left unanswered. He gamely responded to everyone and shared a few experiences he had on his just concluded Affiliate Summit trip that were most of the time amusing.

Too bad the meet was short – I’m sure most of us have something to ask more about blogging or affiliate marketing tips but, hey it’s a beautiful day in Toronto and John and others must’ve other plans for the day.

John also posted a video of the Dot Com Pho (Toronto) meet up ahead of everyone, I guess, with a link-love for each of the attendees! Priceless!

Thanks a lot, John for giving us the opportunity to meet you and Sarah and share some moments of your time. Thanks also to all those who were there: Bart Dabek, ZK, Ahmed Dawn, Francis Chung, Chris Ye, Antonio Leong and specially Max for giving us a discount (a big discount!) of his OIO Publisher WordPress plugin. You’re great guys.

Let’s do this again another time, say in a week?

Note: I never had the chance to have a photo opp with John because the batteries of my camera died. To think that I just bought it in a convenience store. I have to remind myself next time to reserve extra long life batteries for a digital camera! Darn!

Dot Com Pho Toronto

Dot Com Pho Toronto

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4 thoughts on “John Chow: Dot Com Pho In Toronto

  1. Thanks for this report, Manuel. I look forward to hooking up with John someday … he’s a uy I respect a lot and who I have learned a lot from as well.

    A good lesson out of John’s success for a lot of non-USA bloggers as well. When I first became aware of John some years back, he didn’t write all that well, and his speaking voice was, well, difficult for me to even understand. Almost painful to listen to for my old, tired ears.

    John could have easily just stayed “:under the radar”, dealing only with other bloggers off-line, in his own little “comfort zone”.

    Instead he has blossomed, improved his language skills tremendously, and gone on to take his rightful place in the “blogosphere”.

    Never hold back or think yourself “small” or “clumsy” or “not enough like the big guys”. Everyone can do it if they believe in themselves.

    I have so many Filipino friends who talk to me as if Filipinos can’t be in the big time.

    Well John isn’t Filipino, it’s true, but English isn’t his first language, and he started from very modest, “immigrant” roots.

    Anyone can do it, US-born, Canadian-born, Chinese-born, Filipino-born, you name it … just do it, guys.

  2. Hi Dave,

    He’s a pretty straight-up guy if you meet him in person. On that same week when John did his Dot Com Pho in Toronto, Yaro Starak was also in the city and John ask us if anyone is going to an EB with Yaro which mostly who were there said yes. I didn’t, and was glad of my decision later when after their meet with Yaro, days later, they said he wasn’t as helpful as John Chow is. From their mouth, not from mine, so….

    In addition, a Filipino kid’s blog went on top of the blogosphere in the past mentioned by so many high profile bloggers, I believe. The kid’s name is Carl Ocab and he became well known for topping Google search for the keyword “make money online” – is what I remember.

    So, you’re right everyone has to chance to still make it, even now that the competition is fierce, as long as your blog or website is found helpful by your readers.

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