It’s Officially “I’m bored” Season!

It’s officially summer vacation here in Toronto and now I’m getting ready to hear the usual “I’m bored” woes from our youngest again. I wish my little girl find something to do without bugging me endlessly, but that’s just a wish.

Some of the usual things that we do during summer breaks:

1) Go to the library, stay there for an hour or two and then borrow some books or videos that’ll keep her occupied for at least, well, two days?

2) Go to the nearest tennis court for some playtime, which I really hate because I would have to go and pick up the ball(s) when it goes over the fence. I’m not the same active person to keep doing that anymore.

3) On Tuesdays, bike to the Farmers market where farmers from North and South outside of the city bring their fresh produce to our neighborhood civic center. It’s a good day to show support to the local growers of Ontario by buying their fresh vegetables, fruits, breads or even honey – which benefits both farmers and consumers (eat something fresh for a change).

4) Three times a week, go to our neighborhood swimming pool and spend an hour or two dipping in a heated water.

5) Take our bike to the closest park where biking trails will lead to some of the best scenic places around Toronto. The big parks here are interconnected with each other so that joggers, bike riders and rollerskaters can exercise as well as enjoy the different areas of the city. I like best to rest around Edwards Gardens (now Toronto Botanical Garden) because of the cute little chipmunks that’s very active in the park.

Those were just some of the activities that me and my little girl enjoy doing to make the summer vacation pass.

This summer though, will be a little special because we’re scheduled to go outside of Toronto on a bus trip twice and we’ll be flying to Edmonton to attend a wedding. That’ll make our daily Toronto activities short and hopefully, I don’t hear the regular “I’m bored” complaints from her as much as the past summers.

Anyway, gotta prepare with our first bust trip tonight.

Have a wonderful summer, everyone!

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